CRM OS - CRM with Support Ticket System
CRM OS - CRM with Support Ticket System

CRM OS - CRM with Support Ticket System

  • Uploaded : 11th April 2024
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CRM OS - CRM with Support Ticket System

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Register on our CRM software to check customer login and support ticket system Software StackFrontend: ReactJS Backend: Laravel Database: MySQL Overview

Introducing CRM OS – the all-in-one Node.js and React.js based customer relationship management (CRM) software that revolutionizes your sales and customer management needs. Company, Contact management to Opportunity, Quote, and Support ticket management, our state-of-the-art CRM solution streamlines your daily operations. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, our software is designed to help you efficiently manage your core CRM related tasks like companies, contacts, quotes, customer support, task management, and internal employee management.

One of the most notable features of CRM OS is its Progressive Web App (PWA) capability. This cutting-edge technology allows you to install our web application as a Mobile App (compatible with both Android and iOS) and as a Desktop Application. With lightning-fast single-page-load navigation, you can instantly access all the features you need. Experience unparalleled freedom, control, and portability with our PWA-enabled CRM software.

Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with real-time access to your customer information anytime, anywhere. Our comprehensive CRM software includes a dashboard, contact management, company management, opportunity tracking, quote management, task management, and analytics functionalities. Optimize your sales processes, enhance customer relationships, and boost productivity with CRM OS – the ultimate solution for all customer relationship management (CRM) requirements.


  • Elegant dashboard design with core CRM facing data visualization
  • Total count and value-wise view of Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, and Quotes
  • Announcements and all recent creations

Contact Management

  • Creation and management of contacts
  • Update contact information
  • Track communication history with contacts
  • Assign categories or tags to contacts
  • Search and filter contacts across the CRM software
  • Import and export contact data

Company Management

  • Creation and management of company profiles
  • Store company details such as name, address, and industry
  • Track company contacts and relationships
  • Assign ownership or account managers
  • Monitor interactions and activities related to companies

Opportunity Management

  • Track and manage sales opportunities
  • Create and update opportunity records
  • Assign opportunity stages and probabilities
  • Track associated contacts and companies
  • Analyze opportunity pipeline

Quote Management

  • Create and manage quotes for products or services
  • Add line items and pricing details
  • Track quote status

Product Management

  • Create and manage product information
  • Store product details such as name, and pricing
  • Link products to quotes, orders, or opportunities

Task Management

  • Create and manage tasks
  • Assign tasks to members
  • Set due dates and priorities
  • Add task descriptions
  • Track task progress and completion

Employee management

  • Employee information, contacts, education management
  • Employee salary history management
  • Employee promotion and designation history manage
  • Employee’s awards history management

Notes Management

  • Create and manage notes
  • Manage unlimited notes under Account, Company, or Opportunity

Attachment Management

  • Create and manage multiple attachment
  • Manage unlimited attachment under Account, Company, or Opportunity

Email Management

  • Send unlimited Emails
  • SMTP server setup
  • Manage unlimited emails under Account, Company, or Opportunity

Customer Support Ticket Management

  • Customer can register and create tickets with attachments
  • Support manager can log in and reply to the tickets
  • Logging ticket resolution time
  • Manage all ticket related functionalities


  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaigns management
  • Invoice management
  • CRM OS Documentation

    Our CRM OS is very simple and intuitive to use. You can start within a few minutes. A detailed Installation Guide is available inside the Documentation folder you download from Codecanyon once you purchase. You will also get a Quick Start guide there. By following the quick start you will be able to use the software easily. If you face any issues at any time of installation or using the software just contact us and we will support you as soon as possible.


    What do I get when I download?You will get the FULL SOURCE CODE with all the features working.

    Does it work on a local server or Computer?Yes, it works on a local server and Computer.

    Does it work on Shared Hosting and cPanel?Yes, it can work on all Shared Hosting and cPanel servers.

    Do you support the item?Yes, Please contact us at Customer Support Portal for support. CHANGELOG – CRM OS

    Version: 2.0.0 Date: August 29, 2023Enhancements and Fixes:-- Added: Customer Module-- Introduced: Support Ticket Feature-- Implemented: Customer Authentication Upgrade-- Improved: Design Enhancements-- Resolved: Major Bug Issues

    Version: 1.1.0 Date: 20 June 2023Updates:-- ADDED Notes Management-- ADDED Attachment Management-- ADDED Email Management-- ENHANCED Contact, Company, Opportunity single page view

    Version: 1.0.0 Date: 10 June 2023Updates:-- Initial Release

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