CRMGo SaaS - Projects, Accounting, Leads, Deals & HRM Tool
CRMGo SaaS - Projects, Accounting, Leads, Deals & HRM Tool

CRMGo SaaS - Projects, Accounting, Leads, Deals & HRM Tool

  • Uploaded : 08th February 2024
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CRMGo SaaS - Projects, Accounting, Leads, Deals & HRM Tool


CRMGo SaaS is the most competent utility tool to help you manage every aspect of HR, Presales, Projects, Sales, and Contracts with the utmost ease. It’s difficult to manage various tools for varying business purposes. With CRM Solution, you can manage every aspect of your business under one tool. With a SaaS version, create plans using a Super Admin Login. Demo

Url : Demo Link Login as Super Admin : / 1234 Login as Company : / 1234 Login as Employee : / 123456 Login as Client : 123456 What to expect from CRMGo SaaS – Projects, Accounting, Leads, Deals & HRM ToolA comprehensive dashboard with all requisite information under one tabEasy management of staff details, be it, employees or clients, with easy filter optionsManagement of various aspects of HR. From Attendance to Resignation, from Training to Performance, everything related to employee management becomes easy with CRMGoManaging pre-sales effectively through Leads, Deals, and estimate managementKanban and list view for the convenience of usersManage the minutest aspects of the project for effective implementationManage invoices, payments, expenses, and credit notes through easy clicks. Never miss the due date from now onKeep a tab on expiring contractsChat with users without having to switch toolsManage your goals with CRMGoAdded Employee Bank Detail & Emergency ContactAdded Project Task Time Tracker ModuleInventory Management in Invoice and BillEmail Notification ModuleAdded GDPR Cookie to make the next visit easier and more usefulProject Report ModuleDuplicate Project ModuleImage Uploaded PreviewIntegration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and WasabireCaptcha in Login & Reset Password PageNew Stock ReportBudget PlannerGoogle Calendar for Zoom Meetings, Events, Leaves, Task ModuleImport/Export in Excel in Employee, Client, Holiday, Asset, Item, Meeting, Award, Invoices, Credit Notes, GoalsCustomized settings options for RTL on/off, Primary Color, Sidebar, LayoutAdded iframe embed link in the form builderCompany can upload payment receipts while adding manual paymentThemes Color Setting, Transparent Layout, and Dark Layout under Theme CustomizerEmail Verification Security in the User RegistrationOwner can send plan request & Admin can accept or reject plan request (Manually Payment Gateway)Slack IntegrationZoom IntegrationTelegram IntegrationTwilio IntegrationDesktop Application to Track Project Activities/HoursAdd Security for Prevent Back Button after Logout in All ModuleGet a detailed report on each aspect of the Project, Sales, HR, and presalesCustomize your business, system, and print settings in CRM SolutionAvailable in Multiple languagesDisplay, the Users last login time in the client & employee list. Double Entry: Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial BalanceA user-friendly RTL experience for customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languagesAny of the plans’ payments can be done using 20+ diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall, Yokassa, Midtrans, and Xendit.Built with Laravel 10Salient Features of CRMGo SaaS – Projects, Accounting, Leads, Deals & HRM ToolCreate plans and make payment- a special SAAS featureWith a Super Admin Login, create plans that are most feasible for your business model. Select appropriate pricing and duration for the created plan. Make payments using various payment gateways. The plan would be disabled if not renewed after its expiry.The Stunning DashboardCRMGo has the most comprehensive dashboard with all the essential details under one head. We all can agree that dashboards have made our lives easier. Well, from every minute detail like total Clients, Users, Invoices, Projects, and Estimations to Leads, Deals, and Items, you can get quantitative data in the most simple layout. You get an overview of Estimates, Invoices, top Due Payments, Projects, and Tasks to take timely actions. Get a reminder of Meeting Schedules, Expiring Contracts, Weekly Events, and New Clients as you scroll down. Lastly, a Pie Chart can help you understand various project statuses. In short, every activity of your business can be handled through this useful tool.Manage StaffManage your Employee and Client’s personal as well as company details through easy-to-create options. You can edit and manage the information and status at your convenience. You can search for staff through easy filter options based on Department and Designation.Employee ManagementThrough a detailed HR section, you can manage Attendance, Holidays, Leaves, Meetings, Assets, Documents, and Company Policies. Create, Edit, and Filter at your convenience. You get a detailed understanding of each aspect of the employee. You can also manage Awards, Transfers, Promotions, Complaints, and many such HR aspects of employees with easy tabs. Training and performance of each employee can be planned, handled, and taken care of with CRMGo.Chat ModuleDirect Communication is an important aspect of any business. The easy-to-access and use Chat Module provided in CRMGo, helps you to be in direct and constant touch with the staff members and clients.Bulk Attendance ModuleManually adding and updating the clock-in and clock-out timings of one employee and more than one employee can be easily done with the help of the Bulk Attendance Module.Manage Pre-SalesLeads ManagementYou can view all the generated leads through a Kanban and List view. Create pipelines and assign stages to various leads. You can manage the leads by adding Users, Items, Files, Notes, Sources, Call Details, Emails, and Discussions. Get all the requisite information on any particular lead in an easily laid layout.Deal ManagementJust like Lead Management, you can view deals in Kanban or List view. Get an overview of deals in a week, month, and deals in the last 30 days. Assign Tasks, Products, Files, and Users for each deal. Manage discussions and notes. Also, get a calendar view for every deal detail. In short, managing deals has never been easier.EstimatesKeep a tab on issued estimates. Manage the estimates by assigning Clients, Status, and Expiry Dates to each. You can easily generate new estimates by assigning Clients, Categories, Issues, and Expiry Dates. You can add items in the required quantity and apply discounts and tax as requisite. Generate estimates within minutes through CRMGo with the help of a QR Scan.Added Form Builder for Leads and DataCreate and manage various required forms with diverse form fields, like, Text, Email, Number, Date, and Description as per the business needs for leads and data.Project ManagementProjectsYou can manage and filter each project available in Kanban and List view again. Get an overview of Project Status, Expenses, Budget, and Due Date to manage projects. Add or Remove the Users and check tasks completed by them. Create a task list and Assign priority to each task. Get an overview of tasks through the Kanban board. Add Milestones, Notes, Files, Comments, Payments, Timesheets, Client Feedback, Expenses, Invoices, and anything related to the project. Think of a project and consider everything you would need to manage for a successful project. Well, you get to manage them easily with CRMGo.TasksSuccessful project implementation requires small tasks that can help achieve the ultimate goal. Well, you can manage various tasks through an easy filter option. View the Priority of each task and the Due Dates to complete each task. You can also add a checklist for tasks and track your progress. Again add Comments and Files as required. Project TimesheetCreate a timesheet by assigning Projects, Tasks, and Users. Assign a Starting and Ending Date as well as Time. This allows you to manage your project most efficiently.Inventory Management in Invoice and BillIsn’t it effortless to check the inventory status of each of the items you are using for your business activities? Sounds Fascinating! Here, through the inventory management feature, you can monitor the inventory of each item you have registered with you. After generating the Invoice, the quantity will automatically be updated in “Items” for scrutiny. Overall, it is painless to maintain the inventory level of the products.Budget PlannerA budget is a financial plan for a specified period to keep in check with the working capital. This feature here helps to maintain the capital flow. You can set monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly budgets according to your business plans and needs. The main categories are “Income” and “Expense” where one can edit /update /delete the sub-categories as well.Added iframe embed link in the form builderAn inline frame (iframe) of a form builder performs as an external form of the product which can be attached to any of the other websites without redirecting the internal form and getting the responses to the main product. This mainly works as a third party to get more leads from various websites.Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and WasabiIntegration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and WasabiProtection of your is indeed mandatory. This feature of Cloud Data Storage helps the user with the same.It facilitates both the internal and external data storage space for backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud data processing, and storage tiering based on a range of requirements of costs, availability, performance, recovery, and migration. AWS and Wasabi are third-party authenticated Cloud Data Storage providers that safeguard the data from hacking and are cost-efficient.Slack IntegrationReceiving instant notifications of the company’s activities is one of the most painless ways to keep a tap on them. With the help of Slack Integration, you can get insight into the major actions through the specific channels and when they are performed. It also helps you to schedule the messages for future dates. Rectifying mistakes is also not burdensome.Zoom IntegrationVirtual meetings are no new to us. The Zoom Integration provides a platform where you can create a zoom meeting after giving inputs of asked details like; Client, User(s), Meeting Time, and Duration, and it generates a link through which people can join the meeting. You can create, View, Start, and Delete meetings with ease. Along with that, the zoom meeting created will be synced with the calendar which will show the meeting details, as well as which are people joining the meeting and at what time. This calendar syncing feature helps to schedule meetings accordingly.Telegram IntegrationHassle-free and instant message is one of the absolute ways to stay in tune and connected with projects and activities of the projects. With the Telegram Integration, you can get the notification of the actions performed regarding anything which interests you. Staying in tune with the performing jobs is smooth with this feature.Twilio IntegrationThe Twilio Integration for receiving the text messages of the jobs performed is a very handy and convenient feature. You can get an instant text message of the activities on the registered mobile number even when your phone is not connected to the internet, which is one of the most important benefits of Twilio Integration.Desktop Application for Tracking Project HoursYou can track the time spent while working on any given project and its task by starting a timer. In addition, you can customize the settings for generating automatic screenshots of the tracker running within a particular time gap. You can set a minimum of 1 minute for the time gap between screenshots. Also, you can check the screenshots and delete the unnecessary and inappropriate ones if needed.Managing ItemsAdd items and assign Categories, Purchase and Sales Prices, tax, Units, and Product Types to them. Conclusively, everything you would want to keep a tab on.Sales ManagementManage various aspects of sales like sending Invoices, making Payments, managing Expenses, and Credit Notes in a single tool. You can create new invoices and edit existing ones. Add new products and receipts to existing Invoices, edit payments and products. Resend the Invoice, send the payment reminders, and print the Invoice simply through a click. Similarly, you can manage Payments, Expenses, and Credit

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