Ekattor School Management System
Ekattor School Management System

Ekattor School Management System

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 07th February 2023
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Overview :

New release! : Assignment addon for your school teacher and student. Update History

Version 7.5 – 23 January, 2023

- In the class selection, student numbers are displayed - Improved user experience in the Add Student section by showing a warning message if some fields are empty - Navigated to the student list after adding a new student

version 7.4 – 17 May, 2022

- Students can apply for online admission - New exam marks tab in student profile - New smtp_crypto added - Installation minor issue fix - Contact message sending issue fix - Gallery creating button issue fix - Backend header url issue fix - About page issue in home page fix

version 7.3 – 3rd October, 2021

- Updated from Bootstrap 4 to bootstrap 5 - Header Responsive issue solved on mobile devices security update (13 june, 2021): xss vulnerability fixed from profile update page.

version 7.2 – 25th January, 2021

- Update image of login page from backend. - Required logo image size mentioned - Attendance table responsive fixed in the medium-size devices. - Gallery image date field updated - Select2 updated in modal forms - Contact message alignment fixed in inbox - Recaptcha added in contact form - Language reset issue fixed

version 7.1 – 22 May, 2020

- Minor bug fixes

version 7.0 – 19 January, 2020

- Full application re coded with new user interface - User experience renovated for all users and all modules - Student fee collection system upgraded - Addon system introduced

version 6.2 – 14 July, 2019

- Teacher profile field added - Frontend school website logo made dynamic - Language translation updated to file system - Language translation user experience enhanced - SMTP settings added for outgoing emails

version 6.1 – 16 April, 2019

- School website new template - Application user interface enhanced - User experienced renovated

version 6.0 – 1st February, 2019

- Minor bug fixes - Performance enhanced

version 5.5 – 26 July, 2018

- Ability to login with username side by side with email - Radio buttons instead of select menu in attendance for convenience - Ability to add multiple admin users - Fixed issues where in some cases mails were not received - Fixes an issue while editing subjects - Minor bug fixes - performance improvements

version 5.4 – 11 May, 2018

- ability for teachers and admins to create online exams - ability to create drafts of exams and publish later - ability to add multiple question types in same exams - ability for students to take online exams when available - automated calculation of online exam results - ability to print online exam's question papers with or without answers - ability for students to see their own attendances - ability for admin to disable frontend website from settings - from now only the active payment gateways will be available while making a payment - when students are promoted, their section will be set too - Minor bug fixes - performance improvements

version 5.3 – 22 February, 2018

- compatibility for php 7+ - fixes an issue where 'new message' button was not displayed on mobile devices - fixes an issue where messages showed below threads - fixes an issue where in some cases attendance view showed php error - Minor bug fixes - performance improvements

version 5.2 – 08 January, 2018

- ability for admin and teacher to search for any student (universal search) - ability to send group message - fixes an issue during Paypal payments where ipn response was failing - integration of Stripe payment gateway - fixes an issue where study materials could not be uploaded in some cases - change in look and feel for backend - Minor bug fixes - performance improvements

version 5.1.1 – 21 November, 2017

- fixes an issue where print window on google chrome presents blank page - fixes issues where only class teacher was able to change exam marks - Minor bug fixes - performance improvements

version 5.1 – 8 November, 2017

- fixes an issue where invoices could show wrong status - fixes issues where teacher was able to edit or modify marks of all students. From now, teacher will be able to see or modify info of the students of his class only - Ability to generate ID cards of students - Ability to upload digital books in library module - fixes errors on school website - Minor bug fixes - performance improvements

version 5.0.1 – 17 October, 2017

- fixes an issue where in some cases automated installation was failing - fixes an issue where gallery images were not shown in frontend - fixes an issue where in about us page of frontend, top image was missing

version 5.0 – 14 September, 2017

- new | integration of automated product installer - new | integration of frontend school website - new | school website customization module in admin panel - new | ability to use multiple themes for school website - new | integration of recaptcha 2 for preventing automated form submissions from school website - new | integration of google maps api - new | bootstrap 4.0 support for frontend school website - new | brand new design for backend login - new | unified student profile page for viewing all informations about the student at once - new | admin can now manage study materials for students - fix | all sort of javascript errors during login are removed - fix | users can no longer invoke duplicate emails - fix | invoice status issues no longer exist - fix | teachers can change marks only for his/her subjects - minor bug fixes - performance impprovements

version 4.9 – 24 August, 2017

- Added Bulk Student Import using CSV file. - Fixed SMS sending issue using MSG91. - Fixed Time issue on Class Routine. - Fixed Counting Issues on Dashboard according to Session. - Minor bug fixes.

version 4.8 – 24 July, 2017

- Integration of MSG91 SMS gateway - Ability for users to attach a file while sending a private message - Minor Bug fixes - Performance improvements

version 4.7 – 27 June, 2017

- Integration of Payumoney payment gateway - Minor bug fixes - Performance improvements

version 4.6.1 – 29 May, 2017

- Fixes email validation issues in different modules - Fixes issues on notice module - Minor bug fixes - Performance improvements

version 4.6 – 03 May, 2017

- Fixes an issue where in strict sql mode data insert was identified as null - Fixes all sort of validation issues in different modules - Fixes minor bugs throughout the application - Performance improvements

version 4.5.1 – 27 April, 2017

- fixes an issue with daily attendance update - minor other bug fixes - performance improvements

version 4.5 – 21 March, 2017

- ability for admin to delete academic syllabus - ability for teacher to delete study materials - attendance selector is now 'present' by default - fixed a bug where exams sometimes failed to load according to running session - ability for admin to delete a student permanently - minor bug fixes - performance improvements

version 4.4 – 09 February, 2017

- Brand new account type ‘accountant’ who can manage all accounting tasks - All payment history can now be filtered by students specifically from ’Student Specific Payment History’ tab in ‘Student Payments’ page - Attendance report generation for a particular year in an academic session - Private messaging now supports Arabic language - Security improvements regarding marks viewing for both parents and students - Minor other bug fixes

version 4.3 – 05 October, 2016

- Ability for teachers to create question papers for students - New user role as librarian - Ability for students to issue books from library - Ability for librarian to keep track of the issued books - Student attendance now can be marked present or absent at once - Bug fixes and performance improvements

version 4.2.1 – 18 August, 2016

-Fixed an issue where SMS sending was failing during sending marks

version 4.2 – 14 August, 2016

- Ability to add study materials for students subject-wise - Ability to upload academic syllabus subject-wise - Ability to archive noticeboard notices - Ability to print notices by all users - Minor bug fixes

version 4.1 – 17 May, 2016

- Monthly student attendance report - Print option for monthly attendance - Performance improvements - Minor bug fixes

version 4.0 – 21 March, 2016

- Advanced Student Promotion Module - Section wise class routine with print option - Academic syllabus collaboration - Compatibility for Safari running on El Capitan - Fix for bulk student upload - Password encryption for all users - fix for mass invoice creation - section-wise marks management - section-wise attendance management - academic session-wise data management

version 3.6 – 11 Nov, 2015

- Student marksheet view re-designed. Now more user friendly and detailed. - Student marksheet print layout designed. Tested for real life usage. - Graph chart for student mark view, now easy to compare them. - Class routine has minute option along with hour settings now. - Tabulation sheet for exam marks. Summary of students marks class & exam wise. - Sms sending to parents of absent students during attendance management. - Mass invoice generate option for students in accounting section. - Exam marks update all at single form submisison. - Jquery select boxes updated to type-able for better user experience. - Assign students to specific dormitories. - Assign students to specific transport routes. - Bulk student upload issue fixed. - Minor bugs fixed.

version 3.5 – 21 Oct, 2015

- Small bug fixes in auto updater module - Api for iOS application developed

version 3.4.1 – 28 Aug, 2015

- Auto updater module added. - From now, the existing user will get an update packed zip file to update their running script without losing data. Reinstallation won't be required.

version 3.4 – 23 May, 2015

- updated to CodeIgniter 3 - ability to add multiple child to a single parent - parent can watch each of his/her children marks, payment info separately - ability to add sections in class - ability to update attendance in a single form submission - ability to take manual payment & multiple payments under same invoice - new accounting module with incomes, expenses calculation, expense categories - sms api integrated : twilio and clickatell - ability to send SMS on event notice - send sms of exam marks to parent and students - multiple theme options - ability to change profile image for each user - ability to upload system logo - password reset options - installation, login common issues completely fixed - previous minor bug fixes and performance improvements

version 3.3 – 6th February, 2015

- Private messaging between parents, teachers, school admins. - Students mark printing and mark graph, chart comparison. - Invoice Printing

version 3.2 – 26 November, 2014

- Study material upload for teacher account. - Student can read and download study materials uploaded by teachers for their own class list.

version 3.1.1 – 29 October, 2014

- Bug fixed for some common installation issue, due to envato api changes. Script updated.

version 3.1 – 30 September, 2014

- Bulk student upload from admin - Download a blank excel file and fillup that with student info, and upload to import bulk students - Language phrase saving bug fixes update - Minor bug fixes

version 3.0 – 12 August, 2014

- Daily attendance module for students integrated - Re-written whole software User Interface and templating - Neon Admin Interface integrated - Ajax based login - Ajax modal popup - Unified login input for all account - Menu navigation simplied for browsing - RTL (Right To Left) text alignment integrated - Software default language settings new option - Data Validation added for input values - Student birthday: year-month-date picker - Present students number shown in dashboard - Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0 – December 13, 2013

- Updated language conversion system - 20 new language packs added ( english,bengali,spanish,arabic,dutch,russian,chinese,turkish,portugese,hungarian,french,greek,german,italian,thai,urdu,hindi,latin,indonesian,japanese,korean ) - Password field shown for easier account management from admin - Email sending issue fixed - Firefox profile view css issue fixed (teacher, student) - class creation issue fixed

Version 1.0 – November 12, 2013

- Initial release Requirement Apache server for running php PHP version 7 Mysql database access, purchase code during installation Php curl should be enabled One purchase code is legal for using one domain only Contact support

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