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EasyPlex - Movies - Live Streaming - TV Series, Anime

EasyPlex - Movies - Live Streaming - TV Series, Anime

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E-mail: admin@easyplex.com

password: 123456




E-mail: user@easyplex.com

password: 123456


   App Features MVVM with Android Architecture Components Dagger 2 for Dependency Injection Clean code Auto Import Movie & Serie & Upcoming Informations MP4 WEBM MKV FLV HLS/M3U8 Powerful Admin Panel With VueJs Easy to reskin Material Design. UI optimized for phone and tablet App support Movies, Series, Streaming, Animes Movies List Inside Player Interstitial Admob Facebook Audience Network UnityAds Appodeal StartApp Powerful UI: Beautiful and modern design. Register Page – Ability to register a new account. Login Page –Ability for users to log in Search Page – Added ability to search for videos Toasts & Alerts – Added ability to display alerts, Toasts, success, errors, loadings, and more. Paypal & Stripe payment gateway Privacy Policy Page About Us Page Search Page Genres Page MyList Page Wifi-Only (ON/OFF)  Notifications (ON/OFF)  AutoPlay – (ON/OFF) Play Next Media (Movie or Episode) Subtitles Trailer Preview



    Admin Panel (PHP Laravel) Features: VueJS Framework
Statistical Dashboard (Movie- Serie- LiveTV) Add,Edit,Update,Delete Movie Add,Edit,Update,Delete Serie Add,Edit,Update,Delete LiveTV Add or Upload Media (Movie, Serie, LiveTV) Settings (ON/OFF) Subtitles  Settings (ON/OFF) Admob Banner & Interstitial
Settings (ON/OFF) Facebook Audience Interstitial & Banner Settings (ON/OFF) Anime
Users Management (Edit or Delete or Update or Upgrade User) Ad Manager Management (Google Ad Manager, the Google AdSense network, or any VAST-compliant ad server) Genres Management (Add Custom Genre or Grabe Auto From TMDB) Qualities Management Report ( Movie or Serie ) Add,Edit,Update,Delete Seasons & Episodes
Add, Edit, Delete Media for Movie, Series, LiveTV Notification Push Logo Upload – Upload Logo via a dashboard. IMDB COVER PATH – change cover path quality Featured Items – change items numbers Next Media Play Timer Change– change items numbers and Many More… 


ChangeLog 2.1 Added Device Management ( Limited to 5 per account by default ) For Bulk Links added the ability to add multiple links to the same episode before moving to next episode Added Download Options (Download Limit control , Storage change behavior) New Supported Hosts (streamhub – streamhide – Yandex – filemoon – userscloud) Added Enable Stream and Download control per movie Added Enable Ads Unlock for a specific movies if the default ads unlock is disabled Make ffmpeg extension and software codec on by default Fixed a crash when switching series or animes lists inside player and load the episodes Fixed review dialog crash on some phones Fixed Non active movies that appear in Filmographie Fixed Android 13 Permission issue for Downloads and Dialog that cannot be hidden Fixed the avatar change issue that cause the all profiles to have same picture Fixed Manage Profiles was not working from first click Fixed Custom Episode Add ( Dialog not appearing ) Removed butterknife library causing problem in latest Android Studio Updated all libraries to to latest versions Revert Library Grid to 3 Posters per line Added title for posters in case you don’t select Merge All Media Back Mylist icon on the home page as many users requested Updated ffmpeg Libs



ChangeLog 2.0 Reduced the numbers of queries for a better performance Added Profiles selection  Added Firebase Phone Verification Added Firebase Remote Config (change the api inside the app remotly) A new UI and Colors Added Doodstream and Streamtap (for doodstream working inside MainPlayer only see the doc how make it working) Removed Startapp ads from the app Added Bulk Links for Series & Animes Added as Option for library to merge all content (Movies , Series , Animes) into a single query Added as option untrusted certificates for the main player to accept all certificat useful for some supported hosts !) Added Discover Style as option to replace the suggested part with a list of genres  Added Genre image Fixed and issue in comments wich the layout don’t adjust or Resize on some phone Fixed the Added comments time. Updated all libraries inside gradle to the latest version Added some information parts to able to use them later in the Android TV version Added Review layout to rate the movie. For Synopsis added ReadMoreText to expand and collapse the text depend on the text size Updated UnityAds to the latest codes Updated Paypal sdk  ChangeLog 1.7.5 Added DRM support ( Widevine - ClearKey  - PlayReady ) Added ARABIC RTL Version  Added Animes to the home content merged with Movies & Series Added the support for Streamtape - Voe.sx ( EasyplexSupportedHosts ) Updated the support for Fembed domain change( EasyplexSupportedHosts ) Reduced the number of queries on some api response Casters from panel will be paginated to avoid loading large data at same time ( you can search your casters by name to add them to your Movies) Removed some N+1 Queries Fixed Imdb Lang on release version HLS  is back as options ( App still detect the hls if your link not detected use this option ) Updated the Comments section from panel to display more info Added Genre & Subtitle to the library Posters Removed share icon from downloads to avoid leaking the url Fixed an issue with favorite for last item removed. Suggested Programs return random content now fixed somes issues reported by users from last update  ChangeLog 1.7 Added the support for android 12 upgraded the downloads & notification s to support the android 12 api Added comments system for ( Movies – Series – Animes ) Added Lock button for the main player Added Interstitial ads on player exist  Added Auto substitles start depend (Opensubs – Internal ) Upgraded Player Api to the lastest version Upgrade the ffmpeg Extentions to the latest version Updated all libraries to the latest version Updated EasyplexSupportedHost file Added Applovin Native Ads Fixed many issues from latest version Added subtitle for ( Movies – Series – Animes ) refactor the login and register to display errors from api Added arabic translation Added pagination for animes part only Added Play button for the notifications ( Depend if if you selected stream from notification ) Hls php format will not be used any more will be removed later in next update ( app will detect the link auto for this kind of links )    ChangeLog 1.6 Added new 18 hosts (mixdrop – zplayer – uqload – mp4upload – otcplay myviid – pandafiles – streamsb  – vidhd – dailymotion – ninjastream – vidlox – hxfile – govid – vidoza – vudeo – vidmoly – Vimeo – Google Drive) . Added 4 Ads Network (IRONSOURCE – APPLOVIN – APPNEXT – VUNGLE) Added Force Rewards ADS as Webview ( Using HTML Scripts NETWORKS) Facebook Bidding will work only with ( IRONSOURCE – ADMOB – APPLOVIN) Added A cache system to make CPU load as minimum as possible (as option) Added Casters ( Fetching auto in Movies , Series , Animes ). Added Google & Facebook Login. Added Networks for Movies , Series , Animes. Reworked the hole featured to be standlone now you can create your own featureds lists for Movies , Series , Animes , Streaming , Custom ). Added Featured MiniLogo. Orgnized the left bar layout . Added Avatar upload iside the edit profile Activity. Added PlaySomthing menu ( to play random streaming movie ) Added Force Login control from panel  . Added Force Email Verification from panel . Added Favorite as online feature  for ( Movies  – Series – Animes ). Added Trailers Options to choose between ( Youtube or SelfHosted ). Added Casts Options to choose between ( Imdb or Internal). Added Ability to disable the Downloads feature. Separated Downloads from Stream links depend on the settings from panel. Added Force Root Detection Option. Added Forced Update Option. Added Force Vpn Detection Option . Added Sniffers Instalations detection. Notifications can be sent now as Separated. Added Direct Enter Mode on Notification Click ( User when click can directly enter to the stream page ). Added Multi Servers for streaming ( from Streaming Activity & inside the player ). Added to Force Suggestions only to Logged Users. Added to use Rewards Ads as Webview Ads (  depend on your links ) Added Force FLAG_SECURE to disable screenshot and recording inside the app. Added Populars Casters to the home page Added Networks to the home page Added Paypal. Added Progressbar when uploading a video. Fixed an issue when adding a new episode from imdb ( was always in english format ) Fixed an Issue with Unity Interstitial in movies and animes Changed plans layout. Added InAppUpdater Added Lock App Via Password on the startup Added DeepLinks for Sharing Media ( Movies – Series – Animes – Streaming ) Added Headers & User Agents for every link for stream links & downloads Moved Youtube support to the supported hosts to able to use multi qualities Completed Servers Selection inside player on (Next Media Play , Movies Lists , Series List ?Animes Lists , Streaming Lists )  Couple of issues reported in the previous version corrected     ChangeLog 1.5 Added Skip Recap to the player ( SKIP INTRO ) Added Genre for the player ( Will be visible at the start of the video ) Added External Launchers ( VLC – MX PLAYER – WEB VIDEO CASTER ) Added External Downloads Apps ( ADM – 1DM ) Added the support for the following hosts ( YOUTUBE – MEDIAFIRE – SOLID FILES – UPTOBOX – OK.RU – SENDVID – FANSBUS – BiTTUBE – FEMBED – FILERIO – 4SHARED ) Added HLS PHP support Links ORGANIZED & Regrouped player icons into a bottom dialog New Layout for Suggested Programmes & Search Results Added Streaming Details page Added Latest Episodes for Series & Animes Added Top20 ( HomePage )  Added Pinned Content ( HomePage ) Switched resume featured as offline to save your server resources You can now resume a media inside the player when you switch content Fixed a little issues for the player content when you minimize the player now it will resume from the last point you left it  Added Maintenance mode  Added Splash Cover control from the panel ( Upload or paste the link )  Added User-Agent Control for the EeasyPlayer & Embed Player Enable Banners on home ( Depend on the active banner on the panel ) Added Unity Banner + Interstitial Added Startapp Banner + Interstitial Added Facebook Native Ads Removed Facebook Rewards ads and replaced by Interstitial Downloads Options will have ( Premium Only – With ADS Unlock – Free ) Switched the hole panel to work with pagination Upgraded Admob to the latest version 20.0.0 Added Password Recovery inside the app Added Directory Change For the Download  Fixed an issue for views for ( Series & Animes ) Formating the view to Display K, M, G, etc….. Split MyList to include 4 tabs ( Movies – Series – Animes – Streaming ) Added Episode Notification Send Removed unused fields from the JSON response


   ChangeLog 1.4 Added Series & Animes Selection inside the player New Auto Next Play Design for Movies, Series, Animes New Episode Layout for Series & Animes Animes have the same series design now Added Speed Control & restart button to the player Reorganized some player icons for every media types Added Custom Season & Episode for Series & Animes Added views counter for the movies, series, animes Add resume watching from the Serie & Anime Detail  Added Notification for every movie in the panel Fixed adding a movie by IMDb id like old versions Removed Rewards Ads Inside the player (Only) replaced by Interstitial Added Custom Banner on the home page fixed default payment in the panel fixed some problems in the downloads fixed some issues in the history watching


   ChangeLog 1.3 New Movie, Serie detail page design add AutoSubstitles for movies & Series Improved the cast added for the cast play or play as next in queue mode Added Wasabi as storage added next media play timer change added default media player cover change added support for more audios formats eac3 + ac3 + all mp3 for non supported phones added to choose for download feature to be for premium only or with a watch to unlock added server selection choose before playing any media added embed check when adding new media link added AutoComplete list when adding a new movie via name  added AutoPlay Switch in player added next episode for animes section fixed an issue when you delete a media from download fixed some unity ads problems when playing media inside the player








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