DomainsKit - Toolkit for Domains
DomainsKit - Toolkit for Domains

DomainsKit - Toolkit for Domains

  • Uploaded : 13th March 2023
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DomainsKit - Toolkit for Domains

DomainsKit Script is a powerful PHP-based script that consists of many great Domain & IP Tools it allows you to search domain names instantly. It has a built-in whois domain tool, domain generator tool, hostname & IP lookup tool, and domain DNS records tool. It is built with a fully responsive design based on Latest Bootstrap to ensure that your website will look flawless and beautiful on every mobile and desktop device. It also has strong cross-browser support. It verifies domain availability by doing a DNS query to get search results as fast as possible. You make money when someone buys domain names through one of your affiliate referral links. You can also earn through Google Adsense or similar platforms. There is a lot more to discover for you & we have great plans for future updates.
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FeaturesSupports 1371 TLDsRealtime Domain Names SearchDomain Name GeneratorDomains Whois SearchHostname & IP LookupDomain Name LocationDNS Records LookupSitemap Generation ToolRecent Whois SearchesRealtime Currency ConversionsEarn with AffiliatesEarn with AdsGoogle Analytics ReadySMTP Mail SupportCaching For Robust PerformanceBuilt-in Contact FormPowerful Admin Panel100% Responsive Design100% Pentested SecurityCustom Pages CreationQuick and Easy InstallationFree Lifetime UpdatesAnd so much more…Demo DetailsFront-End Demohttps://domainskit.bitflan.comAdmin Demo

Username: administratorPassword: administrator RequirementsApache / LiteSpeed Web ServerPHP 7.0 or HigherMySQLi Drivers for PHPPHP cURL ExtensionPHP “fsockopen” Available.Port 43 Unblocked (Usually unblocked on most hostings)PHP ZIP Extension (Optional)

Changelogv 2.5------Fixed issues with currency settings.Fixed issues with IP Lookup & Domain Location.Made changes for SEO Optimization.Optimized Installation Process.Added Images ALT & Title Tags.Added canonical Links to prevent content duplication.Fixed blog posts not published by default.Added cookies consent alert on the front end.Added more TLDs in the domain generator.Fixed some 404 pages that were not redirecting properly.Fixed some Front-end UX/UI Bugs.Added two new TLDs PK, and AI (You can add as many from admin).Overall much more stable and optimized version to date.v 2.4------Added Dark Mode SupportAdded Blog SupportAdded More Tools SettingsFixed Admin Side BugsFixed Front-End BugsAdded auto-scroll to Domain after searchAdded many UX/UI EnhancementsOverall Optimized.v 2.3-------Fixed Page Slug Bug On Admin Side.Fixed Some Minor Bugs.v 2.2-----Added TLD's Selection in Domain Search Section.Fixed Bugs with Multi-Level TLDs just like CO.UK etcRevamped DNS Lookup Section.Added Pagination in Admin TLD's Section.Fixed bug with HTTPS in URL on the whois search page.Overall Optimized.v 2.1-------Fixed an issue where protocol would not work with IP Lookup.Fixed an issue where protocol would not work with Whois.Better PHP 8 Support.v 2.0-------The added TLD search feature in the admin panel.We fixed some PHP 8 compatibility issues.Added two new TLDs .ru .ua.Fixed URL identification issues.Fixed some UX/UI Bugs.Fixed bug on some LiteSpeed servers.Fixed Domain & IP location not working on some servers.v 1.9------- Fixed an issue where multiple pages won't work on the Recent Searches page.- Fixed an issue where case-sensitive Operating systems could not view IP Lookup and DNS Lookup pages.- Added favicons into the recent searches sidebar on the WHOIS page.- Added an ad spot above the Recent Searches page.v 1.8------- WHOIS Section Overhaul- Keep Track of Recent Whois Searches.- SEO Optimized & Page Speed Optimized.- Added the ability to Enable / Disable specific TLDs for the Domain Generator.- Masked Affiliate Links to Make it more white-label.- Added a section to update SEO Titles and Descriptions for every page in the Admin Panel.- Added an option to add an SEO Image for your Website.- Added Open-graph Friendly tags for Social Media Optimization.- Fixed an issue where Sitemap wouldn't get generated due to directory permissions.- Fixed Some UX/UI Bugs.- Overall Optimized.v 1.7------- Optimized domain generator and suggestions.- Fixed footer domain generator link.- Fixed minor UX bugs.v 1.6------- Added sitemap generation tool in the admin panel.- Added maximum TLDs to load per request. (Load more afterward).- Added Clear Global Cache Link in the admin panel.- Fixed some minor UX issues.v 1.5------- Added the ability to add header/footer links through the admin panel.- Added the ability to add custom tags and code in the head section of your website through the admin panel.- Improved the Update Mechanisms. Added a new update section in the admin panel.- Removed some invalid TLDs.- Added license validation.v 1.4------- Added 1,370 new TLDs (You can enable/disable them from the admin panel).- Added option to enable/disable currency selection.- Added option to select default currency.- Added option to enable/disable specific currencies.- Fixed an issue where Affiliate Links would sometimes not work properly due to special characters.- Added WYSIWYG editor to FAQ and Feature options in Admin Panel.- Fixed issue with Google analytics.v 1.3------- Fixed a bug where websites with "www" would not redirect automatically.- Improved SMTP compatibility.v 1.2------- Fixed a bug where clicking the "WHOIS" button on Domain Search would sometimes cause an error.v 1.1------- Added Translation Support.- Added Query Whois Tool in Admin Panel.- Added Price Display option in Admin Panel.- Added Feature & FAQs Options in Admin Panel.- Fixed a design issue where the Buy button would not appear on small screens.- Admin Authentication can also use ReCaptcha now.- Improved Performance on DNS Records & WHOIS Tools.v 1.0------- Initial Release

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