Dating App - web version, iOS and Android apps
Dating App - web version, iOS and Android apps

Dating App - web version, iOS and Android apps

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  • Uploaded : 09th August 2023
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Overview :

Complete Dating App (Android and iOS versions of apps) with rich features and Web version. With Dating App people can find new friends and communicate in real time, make gifts to each other, and much more. Responsive website version will allow users of other operating systems (example: Windows Mobile, iOS, PC) using your resource.

Dating App built in latest version Android Studio (Android version) and Xcode 11.3 with Swift 5 (iOS version). The server side is built on object oriented php with MySQL database. Installation of the server part is done quickly in a few simple steps.

Google Play App and Website demo: Admin panel demo:

Login and Password: administrator

Installation and configuration services

Installation and configuration services are available, more details here:

Application Features: Night theme Matches Hot or Not Profile Guests Profile Likes Gifts Profile Photo/Cover Profile Information People Nearby Search users Friends System Upgrades (Ghost Mode | Verified Badge | Off Ads) In-app purchases Credits – Virtual currency Simple Gallery Blocked List Direct Messages with images/photos (Real time) Submitting tickets to support from application Abuse reports to photos and users Facebook login|sign up|connect|disconnect Support Emoji in photos comments, gifts comments and messages. Profile photo and cover Push notifications about profile likes, gifts, messages, friend requests and accept friend request Personalize your notifications AdMob banner Rewarded video Ads And much more … About admin panel: The full-featured admin panel allows you to manage user accounts. With sections Messages Stream You can see in real time what is happening in your application now. Also, the admin panel has other important features: view personal conversations of users and management of advertising in the application. Admin panel Features: Accounts moderation system Gallery moderation system Statistics Messages Stream (View and Delete) View abuse reports to photos and users Support section Edit user profile Block|unblock user profile View personal user conversations On/Off AdMob banner for all users or for an individual user View recently sent messages (FCM) Send push notifications (FCM) to all users or for an individual user Add/Remove gifts Changelog: v6.6 – (29.03.2023) (How to update – see documentation) All code for working with image and video files has been rewritten (saving files, uploading to the server, video compression), also, operations of uploading file to server and video compression are displayed as a percentage and have a progress bar. – Android App Users can capture from the camera and publish to the gallery video clips of length: 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 1 minute All Users Lists (Search, Likes etc.) are displayed in 3 columns, and with the horizontal position of the phone – 5 columns Bug fixes. v6.5 – (13.01.2023) (How to update – see documentation) Added Google Cloud Storage Fixed permission requests on Android 13 Fixed title in Admob ads Bug fixes. v6.4 – (28.12.2022) (How to update – see documentation) Added an option to enable image verification with Google Cloud Vision SpamCheck function has been added with which you can activate the automatic blocking of accounts for spam. Recipients of messages can send complaints for spam, and after a certain number of complaints, the spammer’s account will be automatically blocked. More details in the admin panel, section “SpamCheck Feature” Bug fixes. v6.3 – (23.11.2022) (How to update – see documentation) Added dark theme for web version Added “Native Ad” on start page and profile page (Android app) Regular admob banner has been removed from the top header (because some Google moderators thought it was against Admob rules) Improved function of getting geolocation (If the user does not give permission to use the location in the application, then the approximate geolocation can be obtained from the IP. This creates less problems for users who do not want to share their geolocation and want to use all the features) Other minor improvements and changes Bug fixes. v6.2 – (24.09.2022) (How to update – see documentation) Updated Stripe API Added a page for editing Android App ad blocks in the admin panel Features “Ghost mode” and “Disable Ads” after activation are available for 30 days, and after this period, users must activate them again Added the “Upgrades” page in the admin panel – you can see how many users have activated the “Ghost mode” and “Disable Ads” features, as well as enable and disable these features for all users Bug fixes. v6.1 – (01.09.2022) (How to update – see documentation) Authorization via Google has been rewritten Bug fixes. v5.9 – (31.01.2022) (How to update – see documentation) App asks permission to access camera (Android) New editor design (creating gallery element in Android) Ability to enable automatic approval of photos and covers (Admin Panel, App section) “Hot or not” section now shows city and distance (Android app) Bug fixes. v5.8 – (16.01.2022) (How to update – see documentation) Support Android 12 (SDK 32) Some design and navigation updates for Android app. Bug fixes. v5.7 – (03.01.2022) (How to update – see documentation) Support Android 12 (SDK 31) Added language selection function Added function to choose between dark theme and light (default) Upload video files with thumbnail Bug fixes. v5.6 – (16.09.2021) (How to update – see documentation) Support Android 11 (SDK 30) for Google Play Bug fixes. v5.5.1 – (05.08.2021) (How to update – see documentation) Added the ability to save filters for the “Hot or Not” function. Bug fixes. v5.5 – (30.07.2021) (How to update – see documentation) Added “swipe cards” feature for “Hot or Not” section in Android app. v5.4 – (27.07.2021) (How to update – see documentation) Changed navigation in the Android application on the home screen (after authorization). Support for the latest SDKs, also compatible with the latest versions of Android Studio and Xcode (Android and iOS). Website and Android App – “People Nearby” section has been removed and distance selection has been added to search filters. Bug fixes. v5.3 – (18.02.2021) (How to update – see documentation) Added the ability to create new administrators and moderators. Added an application for content moderation – you will receive push notifications every time users upload a new photo, cover and gallery item and can instantly approve or reject. Bug fixes. v5.2 – (23.08.2020) (How to update – see documentation) Added Google reCAPTCHA v3 on site pages: support, remind, signup and login (main page). Added the function of verifying the phone number by SMS (Firebase OTP) for iOS, Android and Web: in the admin panel, section “App Settings”, to protect against spam in private messages, you can enable the option “Creation of private chats by users is possible only after verification of the mobile phone number (OTP Verification) ”. Option disabled by default Bug fixes. v5.1 – (01.08.2020) (How to update – see documentation) Added the ability to upload and watch videos in the web version and ios application. Bot registration protection. Rewritten and optimized gallery model. Gallery API changed. Other improvements Bug fixes. v4.9 – (14.04.2020) (How to update – see documentation) Added section “Hot or Not” (site). Added section “People Nearby” (site). Added “HTML5 Geolocation” function for sections “Hot or Not” and “People Nearby” (site). Filters have been added for the “Search” section (site). Improved navigation (site). Added feeling setting function for profile (site). Added anti-spam features. In application (Android) fixed problems with uploading video files and video play. Other minor improvements. Bug fixes. v4.8.1 – (27.12.2019) (How to update: update all files from directory “Updated_files__4.8__to__4.8.1” and run in browser “”) Bug fixes. v4.8 – (23.12.2019) (How to update – see documentation) Buying virtual currency using Stripe (site). Balance History (Android app and site). Support for iOS 13.3 and Xcode 11.3 (iOS App). Added the ability to send gifts (site). Privacy Settings (site). Spotlight (Android App and site). Added section “Upgrades” (site). Set price for additional features (Upgrades features) in the admin panel. Chat optimization. Other minor improvements. Bug fixes. v4.7 – (10.11.2019) (How to update – see documentation) rewritten model and server side navigation. server side design changed. fixed bugs in Android and iOS applications reduced the number of queries to the server. speed of uploading pictures to the server is many times increased. v4.6 – (23.09.2019) (How to update – see documentation) Added support AndroidX (Android 10, SDK 29) Improved authorization system and push notifications. Now you can authorize your account on dozens of different devices and all devices will receive push notifications. The moderation system is improved – users do not need to wait for the approval of their photos by the administrator and the profile photo is displayed immediately after uploading. Photos may still be approved or rejected by the administrator. Added a section for loading custom chat stickers in the admin panel. Application for iOS has been added to the package. The iOS app was created on Swift 5 in the latest version of Xcode 10.3. The iOS application uses the latest Facebook SDK for the Facebook Login function, and also receives notifications of failed or successful moderation of photos and gallery elements. Bug fixes. v4.5 – (15.05.2019) (How to update – see documentation) Updated moderation system. Enable auto-moderation in the admin panel, section “App settings”. More thorough check of files uploaded by users. Bug fixes. v4.4 – (16.02.2019) (How to update – see documentation) Improved dialogs and filters for the “Search” and “Nearby” sections. The filters of the “Search” and “Nearby” sections are automatically saved. There is no need to re-enter the necessary information each time. Displays user gender icon in search and other sections. v4.3 – (15.02.2019) (How to update – see documentation) Added accounts moderation system profiles ((In my demo version of Google Play, auto-moderation is enabled)). New registration (signup) screens (Wizard) Fixed errors. v4.2 – (11.02.2019) (How to update – see documentation) Updated to latest SDK 28 Added photo moderation system for gallery items ((In my demo version of Google Play, auto-moderation of items is enabled)). Added the ability to choose the type of user list (circles or tiles) – the “Settings” section in app. Some interface improvements Fixed errors. v4.1 – (27.01.2019) (How to update – see documentation) Changed navigation in the application. Added privacy option for posting photos. Fixed errors. v4.0 – (25.12.2018) (How to update – see documentation) View a list of friends, gifts and likes in user profile (spotlight style). Fixed errors. v3.9 – (18.12.2018) (How to update – see documentation) New admin panel theme. Fixed errors. v3.8 – (18.09.2018) (How to update – see documentation) New server part theme. Added Rewarded video Ads (App, Balance section). Fixed errors. v3.7 – (10.06.2018) (How to update – see documentation) Added support for Android Studio 3.x. Added function “Feelings”. Fixed errors. v3.6 – (19.03.2018) (How to update – see documentation) Added “Matches” function (app). Added “Hot or Not” function (app). Settings for standard data (credits for referrals, credits after registration, created multi-accounts, etc.) from admin panel. Changed the implementation of the side menu – now edit the side menu is very simple! (app). Fixed errors. v3.5 – (06.03.2018) (How to update – see documentation) Optimized chat (web version). Added profile fields (age, sex orientation, height, weight). Added “sex orientation” filter for “Search” and “People Nearby” sections. Fixed errors. v3.4 – (10.01.2018) (How to update – see documentation) Added functions “seen and typing” for chat. Fixed errors. v3.3 – (06.12.2017) (How to update – see documentation) Fixed a bug with Facebook Login in App Fixed “Pro Mode” feature. Fixed errors. v3.2 – (14.11.2017) (How to update – see documentation) “Pro Mode” function is improved. Added stickers for chat (application). Fixed errors. v3.1 – (01.11.2017) (How to update – see documentation) Pro Mode added (Upgrades Section). Added search filters. Fixed errors. v3.0 – (23.09.2017) (How to update – see documentation) Added history of purchases in Google Play. Added referral system (App and Website). Added system for requesting permissions after user registration (Application). Fixed errors. v2.9 – (12.06.2017) (How to update – see documentation) Clear notifications and guests. Search People Nearby by gender. Fixed errors. v2.8 – (15.02.2017) (How to update – see documentation) Improved Application Design. Added privacy settings in the application (Settings section). Fixed errors. v2.7 – (02.02.2017) (How to update – see documentation) Added support for iOS version v2.6 – (22.01.2017) (How to update – see documentation) Updated user profiles view Gallery in user profiles Fixed errors. v2.5 – (28.12.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Support Android 6 runtime permissions. Fixed errors. v2.4 – (23.12.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Optimization (compression, cropping) images before uploading to the server. Progress bar while loading images. Fixed errors. v2.3 – (13.11.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Photogallery became a complete gallery! Now you can upload the video files to gallery. Fixed errors. v2.2 – (21.09.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Improved some layouts. Deleted payment by Fortumo. Added “Photos Feed” section. Fixed errors. v2.1 – (31.08.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Fixed conversations sorting function. Fixed errors. v2.0 – (28.08.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Added section “Photos Stream” in App and Admin Panel (for moderation). Comments, responses to comments and likes to photos. Migrating from GCM to FCM. Fixed errors. v1.9 – (30.07.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Redesign many layouts. ListView replaced by more productive RecyclerView. Improved gallery. Fixed errors. v1.8 – (04.07.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Improved functionality of the site.. Fixed errors. v1.7 – (21.06.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Improved performance and speed of chat. Added light and responsive version of the web site. Fixed errors. v1.6 – (29.05.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Optimized launching application. Optimized chat code. Fixed errors. v1.5 – (11.05.2016) (How to update – see documentation) New admin panel (Material Design Style). Ability to receive payment using Fortumo + Google Pay. Fixed errors. v1.4 – (11.04.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Added the ability to add photos when registering. Deleted function receiving payment using Google Play. Added ability to receive payment using Fortumo. Fixed errors. v1.3 – (26.03.2016) (How to update – see documentation) “People Nearby” function corrected. Added preloading in the Search section. Fixed errors. v1.2 – (06.03.2016) (How to update – see documentation) Function “People Nearby” by gps or by ip address Show birth date in profile Fixed minor bugs v1.1 – (17.02.2016) Added function to select the distance (section “People Nearby”) Fixed minor bugs Requirements:

Hosting with PHP, MYSQL

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