Fundme - Crowdfunding Platform
Fundme - Crowdfunding Platform

Fundme - Crowdfunding Platform

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 14th September 2023
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Overview :

Fundme Crowdfunding Platform It is a script for fundraising for various causes, the administrator can add volunteers who can create unlimited campaigns, this script is finished create a community where different people to help those in need either your community or different places.

Demo User: User Pass 123456 URL Features are disabled in Panel Admin

Features: Built with Laravel 8 Bootstrap 5 Font Awesome 5 IcoMoon Rewards Send mail to Organizer Members can create unlimited campaigns Updates campaigns Option Delete Account Members can change their name, email and password Members manage their campaigns and see donations Upload Avatar Change password Integration with PayPal Integration with Stripe Bank Transfer XSS: Protection from cross site scripting Secure Bcrypt password hashing SMTP Support Share social Multiple currencies Easy translation Ajax pagination in Campaigns, Donations and Updates Admin Features: Change the site name Change the site title welcome Statistics Set keywords for the site. (SEO) Add a description (SEO) Create/Edit pages e.g.: Help, Privacy, etc. Payments Settings. See Donations Set up social accounts Manage members. Add / Edit members. Manage campaigns. Add / Edit Campaigns Requirements: PHP >= 7.4.0 MySQL >= 5.7 BCMath PHP Extension OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension Fileinfo PHP Extension cURL GD Library

Important: All images used in this demo are solely and exclusively from their owners

Mollie Payment (Not included, sold separately) Razorpay Payment (Not included, sold separately) Instamojo Payment (Not included, sold separately) Paystack Payment (Not included, sold separately) Change Log / Updates

Update 5.0 // 30 August 2023

[NEW] Updated Bootstrap 5.3.1 [NEW] Dark Mode on Frontend and Panel Admin [NEW] Change route languages (required for Laravel 10) [NEW] Captcha package compatible with Laravel 10 [NEW] Updated JQuery 3.7.0 [NEW] The cache and view are cleared when updating PWA images [NEW] PWA images are displayed in Panel Admin [NEW] Updated Bootstrap Icons 1.10.5

Update 4.9 // 02 February 2023

[NEW] Disable/Enable PWA from Panel Admin [NEW] Button Install Web App on footer [NEW] Updated to jQuery 3.6.3
[Bug Fix] Net Earnings on User Dashboard [Bug Fix] Replace default category image [Bug Fix] Number of campaigns to show

Update 4.8 // 03 September 2022

[NEW] RESTful API PayPal [NEW] Blog with 3 columns
[Bug Fix] Bank transfer details in deposits [Bug Fix] Campaigns with quotes in Donation

Update 4.7 // 15 July 2022

[Bug Fix] Slider image on homepage not visible [Bug Fix] Missing button to approve or delete pending donations [Bug Fix] Slug URL page duplicate [Bug Fix] Margin in menu language dropdown [Bug Fix] Delete page on Panel Admin [Bug Fix] Campaigns delete with donations [Bug Fix] Page error 404 and 500 not centered [Bug Fix] Pagination on Campaigns on Panel Admin (Missing) [Bug Fix] Pagination overflow on Panel Admin [Bug Fix] Captcha error when user is logged in (Donation page)

Update 4.6 // 14 April 2022

[NEW] Updated to Laravel v8.83.6 [NEW] Updated to Bootstrap 5 [NEW] Updated latest version jQuery [NEW] Redesigned Admin Panel [NEW] Redesigned Dashboard user
[Bug Fix] Minor bugs

Update 4.5 // 14 December 2021

[NEW] Progressive Web Apps (PWA) [NEW] Multilanguage Categories [NEW] Multilanguage Pages (Terms, Privacy, etc) [NEW] Cookies expire 1 year

[Bug Fix] Pagination with Bootstrap [Bug Fix] Captcha on donation page when user is logged in

Update 4.4 // 08 Dec 2021

[NEW] Updated to Laravel 8

Update 4.3 // 13 October 2021

[NEW] Show Admin Net Earnings in Panel Admin [NEW] Show Admin Net Earnings in Donation Page [NEW] Show User Net Earnings in Dashboard [NEW] Show User Net Earnings in Donation Page [NEW] Show Alert of Payment Processor Fees and Admin Fee on Create Campaign
[Bug Fix] Installation

Update 4.2 // 17 March 2021

[NEW] Wizard Installation [NEW] Section campaigns ended [NEW] Multilanguage [NEW] Increased campaign title limit [NEW] Increased campaign description limit
[Bug Fix] Navbar on Tablet [Bug Fix] Image responsive on Blog [Bug Fix] Ribbon in videos Youtube or Vimeo. [Bug Fix] Undefined variable in section create blog [Bug Fix] Line break on campaigns [Bug Fix] UTF-8 words edit campaign error

Update 4.1 // 08 Jan 2021

[NEW] Blog [NEW] Youtube or Vimeo videos on the campaign page (Now it can be image or video)
[Removed] Share button in completed campaigns
[Bug Fix] Changing the avatar in the admin panel

Update 4.0 // 19 May 2020

[NEW] Gallery. [NEW] Disable captcha on Donations. [NEW] Hidden captcha. [NEW] Add manual payments from Panel Admin. [NEW] If there are no categories hide link in navigation bar and footer [NEW] Updated to Bootstrap 4.5 and jQuery 3.5.1
[Changed] Buttons share.
[Bug Fix] PayPal payment [Bug Fix] Button embed. [Bug Fix] Banner confirm email. [Bug Fix] Delete category.

Update 3.9 // 05 May 2020

[NEW] Navbar static [Missing] Files in Panel Admin

Update 3.8 // 04 May 2020

[NEW] Template based Bootstrap 4 [NEW] CKEditor user can upload photo on form create campaign. [NEW] Slider on Homepage [NEW] Page Latest Campaigns [NEW] Page Popular Campaigns [NEW] Related Campaigns in page campaign details. [NEW] Social share: Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Text Message
[Bug Fix] Decimal format with JPY currency in Stripe. [Changed] Message successfully in Bank Transfer Donations

Update 3.7 // 22 April 2020

[Bug Fix] [Important] Withdrawals. [Bug Fix] Replace logo in footer. [Bug Fix] Progress Bar decimal error.

Update 3.6 // 12 April 2020

[NEW] Google Login. [NEW] Enable or disable user registration from the Panel Admin. [NEW] Theme option, change Logo, favicon, etc, from Panel Admin. [NEW] Show preview when embedding a campaign. [NEW] Decimal format. [NEW] Full number members in Panel Admin. [NEW] The version of the script is displayed in the dashboard. [NEW] Exact percentage of donations.
[Missing] Folder tagsInput.
[Improved] Update method.

Update 3.5 // 31 March 2020

[NEW] Full amount of funds raised in Panel Admin and user dashboard. [NEW] Map of registered users in Panel Admin.
[Bug Fix] [Important] Fees of withdrawals amounts. [Bug Fix] Sending email to the donor.
[Removed] ZIP code in Stripe Payment.

Update 3.4 // 07 March 2020

[NEW] Updated to Laravel 6

Update 3.3 // 15 October 2019

[NEW] Support for Mollie Payment. [NEW] Add webhook url to VerifyCsrfToken. [Bug Fix] [Important] PayPalController sandbox option [Bug Fix] Payment Gateway when send email.

Update 3.2 // 10 October 2019

[NEW] [Important] Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in stripe for customers with business in Europe. [NEW] Admin can enter your currency directly in Panel Admin. [NEW] reCAPTCHA [NEW] Share campaign via Whatsapp [Improved] Documentation

Update 3.1 // 14 September 2019

[NEW] Updated to Laravel 5.8

Update 3.0 // 12 September 2019

[Bug Fix] Bug with PayPal gateway [Important ] [Removed] Google Plus link on footer [Added] Email Share

Update 2.9 // 25 April 2019

[Bug Fix] Delete campaigns with Bank Transfer pending [Removed] Social Share counter [Added] Counter of Donations pending on Admin Panel

Update 2.8 // 07 March 2019

[Bug Fix] Finished campaigns were still showing in Categories and searches [Bug Fix] Missing string social login [Bug Fix] Deleting withdrawals [Bug Fix] Social Login

Update 2.7 // 27 February 2019

[NEW] Updated to Laravel 5.7.28 [NEW] Add Facebook Login

Update 2.6 // 20 December 2018

[Bug Fix] CSS Margin – Banner confirm email [Bug Fix] Current year in emails template [Bug Fix] Share Facebook – Image not showing [NEW] Text Create Campaing in button menu (Missing) [NEW] Implemented GDPR [NEW] User can not change avatar until his account is confirmed [NEW] Add Date Format in Panel Admin [NEW] Add Currency Position in Panel Admin [NEW] Add Featured Campaigns section in Index [NEW] Add Featured Campaigns page [Removed] Finished campaigns of the Index

Update 2.5 // 14 November 2018

[Bug Fix] IMPORTANT Empty strings null [NEW] Text Create Campaing in button menu [NEW] Campaings link dropdown menu user [NEW] Counter Facebook share in campaign

Update 2.4 // 11 November 2018

[Bug Fix] Update rewards [Bug Fix] Iframe height [Bug Fix] Validate email in donation page [Bug Fix] Removing campaigns [Bug Fix] Campaign embed [Bug Fix] Column comment nullable [Bug Fix] Method not available throwValidationException
[NEW] Upgrade to Laravel 5.7 [NEW] MustVerifyEmail and ResetPassword in User model [NEW] ResetPassword template [NEW] Delete donations pending (Bank Transfer) [NEW] Name, email of organizer and url campaign in email sent to user after donating
[Changed] Validation images dimensions [Changed] Description validation

Update 2.3 // 31 August 2018

[Bug Fix] Word Break in rewards description [Bug Fix] Campaign Card (There is no time anymore) missing [Bug Fix] String Lang [Bug Fix] Campaing Active in Dashboard user before finalized [Bug Fix] Spelling error in lang [Changed] Stripe label to Debit/Credit Card in Donations page

Update 2.2 // 26 July 2018

[Bug Fix] Removed the campaign delete button if you have a donation (Avoid fraud) [Bug Fix] Redirecting auto approve campaign [Bug Fix] Real percentage in donation page [NEW] Add Rewards [NEW] Add Bank Transfer [NEW] Add Days Left in Campaing Thumbnail [NEW] The admin can choose the methods of payment for donations [NEW] Now the donor can choose their payment method (PayPal, Stripe or Bank Transfer) [IMPROVED] Embed button copy link [IMPROVED] Modal contact organizer [IMPROVED] Banner Cookie Use [IMPROVED] Donations of campaigns was changed to tab along with story and updates

Update 2.1 // 18 June 2018

[Bug Fix] Campaigns finalized [NEW] Dashboard for users with stats [NEW] Copy link button in Camapigns [NEW] Percentage real Goal

Update 2.0.1 // 19 March 2017

[Bug Fix] Removed edit post when campaign ends [Bug Fix] Important bug with XSS [Bug Fix] End campaign in users section [Bug Fix] Removed link in pending campaigns [Bug Fix] Removed delete campaign if you have at least one donation [NEW] Added campaign days remaining [NEW] Added campaign deadline in admin panel [NEW] Update to Laravel 5.3.30

Update 2.0 // 13 February 2017

BUGS FIXED Deleting categories with image Word wrap in description campaign Tags HTML in description campaign (share social) Removed link in pending campaigns


Allowed to send emails in active session Cookies agree banner Deadline for campaigns Added new currencies

Update 1.9.1 // 16 January 2017

BUGS FIXED Hidden avatar for donations anonymous


Set lang Facebook Comments from file fb_app.php Add Like on Campaigns

Update 1.9 // 16 December 2016

BUGS FIXED Categories Add thumbnail User delete campaigns


Facebook Comments Add Gravatar on user Donations

Update 1.8 // 26 November 2016

BUGS FIXED Summation of commissions on page user campaigns Fee Donation Minimum amount corrected User search in admin panel


Automatic Image Rotation Report Campaign Embed videos in campaigns

Update 1.7 // 17 November 2016

BUGS FIXED Https / Http support for Google Fonts (Panel Admin) Pagination Campaigns “Pending” Withdrawals amount Panel admin (Mark as paid) Counter Up Number error


User’s country when registering Set maximum amount of donations Featured Campaign

Update 1.6 // 07 November 2016

BUGS FIXED Bug with image editing category Failed to verify user account with active session


Widget Embed Auto Approve Campaigns

Update 1.5 // 01 November 2016

BUGS FIXED Error url Change url in google fonts http or https Fixed bug with withdrawal amount


Truncate text in the story of the campaign Add Captcha (managed from the admin panel)

Update 1.4.1 // 31 October 2016

BUGS FIXED Important bug payment processor’s fees


Set fees according to your country PayPal and Stripe

Update 1.4 // 27 October 2016

BUGS FIXED Number/ Amount Goal / Limits


Add search function

Update 1.3 // 25 October 2016

BUGS FIXED Missing use Mail in RegisterController Bug in withdrawal Bug Save Payments Missing Fee field Overflow Image in Description Campaign Number/Amount Goal


Improved text editor description


Change Footer style Show name user in Admin Dashboard

Update 1.2 // 21 October 2016

BUGS FIXED Username error en RegisterController


Improved text editor description


Add Categories on Nav bar Add Stats on bottom index page Add Page all Categories Add Option upload image on Categories

Update 1.1 // 20 October 2016

NEW Add Wysiwyg editor Add Login and Sign Up Add Categories Add Stripe Payment Add Withdrawals

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