Challenge(IOS and Android) - Videos, Livestreaming with 2 participants, Audio room (9 broadcasters)
Challenge(IOS and Android) - Videos, Livestreaming with 2 participants, Audio room (9 broadcasters)

Challenge(IOS and Android) - Videos, Livestreaming with 2 participants, Audio room (9 broadcasters)

  • Uploaded : 15th September 2023
  • Views : 697

Challenge(IOS and Android) - Videos, Livestreaming with 2 participants, Audio room (9 broadcasters)

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Are you looking for a high-level video and live streaming app?
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Then Challenge is the perfect choice for you. The ultimate video and live streaming challenge platform. With its cutting-edge features, Challenge provides a unique and engaging experience for both users and owners alike.

By purchasing the code to Challenge, you’ll have access to the following exciting features:

Stories: Give your users the ability to share their journeys and inspire others with a Stories feature.

Gifts: Add excitement to your app’s live streams with a Gifts feature. Allow users to show appreciation and support to other users by sending virtual gifts during live streams.

In-app purchase: Offer exclusive challenges and premium features with an In-App Purchase option. Give users the opportunity to upgrade their experience and access new rewards.

Chat: Provide a platform for real-time conversation with a Chat feature. Allow users to participate in lively discussions and debates and build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

Payouts: Reward users for their hard work with a Payouts feature. Give users the opportunity to win real money for their performance in challenges.

Livestreaming: Allow users to go live and share moments andmake money in the process.

Audio room: Users can start a room and talk to each other,have fun, and make money in the process.

Challenge is designed for two types of users: Challengers and Viewers. Challenger experience

Challengers are users who are looking to take part in challenges with other users. They have the ability to create and participate in live-streaming challenges and video , and engage with other users through the app’s chat feature. They can also send and receive gifts and make in-app purchases. Additionally, they are able to earn payouts for their participation in challenges. Viewer experience

Viewers are users who are interested in watching and engaging with challenges. They have the ability to browse and choose their favorite videos from a variety of challenges, and also participate in chat to engage with Challengers and other Viewers. Viewers can also make in-app purchases and send gifts to their favorite Challengers. How does the challenge work?

The app is designed with two types of users: challenger and viewer.

Challenger-type users can create a challenge and upload a video for their challenge, and they can also invite another challenger.

The invited challenger gets a push notification asking him to accept or decline the challenge, if he accepts he needs to submit a similar video.

Viewer-type users can vote/pick their favorite videos in different challenges. By doing so, the owner of the video receives points and these points can be converted into real money. How does the gifts system work?

Challengers can also go live and invite another user to join the live, the public can send gifts, but to be able to do that, they must buy credits.

When the owner/broadcaster announcer receives gifts, he also earns points. How do users earn money?

Challenge app offers a unique opportunity for Challengers to not only showcase their skills but also earn rewards for their participation. Challengers can earn points through their participation in challenges and buy receiving earning through live streaming, and once they reach 6000 points, they can Redeem them for $30.

The app offers multiple payout options, including direct bank transfers, PayPal, and Payoneer, so Challengers can choose the the method that works best for them. With this app, Challengers have the chance to turn their passion for profit and receiving recognition for their hard work and talent. How does the app owner earn money?

Challenge offers the app owner two ways to earn money through the app: Credit system – there are products/credits sold inside the app, and users need to buy themto send gifts in Livestreams.Gift system – whenever a challenger receives a gift he earns points that can be converted into cash and withdrawn, the challenger receives 60% of the cash and the 40% left belongs to the app owner.Google ads – there are many types of ads shown throughout the app, such as banners and open apps.When users see, click, or watch the ads the app owner earns money from Google App features: Short video share Short video challenge Challenge invitation Live Streaming with up to 2 participants Credit system Google Admob ads (Banners and Open App ads) Audio room Reset password Send Email Push notifications Gift system with in-app-purchase Payouts real money to Bank Account,Paypal and Payoneer Real-time chat Real-time group chat Live Streaming with Gifts and Points system Challenge points when the viewer chooses a video Tranlate to any language easily Search for users by username, email, or full name Comments on the video Comments on live streaming and much more…Admin panel features: See Users and Admin Users info Block and Edit users info Change users role (challenger or viewer) See all Challenges info See all messages info See all stories info See all videos info See all video comments info Whatch all videos Edit video status (pending, removed, scheduled, published) See all installations info See all live streaming info Edit live streaming info (including termination)App and Admin panel DemoApp demo:

Android app demo – (available on PlayStore)Challenger demo user credentials: email: password: challenger

Viewer demo user credentials: email: password: viewer1234Admin panel demo: credentials: username: admin password: admin1234Online Documentation: What’s Included in the package Android App source code Admin panel source code Documentaion Parse cloud code files Default app categories filesDon’t miss out

Ready to take the next step in your app business? Invest in our video and livestreaming challenge app code and start experiencing the benefits of having a cutting-edge platform with features like stories, gifts, in-app purchases, chat, payouts, and AdMob ads. Our app is easy to customize and provides a fun and engaging platform for users. And with AdMob integration, you can monetize your platform and generate revenue right away.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in a powerful and profitable app.Purchase our code now and take your business to the next level. Get started today! Requirements FirebaseSendGrid Agora Parse server ( Self-hosted or Back4app ) Changelog & UpdatesVersion 1.1.8 – 25 Jul 2023- Improved Permission request in the live streaming creation page- Improved watch video screen - Fixed signup screen email verification bug- Fixed Live streaming song bug- Fixed Live streaming end crash bugVersion 1.1.3 – 11 Apr 2023- Added Followers screen- Added the following screen- Added New design for playing video screen- Added Audio room with up to 9 participants- Added Forgot password screen- Added Reset password feature- Added Send verification code to email feature- Added change password through the settings feature- Added Admob reward- Improved Livestreaming screen- Fixed a bug in the play video screen- Fixed a bug in the search pageVersion 1.0.1 – 25 Feb 2023- Added Admin panelVersion 1.0 – 24 Feb 2023- Initial ReleaseExtended lisence

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