dizzy - Support Creators Content Script
dizzy - Support Creators Content Script

dizzy - Support Creators Content Script

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 25th January 2023
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Overview :

dizzy – Support Creators Content Script is a platform where content creators, youtubers, instagramers, designers, developers, photographers or any other branch can monetize their content by receiving subscriptions from their most loyal followers or just anyone who likes their work.

Anyone can create a contents but just Creators can earn money with Premium Content Share and Subscriber Content Share features.

Dizzy is not a clone script with a flexible interface. In terms of features, it may be similar to OnlyFans or Patreon sites, but if you need a unique project, dizzy offers you exactly those.

Demo User:testuser User Pass: 123456 URL https://www.imyourfun.com/ Some features have been disabled for this test account.

Features Live Streaming (AGORA API) Video Chat (AGORA API) Subscription system Users can set the weekly, monthly and yearly subscription price Implemented GDPR Banner Cookies Policy Notifications Real-time User can get Notifications comment, follow, subscribe, post buy, like, comment like, approve content by administrator. Account verification by uploading ID or Passport Edit your profile Verified users will display a badge Create unlimited posts for Free, Subscribers and Premium Point(credit) system. Creators can share posts, charging fees. People can see the post in return for the points the creator has set for the post. Members who want to pay to view the content can add points to the wallet. Users can manage posts Creators can manage their Dashboard(Normal users don’t have Dashboar) SEO on Pages Upload Avatar Upload Cover Setting your Payout method (PayPal or Bank Transfer) Make withdrawals when you reach the minimum amount established by admin Search creators by Name/Username Integration with Stripe with (Recurrent) Integration PayPal Payment Integration BitPay Payment Integration RazorPay Payment Integration iyziCo Payment Integration Authorize.Net Payment Integration PayStack Payment Top 5 creators of last week! Explore Creators Social Login with Twitter and Google Email Verification Upload Photos and Images The system blur the photos and videos in premium and subscriber posts. This way, the member cannot see the real image of that post until they buy the post or subscribe to the profile. User can report post User can block post Enable/Disable Message Current point from dropdown menu Total earnings from Creator Dashboard Secure password hashing SMTP Support Easy translation Multilanguage Progress bar on Upload Message system users can send photos, videos, stickers and gifs Infinite scroll on Message system Infinite scroll on User Wall and Profile Wall History of payments made and received Email notifications Contact us page Change Password Saved Posts Stickers System in Comment and Message Gifs system in Comment and Message Emoticon system in Commend and Message Sponsored Advertisements Subscribers Subscriptions Payments Light / Dark Mode Admin Features Settings Website Settings Site Logo Favicon Site Name Site Title Site Description Keywords General Main Language(Choose Language) Maintenance Mode(Enable/Disable) Email verification(Enable/Disable) Register (Enable/Disable) IP Limit(One ip can register 2 times if enabled) Limits Upload File Size limit Post Length Number of post show Show number of pagination Allowed file extensions ( mp4, MP4, mp3, MP3 , mpg, mov, m4v, avi, flv, mpeg, MPEG, webm, mkv, MKV, gif, GIF, jpg, jpeg, JPEG, JPG, PNG, png ) File extensions valid for approval(gif,GIF,jpg,jpeg,JPEG,JPG,PNG,png) Billing Informations Email Settings Storage(Amazon S3) Manage Posts Awaiting approval(Admin should approve Premium posts) Posts Premium Posts Subscribe Possts Design Custom CSS/JS Manage SVG Icons Point Packages Settings Manage Languages Users Manage Users Creator Verification Requests Pages (Create/Edit/Delete) pages Stickers (Create/Edit/Delete) stickers Payment Methods Payment Settings PayPal Bitpay Stripe Authorize.Net IyziCo RazorPay PayStack Social Logins (Edit Twitter and Google Login) Manage Payments Manage Withdrawals Manage Subscription Payment Advertisement Create a Advertisement Manage Advertisements Requirements PHP 7.1.0 or Greater mod_rewrite Apache MySQL 5.6 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension cURL allow_url_fopen (php.ini) is ON Fileinfo PHP Extension FFMPEG Updates

If you have problems while updating, please click HERE to create a support ticket. Technical questions are not answered in the comment area.

27 December [FIXED] - Solved the problem of camera request from the visitor in live broadcast. [FIXED] - Auto scroll issue in live chat stream [FIXED] - Redirect page issue for person not logged in to live stream [FIXED] - Sending Gif prom Profile page [FIXED] - The counter for images, videos and audio files. [FIXED] - Showing non-creators in the top 5 creator section. [FIXED] - Warning in User search [FIXED] - Product tab that remains open in the profile when Merketplace is closed [FIXED] - My Stories page that opens when status sharing by non-creators is disabled. [FIXED] - My subscriptions page updated [FIXED] - s3 video playback [FIXED] - administrator right click off command set to on [FIXED] - Warning when regulating subscription fees [FIXED] - Last content payments word mistake resolved. [FIXED] - Warning that appears when other comments are pressed. [FIXED] - Warning issue with reposted post. [FIXED] - Display of avatar according to the gender selected during registration. [FIXED] - Reported PHP bugs [FIXED] - Reported CSS bugs [ADDED] - Canceled subscriptions can now be viewed [ADDED] - Videos, images or other files are automatically deleted from the server after they are uploaded to storage. [ADDED] - Unpublished videos, images or other files are no longer counted. [ADDED] - Wasabi storage space added. [ADDED] - Wasabi on/off feature has been added to the administration panel. [ADDED] - Added the field for adding Wasabi keys. [ADDED] - MercadoPago payment system added. [ADDED] - MercadoPago payment system settings have been added to the administration panel. [ADDED] - Added sub-category feature for profile categories. [ADDED] - Added the ability to add new categories from the administration panel. [ADDED] - New category add/delete/edit feature has been added. [ADDED] - New subcategory add/delete/edit feature has been added. [ADDED] - Added the ability to make categories active and inactive. [ADDED] - Added option to turn off and on FFmpeg drawtext feature that reduces video loading speed. [ADDED] - The visitor will view the site in their own language if a language pack is included. 1 December [FIXED] - Reported Bugs [ADDED] - Translated some languages [ADDED] - FFMPEG warning if ffmpeg not exist. 28 November [FIXED] - Google Login issue [FIXED] - Twitter Login issue [ADDED] - New Profile categories (Please read the README.html file carefully.) [ADDED] - New Words in language files. (Please read the README.html file carefully.) 26 November [FIXED] - Amazon s3 Video play issue [FIXED] - Amazon s3 Audio [IMPROVED] - improvements in css and php [FIXED] - resolved the issue with the money sending section that cannot be disabled [IMPROVED] - The system has been sped up. [ADDED] - Only creators can see the type and hidden message buttons on the chat page. 25 November [FIXED] - The night mode css issue on the chat page. [FIXED] - The issue reported in my payment page. 25 November [FIXED] - REPORTED BUGS 24 November [FIXED] - Reported CSS bugs [FIXED] - Sending paid messages bug [IMPROVED]The system has been sped up. [ADDED] ToolTip has been added to some of the chat buttons. [ADDED] The website's social network links have been added to the top left drop-down menu. [ADDED] ScrollBar is now displayed on desktop computers. [ADDED] ScrollBar is hidden for Mobile devices. [ADDED] Images can now be attached to paid messages. 22 November [FIXED] - Cover and Avatar image position issue [FIXED] - Incorrect counter, in premium purchase popup. [FIXED] - Reported subscription bugs [FIXED] - Reported S3 issue [FIXED] - Stripe issue [FIXED] - Reported Stripe Issue [FIXED] - Reported S3 issue [FIXED] - Reported bugs for the Market page. [FIXED] - Create withdrawal issue [FIXED] - Checking withdrawal issue in admin panel [IMPROVED] The system has been sped up. [ADDED] Send a paid private message. [ADDED] Send money to the person using the message field. [ADDED] Ads are now displayed on mobile. [ADDED] Purchased premium posts. [ADDED] Subscription expiration date. [ADDED] Automatic approval of premium posts. [ADDED] Send a notification to the contact when automatic premium posts are approved. [ADDED] Notifications are sent when someone purchases a premium post. [ADDED] Who can send message ? Subscribers/Everyone [ADDED] Who can send a video call request ? Subscribers/Everone [ADDED] Commenter's creator badge. [ADDED] The administrator determines who is shown in the search results (Everyone/content creators only) [ADDED] Number of message show in admin panel [ADDED] Social profiles for website [ADDED] Social profiles for website [ADDED] New SVG icons. [ADDED] Some New CSS codes. (Please check the NEW CSS section below to see the added codes. ) [ADDED] Some new words. (Please check the NEW WORDS section below to see the added codes. ) 11 Aug [FIXED] - Reported php bugs [FIXED] - Reported css bugs [FIXED] - Reported javasript bugs [IMPROVED] The system has been sped up. 10 Aug [FIXED] - Ponint earn issue [FIXED] - Languge issue [IMPROVED] - The system has been sped up. [ADDED] - Maximum daily point earning admin panel 9 Aug [FIXED] - Reported bugs [FIXED] - Suggested Product size issue [FIXED] - Suggested Creators size issue [FIXED] - Product Sold number issue [FIXED] - Product Purchase number issue [FIXED] - Digital Ocean issue [FIXED] - CronJob repeating issue [FIXED] - Javascript reported javascript [FIXED] - PWA issue [FIXED] - Cancel Subscription issue [FIXED] - Mobile resize product page issue [FIXED] - Night Mode issues [IMPROVED] The system has been sped up. [IMPROVED] JAVASCRIPT Codes [IMPROVED] PHP functions [ADDED] Chat Video Call feature [ADDED] Free Video Call Feature [ADDED] Paid Video Call Feature [ADDED] Creator can set video call price. [ADDED] PopUp Chat Video Caller notification [ADDED] PopUp Chat video Calling notification [ADDED] Chat Video Call SQL tables [ADDED] Chat Video Call functions [ADDED] MUTE / UNMUTE chat video feature [ADDED] Close / Open camera in chat video feature [ADDED] Paid Video Call Feature 16 May [FIXED] - Reported Free Live Streaming Black screen [FIXED] - Reported Bugs [ADDED] Latest Products from main page [ADDED] Re-Designed Right sidebar boxes [ADDED] Turkish Language tr.php in langs folder 11 May [URGENT UPDATE] [FIXED] - Reported Bugs [ADDED] - New Call icon for live streaming 10 May [URGENT UPDATE] [FIXED] - Reported Bugs 09 May [FIXED] - Fixed Storie Black Screen Issue [FIXED] - Fixed Reported S3 Issue [FIXED] - Fixed Reported DigitalOcean Issue [FIXED] - Fixed Reported Chat Video Play Issue [FIXED] - Fixed Reported CSS issues [FIXED] - Fixed Reported Mobile Screen issues [FIXED] - Fixed Reported Offline Search issue [FIXED] - Fixed Reported Tip calculate issue [FIXED] - Fixed Reported Subscription calculate issue [FIXED] - Fixed Reported CoinPayment accept payment issue [ADDED] - Post Categories (All posts, Videos, Audios, Photos and Products) [ADDED] - 12 Social Website Profile Link [ADDED] - Send Tip Button on Users Profile 26 April [URGENT UPDATE] [FIXED] - SQL file issue 25 April [ADDED] - Story System [ADDED] - Image Story System [ADDED] - Text Story System [ADDED] - 22 Text Story Background image [ADDED] - Add / Delete New Text Story background image [ADDED] - Enable / Disable Text Story Background [ADDED] - Audio(mp3) post feature [ADDED] - Edit/Delete Story [ADDED] - How many user see my story [ADDED] - Shop system [ADDED] - Create form Scratch product [ADDED] - Create Book a Zoom product [ADDED] - Create Digital Download product [ADDED] - Create Live Event Ticket product [ADDED] - Create Art Commission product [ADDED] - Create a Join Instagram Close Friends product [ADDED] - How many Scratch Products have users created [ADDED] - How many Book a Zoom Products have users created [ADDED] - How many Digital Download Products have users created [ADDED] - How many Live Event ticket Products have users created [ADDED] - How many Art Commissions Products have users created [ADDED] - How many Join Instagram Close Friends Products have users created [ADDED] - Search Product From Admin area [ADDED] - My Product page [ADDED] - Purchased Product page [ADDED] - Sales product Page [ADDED] - My Stories Page [ADDED] - Product Earning in Chart [ADDED] - Tips commission [ADDED] - How many user see product [ADDED] - How many times the product has been sold [ADDED] - Who can share Story [ADDED] - Who can create a product [ADDED] - Enable / Disable product features [ADDED] - Enable / Disable Story text and image share feature [ADDED] - Autocomplete for Mention [ADDED] - Suggested product [ADDED] - Search user on Admin Panel [ADDED] - How many male users registered [ADDED] - How many female users registered [ADDED] - How many Active user [ADDED] - How many user inactive [ADDED] - 19 New SVG Icon [ADDED] - 152 New Words [ADDED] - Announcement System [ADDED] - Add / Edit / Delete Announcement [ADDED] - Admin can Enable/Disable announcement Status [ADDED] - Admin can change announcement type. Creators can see announcement or Everyone can see announcement [ADDED] - How many user saw announcement [FIXED] - Fixed the sum of all money gains. [FIXED] - Reported Bugs 16 March [ADDED] - Mute Audio / Unmute Audio feature on Live Streaming [ADDED] - Mute Video/ Unmute Video feature on Live Streaming [UPDATED] - Agora SDK [ADDED] - Mention system [ADDED] - Mention feature on notification system [ADDED] - A variable color combination has been added to the label system for aesthetic appearance. [ADDED] - HashTag search system [ADDED] - Affilate System [ADDED] - Affilate Management in admin panel [ADDED] - Earn Point System [ADDED] - User can earn point when he/she Register,Create a post, follow someone, like post, comment post. [ADDED] - The administrator can determine how many points people can earn from which feature. [ADDED] - New words in eng.php, fr.php, de.php and es.php [ADDED] - Uploading bar when user upload [ADDED] - Fake user generator [ADDED] - Fake user type in admin panel [ADDED] - Show/Hide user fullname (Admin panel) [ADDED] - Profile Link Watermark (When user share his/her image or video the system adding his/her profile link on the image) [ADDED] - Enable/Disable Image Watermark Status [ADDED] - Enable/Disable Link Watermark Status [ADDED] - Auto Approve post feature [ADDED] - Enable/Disable Weekly Subscription from admin panel [ADDED] - Enable/Disable Monthly Subscription from admin panel [ADDED] - Enable/Disable Yearly Subscription from admin panel [FIXED] - Add/Edit Sticker issue [FIXED] - Reported Subscription issues [FIXED] - Open Graph Meta Tags [FIXED] - Live Streaming issues [FIXED] - Watermark issue [FIXED] - Image Crop View issue [FIXED] - Special Character issue [FIXED] - Chat issues [FIXED] - Reported Admin Panel issues [FIXED] - Image upload issue [FIXED] - Premium content Earning issue [FIXED] - Subscription Content Earning issue [FIXED] - Creator Dashboard Char issue [FIXED] - Withdrawal Details issue (in admin) 28 January [URGENT UPDATE] [FIXED] - Image display issue 27 January [URGENT UPDATE] Added uploads folder Added aut folder [FIXED] - Pixelixel issue [FIXED] - Live Streaming pint purchase button issue [FIXED] - Comment delete issue 24 January [FIXED] - Fee setting issue [FIXED] - Verification profile issue [FIXED] - 10+ reported bugs [ADDED] - QR code system. Anyone can share their profile link with people in the form of QR codes. 18 January [FIXED] - Reported Bugs [ADDED] - cURL check (some features do not work because cURL is not active on the servers. Therefore, please enable cURL.) 11 January [FIXED] - Reported verification email issue [FIXED] - SQL zip file issue for UPDATE 07 January [FIXED] - Reported PHP Bugs 06 January [FIXED] - Reported bugs [ADDED] - OneSignal support new message notification 05 January [UPDATED] - Documentation file [FIXED] - Reported php Bugs [FIXED] - Image and video share bug [UPDATED] - Documentation file [FIXED] - Reported CSS Bugs [ADDED] - TikTok style Gift system [ADDED] - RealTime chat system in live Streaming [ADDED] - Re-Designed Live Straming page [IMPOROVED] - HashTag system [IMPROVED] - Speed [ADDED] - New words [ADDED] - OneSignal RealTime browser notification for Live Streaming 23 November [FIXED] - Watermark size issue [FIXED] - Reported php Bugs [FIXED] - Reported CSS Bugs [FIXED] - Weekly best creators list follow/subscription button [FIXED] - The problem of automatic thank you message update to the people who sent the tip has been resolved. [FIXED] - Fixed some reported typos. [ADDED] - Added custom watermark insertion area. [ADDED] - reCaptcha from contact us page. [ADDED] - Enable/Disable reCaptcha feature from admin panel [ADDED] - CoinPayment payment gateway [ADDED] - Edit/Enable/Disable CoinPayment API keys [ADDED] - 15+ CrytoCurrencies [ADDED] - Enable/Disable CoinPayment [UPDATED] - Updated Documentation 30 October Urgent update made. Reported issues have been fixed. 26 October Urgent update made. Reported issues have been fixed. 25 October [FIXED] - Image Upload issue [FIXED] - Video Upload issue [IMPROVED] - phpMailer [ADDED] - Enable/Disable Free Live Streaming [ADDED] - Enable/Disable Paid Live Streaming 23 October [FIXED] - When user delete the post if s3 was enabled the post can not be delete from s3. [FIXED] - Big icon issue on firefox from admin panel. [IMPROVED] - phpMailer [FIXED] - Some reported php bugs [ADDED] - Watermark can be added when user upload an image. The watermark added when the image is uploaded is the site's own logo. [ADDED] - Watermark can be added when user upload a Video. The watermark added to the video is the user's own profile link. [ADDED] - Tips system [ADDED] - Added a thank you message to the person who tipped. The user can write the thank you message in his own profile settings as he wishes. [ADDED] - When a tip is made, a coin sounds. [ADDED] - New PhpMailer system [ADDED] - Default website email in admin panel email settings. [ADDED] - SVG icon for tips system. [ADDED] - Added some new words in eng.php [ADDED] - New font for watermark [ADDED] - Delete files from DigitalOcean and Amazon S3 04 October [ADDED] Point System for subscriptions (Now user can subscribe with their points) [ADDED] Minimum Point Fee Weekly (For subscription) / Admin panel [ADDED] Minimum Point Fee Monthly (For subscription) / Admin panel [ADDED] Minimum Point Fee Yearly (For subscription) / Admin panel [ADDED] The system checks the adequacy of the user's balance (points). If it doesn't have enough points, it will direct you to the payment page for point loading. [ADDED] A popup warning has been added to the user during subscription (for those who use the subscription system with Points) [ADDED] New CSS codes in style.css and night_style.css [ADDED] A control mechanism has been added to the fee requested when creating premium posts. If there is an invalid character input, the post will be stopped with a warning. [FIXED] DigitalOcean issues [FIXED] Pixel issue in posts [FIXED] Cropped photo show issue [FIXED] Friends & Followers list issue [IMPROVED] Functions have been improved [ADDED] New langs. Spanish and French. I added it thanks to my customers who sent me gifts because I don't know these languages. Some words added for Version 2.6 are still in English. If they send me the translated version of the words, I will include it in the update immediately. 23 September [FIXED] Live Streaming Mobile Device issue (Your browser needs to be close to the latest version.) [FIXED] Digital Ocean video tumbnail issue [ADDED] New word in langs->eng.php 22 September [FIXED] jpg upload issue (But if your jpg images are still issue please check https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/forum/threads/jpg-images-not-working.4631/ ) 21 September [FIXED] Reported css bugs [FIXED] Live Streaming video bug [FIXED] Purchasing content number bug [FIXED] New message click bug [ADDED] Reported comment count [ADDED] Reported Post count [ADDED] Enable/Disable country block feature [ADDED] Purchased point History from Users dashboard [ADDED] Scroll to show suggested users between posts. (Works with swipe) [ADDED] New words [ADDED] Live Streaming widget on homepage [ADDED] List of all live streams (paid and free) 06 September 2021 [FIXED] Reported Bugs [ADDED] Followers page on user Dashboard [ADDED] Following users page on user Dashboard [ADDED] Block Country Feature [ADDED] Admin can enable disable post feature. If the admin allows only creators to post, non-creators will not be able to upload any videos or photos. [ADDED] File can be deleted via DigitalOcean storage. [ADDED] View by subscribers feature in post settings is now viewable only to creators. [FIXED] Issue with date of birth resolved. [FIXED] The character issue in the sign up with Google option has been resolved. 23 June 2021 [FIXED] Reported Bugs 22 June 2021 - [FIXED] Creators Page Bug - [FIXED] Cover and Avatar Upload preview Bug - [FIXED] Content Share Bug - [FIXED] Profile Edit Bug - [FIXED] Stripe Bug - [ADDED] The administrator can now specify which usernames users cannot receive during registration. - [ADDED] Added thumbnail feature for servers without ffmpeg installed. - [FIXED] CSS Bug - [UPDATED] Documentation Page 26 May 2021 - [FIXED] Special character issue - [FIXED] Reported CSS bugs - [FIXED] Reported PHP bugs - [FIXED] Settings Page bugs - [FIXED] UnSubscribe bug - [ADDED] Switch Device Camera for Agora Live Streaming - [ADDED] Admin can see more details about withdrawal - [ADDED] DigitalOcean Storage Feature - [FIXED] UnLike comment bug 28 April 2021 - [FIXED] Hashtag issue - [FIXED] Image Load issue - [FIXED] Url issue - [FIXED] s3 issue - [FIXED] ffmpeg issue - [FIXED] Reset password popup css issue - [ADDED] Landing Page - [ADDED] Added auto embed link for : YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, VideoJug, Blip, Screenr, SlideShare, flickr, funnyordie and devianart - [ADDED] Admin can update landing page images - [ADDED] Admin can manage landing page Q&As. (Add/Edit/Delete) - [ADDED] Admin can switch welcome page. Default - Landing - [ADDED] compress image - [ADDED] New Words 10 April 2021 (Quick update) - [FIXED] Point Purchase page issue 10 April 2021 - [FIXED] Profile Edit issue - [FIXED] Crop cover and Avatar issue - [FIXED] Message button issue - [FIXED] Amazon S3 issue - [FIXED] Logo, favicon and ads image upload issue - [FIXED] Twitter login issue - [FIXED] Register page CSS bug - [FIXED] Hashtag issue - [FIXED] Second click close header menu issue - [FIXED] Scroll slow issue on mobile - [FIXED] Drop down emoji, sticker and gifs slow fast - [FIXED] Adding new language issue - [FIXED] Page edit issue - [FIXED] Create page issue - [ADDED] Agora.io Live Streaming feature - [ADDED] Creators can create a paid live streaming - [ADDED] Normal users can create a time limit live streaming - [ADDED] Number of people watching instant live broadcast(RealTime) - [ADDED] Like live broadcast (RealTime) - [ADDED] Paid Live Streamings list page(Live broadcasts that have expired are not shown.) - [ADDED] Free Live Streamings list page(Live broadcasts that have expired are not shown.) - [ADDED] Giphy API 01 April 2021 dizzy was born

FAQs :

To ensure the quality and safety of the item, you should thoroughly check overview description, demo, comments and read reviews from previous buyers if available. Initial support is available with each item & 15 days refund policy is available when your purchased item does not work.

The process for getting support is easy after buying item you can directly get support from developer through ticketing system, support ticket is replied by the developer & reply time will vary depending on the developer. Typically, you can contact the customer support through a support ticket system. Developer should be able to help you with any technical issues or questions you have about the item.

If you are not satisfied with the code you purchased, you should first try contacting the developer to see if they can provide assistance or a resolution. If you are still not satisfied, you may be able to request a refund. Be sure to request refund within 15 days of purchase as per refund policy and guidelines.

A refund request may be denied if the code has already been used or modified, or if it has been longer than the platform's refund period (15 days). Additionally, refunds may be denied if the issue with the code is due to user error or if the code has been intentionally modified or altered by the user.

Payment options when buying item will be typically, payment options can include credit/debit cards, PayPal, Razorpay, and other payment gateways.

Customisation is additional and subject to developer time availablity. So please ask the developer & confirm before making any purchase. Click on Request Customisation button below Buy Now Button or below Request Quote button.

We provide support to each clients by ticketing system with 100% guarantee reply, only for the period as per support plan terms. Support reply is one after one basis it means you may receive reply in 5minutes or it may take 24-48 hrs, its totally depending upon work load and support queue. And if your query requires testing/checking then it may take additional time.
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