DeepSound Android- Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform Mobile Android Application
DeepSound Android- Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform Mobile Android Application

DeepSound Android- Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform Mobile Android Application

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 30th June 2023
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Overview :

DeepSound Android is a social Sharing music & sound application for DeepSound Ultimate PHP Music Sharing Platform, with DeepSound Customers can Share sound & music and Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more, Now using the application is easier, and more fun !

DeepSound app is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated.

- DeepSound PHP Version 2.3.

- Visual studio 2022.

- If you are charging your users or sell in-app purchases you should obtain the extended license

What does Extended license includs?
1-Extra payment system such as Google in app billing

2-More priority in ticket replies

User Features:

Login & Register, Forget Password.

Share & Upload Sounds, Music.

Explore latest Music and new releases.

Control settings of your app.

Discover: Lean back and discover new tracks with Shuffle Mode,Get personalized recommendations and discover music with Flow .

Favourites: Add the tracks you love to your music collection in a single tap with Favourites.

Playlists: Create playlists for parties, workouts, on the way to work, or whatever mood you’re in

Artist: Play songs, stream albums and hits from all of your favourite artists.

Genre: Organise and discover incredible music by genre.

Offline Access: Take your collection offline, everywhere you go.

Liked: Display all your liked sound tracks.

Favorites: Display all your favorited sound tracks.

Recently Played: Display all your Recently sound tracks which you played.

Downloads: Display all your downloaded sounds and musics.

Shared: Display all your last shared sounds and links.

Top Albums: Play and display all kind of albums in your app filtered by top visits.

Notifications: Display last activities and notification from your frinds and users.

And much more


Stable v3.0 (1 June 2023)

[Added] FlutterWave Paymnet gateway.
[Added] Application short Url for the track.
[Added] Point system after rewarded ads.
[Update] For Multiple packages and one signal package.
[Fixed] AuthorizeNet and PayUmoney bugs.
[Fixed] Deep link Issue.
[Fixed] 5+ Reported bugs.

Stable v2.9 (15 April 2023)

[Added] Full story system.
[Added] Badge numbes.
[Update] Stripe Pyament .
[Fixed] Facebook Ads issue.
[Fixed] The price is not displayed in the “Subscribe”.
[Fixed] No credits appear on the application.
[Fixed] 5+ Reported bugs.

Stable v2.8 (10 April 2023)

[Improvment] App images load
[Added] AppLovin Ads.
[Added] Ability to become an artist.
[Update] Adcolony, onesignal, facebook.
[Update] Google services.
[Update] For Multiple packages and onesignal package.
[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs.

Stable v2.7 (11 March 2023)

[Improvment] Player Redesigned UI/UX
[Added] Ability to reset password.
[Added] Paypal Email input in my account.
[Added] Support for referral system.
[Added] Ability to download ticket.
[Added] Ability to view my affiliates.
[Added] Deeplink open view.
[Added] Ability to load more in top albums.
[Fixed] Notifications settings.
[Fixed] Download track system.
[Fixed] Play track offline.

[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs.

Stable v2.6 (11 October 2022)

[Migrated] To Net7.0 – Android 13 SDK + Build tools 33
[Updated] To work with last version of deepsound v1.5.2.
[Update] AamarPay payment gateway.
[Update] PayPal payment gateway.
[Update] Exo player payment gateway.
[Update] Stripe player payment gateway.
[Update] CashFree player payment gateway.
[Update] IyziPay player payment gateway.
[Update] New cert key required.
[Update] Adcolony, onesignal, facebook.
[Update] Google services.
[Update] For Multiple packages and onesignal package.
[Fixed] Take image or video from camera.
[Fixed] Download track issue.
[Fixed] Splash Screen on android 12.
[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs.

Stable v2.5 (9 September 2022)

[Improvment] New 70% Redesigned UI/UX
[Added] Trend search page.
[Added] Not interested song.
[Added] Ability to set a song as ringtone.
[Update] New cert key required.
[Update] Adcolony, onesignal, facebook.
[Update] Google services.
[Update] For Multiple packages and onesignal package.
[Fixed] Get purchases Issue.
[Fixed] Get activities Issue.
[Fixed] Get product Issue.
[Fixed] PayPal payment Issue.
[Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs.

Stable v2.4 (24 June 2022)

[Added] New payment system aamarpay, iyzipay
[Added] Address system.
[Added] Ability to create advertise.
[Added] Ability to buy events ticket.
[Added] Ability to cancel reported comments.
[Added] Checkout cart system.
[Added] Events & products on the search page.
[Added] Payment history in withdrawals.
[Update] New cert key required.
[Update] Adcolony , RazorPay.
[Update] ATO custom profile.
[Update] For Multiple packages and onesignal package.
[Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs.


Stable v2.3 (21 February 2022)

[Added] Read more on lyrics song
[Update] New cert key required.
[Update] For Multiple packages and onesignal package.
[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs.

Stable v2.2 (18 December 2021)

[Migrated] To Android 12 SDK + Build tools 31.
[Added] Credit card (stripe) payment
[Added] Razorpay payment system.
[Added] Wallet system.
[Added] Ability to share blogs.
[Added] Ability to view latest events.
[Added] Ability to invite friends.
[Added] Ability to create stations.
[Added] Ability to create stations.
[Added] Ability to view latest product.
[Added] Ability to report songs.
[Added] SecurionPay payment system.
[Added] PayuMoney payment system.
[Added] PayuMoney payment system.
[Added] PayStack payment system.
[Added] Cashfree payment system.
[Added] PaySera payment system.
[Update] For Multiple packages and onesignal package.
[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs.


Stable v2.0 (16 September 2021)

[Added] smart lock for passwords.
[Fix ] Fullscreen issue on some android versions.
[Fixed] 5+ Reported bugs.

Stable v1.9 (28 July 2021)

[Added] Comments system on blogs.
[Added] Check alowed file upload .
[Fix ] Ability to open Intent system by resolve activity.
[Update] Cert key encryption.
[Update] For Multiple packages and onesignal package.
[Fixed] 15+ Reported bugs.

Stable v1.8 (30 April 2021)

[Added] Support for network security config.
[Added] Support for Android 11.
[Added] Ads colony.
[Added] Ability to report a copyrighted song.
[Added] Chat button on user profile artists.
[Update] In-app billing to version 3.
[Update] For Multiple packages and onesignal package.
[Update] C# To 9.0.
[Update] Cert key encryption.
[Fixed] Create new album.
[Fixed] Get song By genres.
[Fixed] show song purchase dialog.
[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs.

Stable v1.7 (9 December 2020)

[Fixed] two-factor authentication.
[Fixed] show price in albums.
[Fixed] dark mode theme issues.
[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs.

Stable v1.6 (18 November 2020)

[Update] Migrated to AndroidX.
[Update] Migrated to SDK 29.
[Improved] Splash screen loading time by 60% faster.
[Update] for multiple packages and framworks.
[Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs.

Stable v1.5.3 (16 August 2020)

[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs between last version and now..

Stable v1.5.2 (21 June 2020)

[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs between last version and now..

Stable v1.5.1 (8 June 2020)

Added Ability Facebook ads.
Added Ability to edit & delete & share albums.
Added chat system.
Added Ability to edit & delete & share playlists.
Added Ability to view blogs.
Added Ability to login with wowonder.
Added Ability to manage sessions.
Added two factor authentication.
Added bank transfer as new payment method.
Added Ability to purchase albums.
Added Playback Speed (fast listening).
Added Ability to dislike tracks.
Added Admob Banners.
Added Ability to import SoundCloud , Itunes , Deezer.
Added ExoPlayer as new default player of the app.
[Update] google login to last version.
[Update] for 20+ Api responds and requests.
[Update] new UI/UX design.
[Fixed] Crache issues on version 6 and 5.
[Fixed] 15+ Reported bugs between last version and now.

Stable v1.4 (12 Feb 2020)

Added Ability for auto dark mode.
Added support for sdk 10
[Update] for multiple packages and framworks.
[Update] from package to .Net reference system.
[Update] for new google sdk 29 requirements.
[Fixed] dark mode theme issues.
[Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs between last version and now..

Stable v1.3.6

Added Ability to forward and backward a track.
Fixed lang system on the app
5+ Bug fixes.

Stable v1.3.5

Fixed social login.
Fix for the link “Terms of service”
Updated for few packages.

Stable v1.3.4

Ability to sell songs.
Added subcription palns (Pro plans)
Added Ability to view songs lyrics
Added Ability to edit tracks anytime.
Added Ability to view user purchases.
Added Ability skip the login screen.
6+ Bug fixes.
Updated all packages.

Stable v1.0 on 10/05/2019

Ability to Login/Register from the application.
Added Ability to Create New Playlist
Added Ability to View Recomanded.
Added Ability to View Favorites.
Added Ability to View Top Songs.
Added Ability to View Popular Songs.
Added Ability to View Recently Played Songs.
Added Ability to Explore by genre.
Added Ability to Upload sound.
Secured the app of illegal uses
Added empty state pages.
Added Ability to litsen offline.
Added Dark Mode UI design.
Added Ability To Report Sounds.
New image caching system.
Added server key to the API.
Added ability to comment.
Added full Multilingual system with arabic support
Added Ability to view/add to liked sounds page
Added Ability to Search/view all kind of Sounds
Added Ability to view Artist Profiles
Added Ability to view Albums
Added Ability to view Playlist
Added Amazing Player UI
Added Ability to Share sounds.
Added Ability to Edit profile info.
Added Ability to Change Password .
Added Ability to View Descriptions of sounds.
Added Ability to View Notifications.
Added Ability for Full-screen view.
Added Ability to Drag Video Panel down
Request App Permissions system.
Added Native Emoji keyboard view.
Added Admob banners on pages.
Added regex for numbers & hashtag and Mention.
Added ability to display alerts , Toasts , success , errors, loadings , and more..
High Improvement on performance of the app.
Supports now all kind of Host TLS2/TLS3.
Added block users system.
Forget Page: Added ability for users to recover their account via email address.
Animations : added Animations on pages and items
Materials Design: Total new Design for the app
Added Image croper and rotate system.
Added settings prefencess screens.
Add Full Documentation install and errors solving .

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