CRM Module for HRM MAX
CRM Module for HRM MAX

CRM Module for HRM MAX

  • Uploaded : 26th April 2024
  • Views : 69

CRM Module for HRM MAX

CRM ADDON – Client ,Payment , Invoice , Project management Addon for HRM MAX. This addon has feature like multi payment gateway ,KANBAN view ,Invoice , lead , customer, proposal, easy installation system.This application based on new Latest Laravel 7.2 Framework

Admin login Admin Email : Password:admin

Client login Client Email : Password:

Feature List

  • Invoice
  • Multiple payment gateway
  • Proposal
  • Project
  • Chat
  • Client management
  • Lead management
  • KANBAN view
  • Product
  • Tax
  • Sales
  • client dashboard
  • Beautiful Dashboard
  • Very Easy Setup and Installation
  • Easy Tab Interface And Many More

Support Facilities

Please send us your product presale questions, installation request, customization project, and any other queries to here
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Takes note of: All of our products accompany an Envato permit license. we code each line by keeping up with security, assuming you utilize an unapproved / nulled / crack variant and face any issues/mistakes or face any security gives then we are not answerable for that. prior to buy, please check our demo first, you will found same to our demo has.

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