Cornerstone v5.0.9 - The WordPress Page Builder
Cornerstone v5.0.9 - The WordPress Page Builder

Cornerstone v5.0.9 - The WordPress Page Builder

  • Uploaded : 07th July 2024
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Cornerstone v5.0.9 - The WordPress Page Builder

Cornerstone is a 100% front-end WordPress page builder that will change the way you create pages. Gone are the days of having to click back and forth between a clunky admin panel and your site. Now you can see all of your work as you build the page, bringing fun back into the creative process.

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Version: 7.4 (Release Notes) | Latest Version: 7.4.22.

Cornerstone is a professional-grade, all-in-one site building platform that sits on top of WordPress and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Effortlessly create, edit, and assign headers, footers, pages, archives, singles, WC shop archive and WC product pages. NEW: Connect 3rd party APIs to WordPress with Cornerstone’s External REST API!
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Build your site faster than ever with over 100 fully customizable prefab Elements including Layout Elements, Standard Elements, Dynamic Content Elements, and Woo Elements. But why stop there? Build your own fully custom, reusable elements from scratch using our Component Builder and save them to your Element Library.

Easily build complex configurations that are capable of digesting data from throughout your WordPress site from core data (such as post meta and user meta) to Advanced Custom Fields and other third party plugin data. Then easily loop through your data with Loopers.

Effects, when done well, can help bring your design to life and enhance user experience. With Cornerstone’s Element-level effect controls, you can build compound effects adding filters, transforms, interactions, positional effects, masks, and even layer blending. All native!

We are proud of the community built around our products, and we can’t wait to welcome you into the Themeco family. You will not find a more helpful, engaged, and friendly group of fellow website builders anywhere else on the Internet. From dynamic forums to a helpful Facebook group that routinely discuss business strategy, client work, and more – this is something you have to see to believe (and waiting for you the second you purchase your first or next license). Cornerstone can be purchased standalone here at CodeCanyon (for use with another theme) or included for free with each purchase of X.

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Overview – Learn about all the incredible Cornerstone features and functionality. Elements Demo – See just a sample of the Cornerstone Elements in action. Changelog – Detailed notes for each release and version so you can stay updated. Support Forum – First time Themeco customer? Register. Returning? Login. Docs – Articles and videos about all aspects of Cornerstone including comparisons to other top WordPress themes.

Once purchased, all product support is provided in our support forums, and you can register for access. First time? Learn how the forum works (with pictures). Our team spans the globe, and we are ready to assist 24/7/365! We look forward to working with you, and invite you to learn more about us at

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