Directory Hub Listing & Business Directory CMS
Directory Hub Listing & Business Directory CMS

Directory Hub Listing & Business Directory CMS

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  • Uploaded : 19th January 2023
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Overview :
Business Directory Script with PHP Laravel

Directory Hub is a business directory PHP script, inspired by Yelp and Yellow Pages, integrated classified ads module, offers features like csv bulk importer, multiple-countries support, unlimited-level categories, custom fields, listing with multiple categories, business listings, and products listings, which give buyers the maximum ability to make any type of business or niche directory website.

Directory Hub offers you the CMS platform to build a business directory website. It is highly customizable and is the trending business directory script solution in the market to organize your business directory portal.

Directory Hub built based on PHP and Laravel Framework, which gives the developers massive ability to extend and customize the business listing and classified web application to their own needs and specifications.

Business Directory Website Demo




Admin: / 12345678

User 1: / 12345678

User 2: / 12345678

User 3: / 12345678

CSV Bulk Importer Demo Video

Install Directory Hub on cPanel Video

Location-Free Listing

Burger Restaurant Type Listing

Seafood Restaurant Type Listing

Pizza Restaurant Type Listing

Cafe Type Listing

Law Office Type Listing

Real Estate Type Listing

Apartments Type Listing

Flowers Shop Type Listing

All buyers are eligible for further scripts updates.

Buyer Support

All supports are handled in the following ways:

Comment page:

Profile page:

Support page:

Email: (Please include your purchase code, codecanyon username if you purchased script)

Maximum response time can be up to 1 business day, but we usually get back to you within a few hours.

Add-on Themes


Feature Details

PHP 8.0, and PHP 7.2 – 7.4

Directory Hub compatible with the PHP version 8.0 as well as the other common PHP versions from 7.2 to 7.4.

Support Location-Free Listing

Directory Hub not only supports regular listing for a business that has a physical location but also supports location-free listing for the business. For example, an e-commerce website, an online consulting business, etc. This feature gives buyers the extensibility to build any kind of directories without concerning the location restrictions.

Advanced Search Functionality

Directory Hub offers search functionality that generates the most relevant results for listings. The search bar is as simple as just one text field. The website visitors can enter any keywords including location and postal code wot get the most relevant results. What’s more the data filter provides the filter and sorting abilities to even narrow down the search results.

Multiple Countries Support

Directory Hub supports multiple countries in one website. Thus, users can post listings from different countries, and they can easily switch between countries to view all listings in a single country scope.

Worldwide Countries Datasets

Directory Hub provides location (countries, states, cities) datasets for all countries worldwide. The location datasets are SQL files that you can easily import to your website database without entering names of countries, states, cities manually to your website.

Location SQL files are available for download here: (file name format: cities_2-letter-country-code.sql, for example, cities_in.sql is for India location dataset)

If you do not find a country that you need, please leave your comment, and I will make it available for you.

CSV Bulk Importer

Directory Hub included the CSV file bulk importer tool, which you can import your business listing records (now support import basic info & custom fields & images via URLs) to the website in just a few steps without manually enter listings one by one. It’s a time-saving feature, and you can set up and running your website instantly.

CSV Bulk Importer Demo Video

Business Listings Map View & Grid View

Directory Hub designs comprehensive map view and grid view on business listings, plus data filter.

Featured Listing

Featured listing stays on top of the listing search result, category listing page, and homepage, which gives the maximum exposure of business listing for paid users.

Classified Ads

Directory Hub offers a product feature that users can create customizable products, and posted their products as classified ads inside a listing of their own.

Claim Business Listing

Anyone can claim a business listing on the website. Admin can either approve or reject each of the business listing claims. This feature gives the website more attractive to business owners, and intent to become paid users.

Opening Hours

Smart business listing opening hours for weekly hours as well as for holidays.

5-Star Rating & Review

Directory Hub uses a 5-star rating and review system where users can rate and write reviews on a business listing with uploaded photos. The rating includes 4 dimensions (Customer Service, Quality, Friendly, Pricing) besides Overall Rating. Admin user is able to manage (view, approve, disapprove) all website ratings and reviews.

Comment System

Directory Hub provides a commenting feature for a business listing and blog post. Users are able to leave comments, reply to a comment, as well as, edit an existing comment. The comment system provides a convenient way for users to start a conversation and build an internal community.

QR Code

Get the QR Code for a specific business listing page by just click the QR Code button. This feature gives business listing owners to share or print out their QR Codes for their customers.

Photo Gallery

Upload photo gallery images for any directory, and display on the business listing page as justified waterfall photos. It’s mobile responsive and fantastic looking.

Youtube Video

Besides the photo gallery, you can also insert the youtube video to the business listing page to get even more eye-attracting and positive impressions.

Multi-Level Categories

Directory Hub supports an unlimited level of category structure, which gives buyers the maximum ability to create any type of business directory. For example, you can easily build a category structure of restaurants like Restaurants > American Restaurants > Burgers.

Multi-Categories per Listing

With Directory Hub, you can assign multiple categories to one listing, which is perfectly fit for real-world situations. For example, a law firm may practice many laws such as immigration law, real estate law, senior law, or business law. So in this case, a listing of a law firm can have categories in immigration law, real estate law, senior law, and business law. Buyers can easily do this in Directory Hub.

Custom Field

There are four types of custom fields (text, single select, multiple select, link) you can add to each type of category.

If you have a category of real estate, you can create one multiple select custom field named Features with values: river-front, outdoor kitchen, garage parking, basement; one text custom field named additional description; and one link custom field named website.

Also, if you have a category of automotive, you can create one single select of a custom field named Brand with values: Toyota, Honda, Ford, BMW, etc; one single select of a custom field named Year with values: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, etc; one multiple select custom field named features with values: the leather seat, hybrid, GPS, etc; one of text custom field named Seller Notes; and one link custom field named website.

SEO Slug Link

Directory Hub supports SEO-friendly slug link for every business listing and category. Users can set any SEO-friendly slug link for their business listings.

Lead Generation Form

The lead generation form on the listing detail page where non-registered website visitors can submit inquiries to the listing owner and website administrator. All listing leads can be exported to CSV, Excel, or PDF.

Sitemap Support

Directory Hub allows you enable or disable website sitemap, and you can also specify sitemap types (XML, HTML, TXT, ror-RSS, ror-RDF), sitemap frequency (always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never), and enable or disable each of individual sitemap.

Ad Networks Spaces

Directory Hub has a build-in Ad Networks Blocks tool, which allows you to insert any advertisement code (such as Google AdSense,, etc.) to different types of pages, and to different types of positions inside a page. You can also enable or disable or delete certain ad blocks in the ad blocks management panel.

PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, PayuMoney, and Bank Transfer Subscription

Directory Hub uses PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, PayuMoney, and Bank Transfer payment gateway to handle and keep track of subscription payments. Users can also view their subscription status, payment history, and invoices on the user dashboard portal.

Google reCAPTCHA

Directory Hub supports Google reCAPTCHA version 2 checkbox on the login form, sign up form, and the contact form. You can easily enable or disable Google reCAPTCHA on those forms to prevent spams.

Highly Customizable Website

Directory Hub offers a website customization feature, which you can change theme colors, homepage (also inner page) heading background (color, image, or youtube videos), menu background color, menu font color, footer background color, footer font color, website logo, website favicon.

Multi-Languages Support

Directory Hub supports 62 languages:

Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malay, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Vietnamese

Each registered user or website visitor can set his or her preferred language either through the user profile page or website footer.

100% Editable Languages Text

All of the text in Directory Website are editable. That means you can change any text that you see on the website to whatever other text you like to make it more suitable for your own business needs. You can also sync and store all your changed text to the website database permanently to avoid future updates overwrite.

Administrator Dashboard

Directory Hub provides a user-friendly and modern designed administrator dashboard for a website owner to handle all tasks including approve or disapprove listings, comments, or suspend or unlock user accounts, manage locations, categories, custom fields, payment plans, subscriptions, and another website settings.

User Dashboard

Directory Hub offers a dedicated user panel for registered users to manage accounts, listings, reviews, messages, comments, payment, and subscriptions.

Location Dataset

Directory Hub has a build-in location dataset (states, cities, and latitude & longitude) of 13 countries in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Central African Republic, Czech Republic, Germany, France, United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, and United States. The out-of-box build-in location (country, state, city, latitude, and longitude) dataset saves you time and effort from entering each place manually to the website database. If you do not see a country of your desire, you can send a new country request.


Directory Hub uses OpenStreetMap and Leaflet JS plugin to handle and render maps in a single listing page, listing by state page, and listing by city page. OpenStreetMap is free to use and no configuration required on your end.

Google Map

You can also choose to use Google Map on website to get full features of Google map like directions, street views, etc.

Configurable Billing Plan

Directory Hub has flexible subscription plans and you can easily customize each subscription plan. For example, you can set plan price, billing cycle (monthly, quarterly, yearly), number of the featured listings.

Internal Message

Directory Hub has a build-in message system where registered users can send and reply messages regarding the listings they posted on the website. Admin user has the ability to moderate all messages among all registered users.

Social Login

Directory Hub supports social accounts login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub. You easily can configure, enable, disable the social account login settings in the Admin Dashboard.

Blog Portal

Directory Hub uses a canvas blog system that offers flexible and powerful blogging and content management functionality. It’s easy to manage blog posts, topics, tags through the user-friendly canvas blog backend dashboard.

Google Analytics

Directory Hub allows you to put your google analytics tracking code to monitor the website traffic from the General Settings page of the administrator dashboard. It also allows you to filter out administrator traffic.


Directory Hub puts SEO in mind too. Thus, admin can easily set up the homepage title, homepage keywords, homepage meta description on the admin dashboard general settings page.

Social Media Sharing

Share to 16 social media networks with just one click.

Save Listing

Business listing can be saved to the user’s personal saved listing collection, and re-visit later.

Maintenance Mode

Turn on and off maintenance mode to control public access while making changes to the website as an administrator.

Company Details & Legal Pages

Directory Hub provides an editor for editing company about page, terms of service page, and privacy policy page. You can easily customize each page content based on your own situation.

Installation Wizard

Directory Hub provides a step-like installer. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes to give you a live website. Install Directory Hub on cPanel Video

Update Wizard

For existing buyers, Directory Hub allows you to update the script with a step-by-step update wizard to merge new features to your existing website. No programming knowledge needed, and no code touched.

Complete User Manual

The purchase package included a complete user manual of PDF, which gives you a detailed overview of the script and allows you to quickly dive into every piece of the script.

Listing Manager

Directory Hub provides a listing manager, which allows you to create a business listing in a step-by-step format. Also, manage listing status with pending, approval, suspend. You can also update a listing with categories, detailed information, custom fields, and images.

SMTP for Outgoing Mail

Directory Hub allows you to set up SMTP on the admin setting page with other third-party SMTP services.

Third-Party Javascript Inserter

Directory Hub provides option to insert HTML/CSS/Javascript code between tag and before tag. Gives you the maximum flexibility to integrate other third-party widgets such as live chat.

Registered User Manager

The registered user page in the admin dashboard allows you to create/update website registered users, update profile images, change the user’s password. Also, delete or suspend users.

Great Directory Script with Great Customer Support

We offer you free script installation service and professional developer support for any of your inquiries.

Feature Summary

PHP 8.0, and PHP 7.2 – 7.4 Compatible
Location-Free Listing Support
Multiple Country Support
CSV Bulk Importer
Business Listings & Directory
Classified Ads
Map View & Grid View
Data Filter
Multi-level Categories
Category Thumbnail
Multi-Categories per Listing
Opening Hours
QR Code Support
Feature Image
Photo Gallery
Youtube Video
Google Map & Directions
OpenStreetMap & Directions
Custom Fields
Lead Generation Form
Listing leads export to CSV, Excel, PDF
Send Message
Save/Favorite Listings
Similar Business Listings
Nearby Business Listings
Claim Business
5-Star Review System
Social Share Listings/Blogs
Products with custom attributes
Configurable section content on listing page
Blog & Tags & Topics
Business listings search
Business listings filter
Pricing Page
About page
Terms of service page
Privacy policy page
Configurable sitemap pages
Customizable footer
Customizable header
Theme & colors
Contact form
Configurable pricing
Bank Transfer
Ads Spaces
Google AdSense Ads
Editable Website Sections
Google reCAPTCHA
62 Languages Support
100% Editable Languages Text
Social Login
Google Analytics
Maintenance Mode
Caching System
Fast Performance
Mobile Responsive
Payment Subscription
Admin dashboard
User dashboard
Image Crop
Installer wizard
Updater wizard
CSRF Protection
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Protection
SQL Injection Protection
Secure Bcrypt Password Hashing


Apache Web Server.
PHP >= 7.2.0
MySQL >= 5.6
BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
Fileinfo PHP extension
JSON PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

PHP symlink() function must be enabled on your hosting server. Otherwise, the Directory Hub will not able to install successfully.

Visit project page for demo, installation, user manual, and more information

If you are looking for a business directory PHP script or a yellow pages PHP script, the Directory Hub is your best choice.

License Terms

Regular License, and uses up to 6 domains per license (purchase code) within one end user. More info:

Got Questions?

Please leave your questions in the comments.

Update History

Release #38 – June 23, 2022

Added thumbnail image support for categories.
Added header background style support for category pages.
Fixed error of pricing feature description does not start a new line on the pricing page.
Updated OpenStreetMap version to 1.8.0.
Added popup info window on the map.
Fixed the error of not removing phone and email when data fields are empty on the contact page.
Added reload this page option for updating geolocation-relevant content on the homepage.
Changed listing description to the nullable field.

Release #37 – May 22, 2022

Added Instagram and WhatsApp fields to the listing.
Added Instagram and WhatsApp fields to the CSV listing importer.
Fixed about page link on footer not disappear when page disabled.

Release #36 – May 5, 2022

Fixed Recaptcha login issue in maintenance mode.
Fixed Stripe currency not being updated issue.
Updated FontAwesome 5 to version 6.1.1.
Fixed issue of website language not being updated in Google Recaptcha.

Release #35 – February 5, 2022

Fixed issue that file_get_contents function is disabled in some shared hosting for license verification.

Release #34 – January 24, 2022

Added maintenance mode.

Release #33 – December 19, 2021

Added listing business hours support in CSV listing importer.

Release #32 – September 25, 2021

Added PHP 8 support
Optimized page loading speed for homepage & categories page
Added test SMTP setting feature in Admin Dashboard
Re-factored categories and custom fields management pages.
Added search bar in listing management page.

Release #31 – August 29, 2021

Added Opening Hours feature to business listing.
Re-designed interface of featured listing box in listings results pages.
Re-factored custom field deletion to allow force delete.

Release #30 – August 9, 2021

Added indexes to database tables.

Release #29 – July 3, 2021

Added session setting in Admin account portal
Added enable/disable option for website languages.
Added the URL slug text input option in country/state/city edit pages.
Fixed dashboard sidebar not scrolling on mobile device issue.
Fixed listing URL slug not been generated for listing title in other languages except English during CSV listing importing.
Adjusted the listing detail page blur version header image background to make it centered.
Added pagination for sitemap.
Added sitemap for states and cities pages.
Added enable/disable option for country.
Added listing featured image URL and listing gallery images URLs support in CSV Listings Importer.

Release #28 – June 6, 2021

Added listing owner information on all listing page in admin dashboard.
Re-factored website search to show most relevant results.
Auto-generate listing SEO slug url based on listing title.
Lead Generation Form (Contact Form) on Listing Detail page.
Export listing leads to CSV, Excel, or PDF.
Optimized SQL queries on website source code for website loading speed performance improvements.
Added remove image function for listing feature image, product feature image, website logo image, website favicon image, user profile image.
Fixed country/state/city selector not showing the selected info error in listing create/edit pages.
Added the listing owner option in listing create page in Admin dashboard.
Fixed show similar listings with the same country of the listing detail page.

Release #27 – April 8, 2021

Added price number format for product prices.
Added multiple translation files for Laravel default auth emails.
Fixed website logo image process issue which causes low-quality image.

Release #26 – March 1, 2021

Fixed bug on admin listing management page query may cause 414 HTTP error on some hosting servers with low LimitRequestLine of Apache server.

Release #25 – Feb 27, 2021

Fixed bug on Twitter login redirecting issue.
Fixed bug on CSV listing importer data processing issue.
Fixed bug on listing search function results not showing on some shared hosting server issue.

Release #24 – Feb 25, 2021

Re-factored advanced search function.
Added data filter to all listing results pages of the frontend website.
Added QR code function to the business listing detail page.
Added online type of listing support.
Added pricing table page.
Added a number limit of free listing configurations for website pricing plans.
Added listing settings configuration.
Added CSV listing importer custom fields support.
Optimized frontend website SQL queries for better page loading performance.
Build a website theme system for theme extensibility.
Fixed a few reported bugs.

Release #23 – Jan 23, 2021

Fixed bug of user dashboard listing index edit button link.

Release #22 – Jan 12, 2021

Fixed bug of frontend website country selector after a country deleted by SQL query.

Release #21 – Jan 6, 2021

Add PayuMoney payment gateway.
Add multiple countries directory support.
Support 62 languages to the website.
Re-designed listing index pages in admin and user dashboard.
Re-designed users index page in the admin dashboard.

Release #21 – Dec 15, 2020

Added CSV bulk importer feature.
Re-factored SQL query of /categories page.
The improved user experiences of the admin dashboard.

Release #20 – Dec 7, 2020

Add category description field in category model.
Re-design listing index page of admin and user dashboard to load data in chunk.

Release #19 – Dec 4, 2020

Re-factored source code, and improved page load performance.
Google map on a business listing page, and categories page.
Website cache feature.

Release #18 – November 19, 2020

Add product/product attribute features
Add customizable listing section feature
Add a classified feature where user can post ads inside the listing page
Fixed business claim index page loading bugs
Fixed listing delete and user delete bugs
Improved mobile user experiences in the admin dashboard view and user dashboard view.

Release #17 – October 4, 2020

Add listing SEO-friendly slug link feature.
Add website sitemap feature.
Add paid subscription end soon notification feature.

Release #16 – September 27, 2020

Add Stripe payment gateway
Add manual Bank Transfer payment gateway
Fixed reported internal bugs.

Release #15 – September 22, 2020

Add business listing claim feature.

Release #14 – September 16, 2020

Add Google reCAPTCHA to the login form, sign up form, and the contact form.

Release #13 – September 13, 2020

Users are able to upload photos to review

Release #12 – September 8, 2020

Gird & Map Views on Categories Listing Page.
Fixed review stars not showing in some browsers & devices.
Added review rating summary section in business listing page.
Add contact form in business listing page.

Release #11 – September 2, 2020

Add error handling for Razorpay Payment Gateway
Fix issue of listing not showing in the Category page.
Fix issue of updater page 500 error.

Release #10 – August 23, 2020

Editable language feature.
Customization feature.
Razorpay payment gateway.
Youtube video on single listing page.
Bug fix on admin user creation.

Release #9 – July 31, 2020

Added Multi-Level Categories feature.
Added Many-to-Many relation between categories and custom fields.
Added Multi-Categories per Listing feature.
A simplified search feature to include only search query and nearby city.
Fixed image cropper on mobile devices.
Added Indian currency to PayPal gateway.
Fixed “Save” button not working issues on mobile devices.

Release #8 – July 23, 2020

SMTP Setting options in Admin Dashboard > Setting > General
Language Selector in the user profile page and website footer.
Optimized mobile view of a single listing page.
Fixed bug of edit listing authentication for users.

Release #7 – July 20, 2020

Add PHP symlink() function exist check before showing install wizard page.

Release #6 – July 16, 2020

Advertisement network spaces on the website.
Social accounts login.
Admin users are able to insert javascript or html code between and before tags on the General Setting page.

Release #5 – July 7, 2020

Redesigned photo gallery in single listing to use justified photo waterfall and light box.

Release #4 – July 6, 2020

Fixed admin dashboard redirect issue. The issue happened on some hosting severs, which caused by the MySQL driver returns all query records as String Type even for Integer Type columns. So buyers are not able to access admin dashboard after login.

Release #3 – July 2, 2020

5-star rating & review feature.
Fixed responsiveness issue on the homepage and single listing page.

Release #2 – June 29, 2020

Bug fixed on listing custom fields.

Release #1 – June 26, 2020

Multiple Language Support (Arabic, Catalan, German, English, Spanish, Persian-Farsi, French, Hindi, Dutch, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Turkish, Chinese)
Redesigned Single Listing Page.
Added Similar Listing section in Single Listing Page.
Added Social Share function in Single Listing Page and Blog Post Page.
Added Save Listing function.
Added Google Analytics field in General Settings.
Optimized Search feature, which users are able to search any thing in a listing including title, description, category, locations, custom fields, etc.
Optimized website loading speed.

Release #0 – June 11, 2020

Initial Release.

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We Stand With Ukraine, and Say No to War!

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