Content Manager for WordPress v2.18
Content Manager for WordPress v2.18

Content Manager for WordPress v2.18

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Content Manager for WordPress v2.18

Creating custom responsive layouts is a just a few clicks job. Once your layouts are created fill them in with content of your own chose – tons of ready to use shortcodes with a lot of customization options, sidebars, custom and imported shortcodes too. Edit your layouts and content in the front-end of your site, no need to go to WordPress admin area.

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Content Manager for WordPress

Create custom responsive layouts and fill them with content
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Creating custom responsive layouts is a just a few clicks job. Once your layouts are created fill them in with content of your own chose – tons of ready to use shortcodes with a lot of customization options, sidebars, custom and imported shortcodes too. Edit your layouts and content in the front-end of your site, no need to go to WordPress admin area.

No coding, all done in a very intuitive interface! How It Works

  • Create a new page
  • Go to OTW Grid Manger metabox and create a layout
  • Place your content in the layout
Create Responsive Layouts

Creating custom responsive layouts in your pages and posts is just a few clicks job with the OTW Grid Manager. No coding is required. It is all done in a very easy to use drag & drop interface. Some of the features of OTW Grid Manager:

  • Responsive layouts
  • Save/Load templates
  • Drag & drop interface – re-arrange rows, columns, shortcodes
  • Clone, resize, edit, delete
  • Tons of shortcodes with interface
Edit Your Layouts in the Fron-end of Your Site

The OTW Front-end Grid Manager allows you to edit and re-arrange your layouts while you are in the front-end of your site. No need to go to your WorPress admin area. It’s much easier and faster. Insert Sidebars in Your Layouts and Pages/Posts

Use existing sidebar and insert them in your layouts build with OTW Grid Manager. Sidebars list can be found in the items lists with all the shortcodes.

Another option is the OTW Content Sidebars that will allow you to add sidebars on the left and/or right the layouts you just created. You can also use this component to add sidebars on the left and/or right of your content editor. Shortcodes with Interface

Save time and build pages quicker. 50+ ready to use shortcodes come with this plugin. Each shortcode has a very easy to use interface that helps you quickly build a very complex piece of content(shortcode). While creating the shortcode you have a preview where you can see what you are building before saving it. Once a shortcode is created it can easily be edited or cloned. Blog Shortcode

The plugin has a very powerful shortcode that lets you add post lists pages to your site. The shortcode has 6 ready templates with lots of settings for selecting posts and managing your lists.

  • Blog 1 Column
  • Blog 2 Column
  • Blog 3 Column
  • Blog 4 Column
  • Widget style
  • Blog Archive
Portfolio Shortcode

The plugin also has a portfolio shortcode. You can easily upload portfolio items in a separate portfolio post type. Then you can build portfolio lists. The shortcode has 6 ready templates with lots of settings for selecting posts and managing your lists.

  • Portfolio 1 Column
  • Portfolio 2 Column
  • Portfolio 3 Column
  • Portfolio 4 Column
  • Widget style
  • Portfolio Archive
List of Shortcodes
  • Button
  • Icon Link
  • Info Box
  • Dropcaps
  • Quote
  • Highlight
  • Abbreviation
  • Tabs Layout
  • Content toggle
  • Accordion
  • FAQ
  • Contact Form
  • Services
  • About us
  • Image style
  • Unordered list
  • Ordered list
  • Divider
  • Social Icons
  • Tweet
  • Twitter Follow
  • Twitter Stream
  • Digg
  • Facebook Like button
  • Facebook share button
  • Facebook Like box
  • Share on Linkedin
  • Google +1 Button
  • Message box
  • Content box
  • Clients
  • Testimonials
  • HTML Editor
  • Plain Text
  • WP Embed Content
  • Blog Author Info
  • Flickr
  • Post Tabs
  • Editor content
  • WordPress Widgets
  • OTW Sidebar
  • Imported Shortcodes
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Icon Box Animated
  • Info List Animated
  • Flip Box Animated
  • Count Down Animated
  • Progress Bar Animated
  • Gallery
  • Clients Slider
  • Testimonial Animated
  • Testimonials Slider
  • Promotion
  • Contact us Page
  • Animated Image with text
Insert Shortcodes AnywhereShortcodes can be easily built and inserted anywhere in your site:
  • In the WYSIWYG content editor of your pages/posts – once the plugin is activated you have a new button in the editor called “Insert OTW Shortcode”
  • In OTW Grid Manager – once you create your page layout fill it with content – shortcodes
  • In any sidebar – use the “OTW Shortcode Widget” in your widgets section. Drop it in any sidebar and choose a shortcode from the list.
  • Template files – place any shortcode in any template file by using the WordPress do_shortcode function.
Create Custom Shortcodes

Custom Shortcodes are an easy way to add your own shortcode that you will be able to use in the OTW interface along with the other OTW shortcodes. You will be also able to place them in your page/post content editor and anywhere in your template files too.

Create new shortcode, select your controls, label them, rearrange them. Then you will see your shortcode in the shortcodes list, working with the shortcodes interface. Again no coding is required. Import Shortcodes from Other Plugins and Your Theme

Import shortcodes from other plugins and your theme so you can use them in the Content Manager plugin interfaces. For example you have a [mygallery] shortcode that generates a gallery and you want to use that gallery in a custom page layout created with the Content Manager plugin. Import that shortcode so you can have it in the interface along with the other OTW shortcodes. Unlimited Styling

The plugin will follow your theme styling for the main html tags so whatever you create with the plugin fits your theme design. If you need to further style here are your options:

  • Each shortcode has it’s unique CSS class that can be used to style all shortcodes of the same type.
  • Create a new class for each instance of a shortcode in its interface so you can style shortcodes individually.
  • Create and load new skins within your WordPress admin area.

This plugin comes Localization/Internationalization ready. It is following WordPress I18n standards. It can be easily translated or localized in other languages different than English. We have included .po/.mo files.

Interface and Performance optimizations

  • Fits well into the core WordPress design
  • Optimized performance for large WP installations
  • Ajax based operations so you don’t have to wait on pages to refresh
  • Live preview
  • Updates

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve this item please let us know! We will seriously consider any suggestion and add it to item’s update list


    If you like this item please consider rating it as a way of supporting consistent improvements.Note: If you are rating below 5 stars, please contact us. We’ll try to do our best to assist or fix all your points of criticisms.


    Version 2.27 (17.09.2022)
    • Added: Localization support for countdown shortcode
    • Added: updated pot file
    Version 2.25 (06.04.2022)
    • Fixed: dynamic shortcode fields
    • Fixed: JS strict mode
    • Added: support of old version of imagesLoaded lib
    • Updated: Set default version of sanitized requests
    Version 2.24 (17.02.2022)
    • Updated: core functions
    • Fixed: Check for registered block editors
    • Fixed: Grid templates managment
    Version 2.23 (28.10.2021)
    • Updated: react component in shortcodes
    • Updated: block styling
    • Updated: reuire tickbox
    • Updated: latest facotry
    • Fixed: animated image fix
    • Fixed: timce shortcode close effects
    • Added: check for need of block editor
    • Added: otw shortcode to work with block editors
    Version 2.22 (18.07.2021)
    • Added: Row settings – stretch row, row paddings, row backgrounds
    • Updated: OTW framework
    Version 2.21 (15.07.2021)
    • Fixed: handle skin loading with wp filesystem
    • Fixed: conflict with grafityforms
    • Fixed: framework update
    • Fixed: php8 fixes
    • Updated: allow html in some content
    Version 2.20 (23.05.2021)
    • Updated: remove old files
    Version 2.19 (20.05.2021)
    • Updated: Libraries updated to the latest version: flexislider, colorpicker, datetime picker, select2, footable, animate shadow, countdown, quicksand, nivo-lightbox, owl carousel, waypoints
    • Updated: Translations file
    • Updated: CSS optimizations
    • Updated: post and get sanitizing
    Version 2.18 (18.11.2020)
    • Fixed: jQuery deprications
    • Fixed: check for empty corrupted content
    Version 2.17 (10.10.2018)
    • Updated: apply patch for multisite
    • Updated: OTW api plugin update and verify
    Version 2.16 (30.05.2018)
    • Fixed: if no link specified don’t create a tag
    • Updated: https for linkedin
    Version 2.15 (07.12.2017)
    • Updated: Updated: new version of select2
    • Updated: latest version of otw factory
    • Fixed: error mode modification
    Version 2.14 (04.07.2017)
    • Updated: menu ordering
    • Updated: Security checks
    • Updated: Migrate to select2 v4
    Version 2.13 (11.05.2017)
    • Added: allow html in custom text areas
    • Added: activate html for image custom shortcodes
    • Added: Tabs links
    • Updated: OTW core componets update
    • Updated: WordPress 4.7.x support
    • Fixed: translation for ‘by’ label
    Version 2.12 (28.09.2016)
    • Updated: OTW core componets update
    • Updated: call to google fonts via https
    • Updated: WPML full compatibility verified by the WPML team
    • Updated: allow html in custom shortcode text areas
    • Fixed: fix not initied variables
    • Fixed: flipbox fixes
    Version 2.11 (09.01.2016)
    • Added: Blog Manager plugin support
    • Added: classes to custom shortcodes
    • Added: Portfolio Manager Pro support
    Version 2.9 (11.10.2015)
    • Updated: js shortcodes settings optimization
    Version 2.8 (07.09.2015)
    • Updated: allow more memory when not enough
    • Fixed: Icon Box shortcode – empty vars validation and default values initialization
    Version 2.7 (25.04.2015)
    • Fixed: Escape unsafe function
    Version 2.6 (21.04.2015)
    • Added: Custom Menu widget
    • Update: Initialize variables
    Version 2.5 (17.03.2015)
    • Updated: add formatters
    • Updated: checkbox group align on short texts
    • Updated: unify sortable tables
    Version 2.4 (06.03.2015)
    • Added: Portfolio lists shortcode
    • Fixed: Blog shortcode post archive temple in chrome
    • Fixed: unify progress bar function
    • Fixed: gallery shortcode first load optimization
    Version 2.3 (30.01.2015)
    • Updated: Blog lists shortcode – hover based on image size
    Version 2.2 (12.01.2015)
    • Added: Blog lists shortcode
    • Fixed: minor fixes
    • Added: Full compatibility with Blog Manager plugin
    Version 2.1 (25.11.2014)
    • Fixed: restore buttons definition
    • Fixed: some file permissions
    Version 2.0 (09.11.2014)
    • Added: Full compatibility with Popping Sidebars and Widgets plugin
    • Added: New shortcode – Icon Box Animated
    • Added: New shortcode – Info List Animated
    • Added: New shortcode – Flip Box Animated
    • Added: New shortcode – Count Down Animated
    • Added: New shortcode – Progress Bar Animated
    • Added: New shortcode – Gallery
    • Added: New shortcode – Clients Slider
    • Added: New shortcode – Testimonial Animated
    • Added: New shortcode – Testimonials Slider
    • Added: New shortcode – Promotion
    • Added: New shortcode – Contact us Page
    • Added: New shortcode – Animated Image with text
    Version 1.8 (08.09.2014)
    • Added: Shortcodes button in custom post types editor
    Version 1.7 (01.08.2014)
    • Added: New shortcode – Scroll to Top
    • Added: New shortcode – Price Boxes
    • Added: New shortcode – Price Tables
    • Added: New shortcode – Sortable Tables
    Version 1.6 (02.07.2014)
    • Fixed: wp link wrap zindex added
    Version 1.5 (06.06.2014)
    • Added: Nesting shortcodes in other shortcodes
    Version 1.4 (05.06.2014)
    • Fixed: init html editor once per instance
    Version 1.3 (28.05.2014)
    • Fixed: color picker
    • Updates: HTML editor as widget
    Version 1.2 (20.05.2014)
    • Fixed: Popup buttons css
    • Fixed: Encoding imrovements in some shotcodes text areas
    • Fixed: HTML editor shortcode – support for the new WordPress 3.9 editor
    • Updates: Insert shortcode editor button minor updates
    Version 1.1(24.04.2014)
    • Added: Copy shortcode from OTW Grid Manger, Copy column with all content, Copy row with all content – then you can paste it in Page editor, template file, or elsewhere
    • Added: Spanish translation – .po .mo files – by Maria Ramos from
    • Updated: Allowed HTML for – info box, dropcaps, quote, tabs, content toggle, accordion, faq, services, about us, image style, message box, content box, testimonials, plain text, blog author info
    • Updated: WordPress 3.9 support
    Version 1.0(10.04.2014)
    • Initial release

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