Catch the thieves!
Catch the thieves!

Catch the thieves!

  • Uploaded : 02nd June 2024
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Catch the thieves!

Catch the thieves is an attractive Arcade game with simple gameplay. The game is designed in 20 levels.The gameplay is simple and understandable for the player.You can create more stages for the game or customize it as you wish, for this please read the documentations.During the game, You have to destroy the thieves and finish the game.

About the Game:

> Simple and fun gameplay
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> 20 levels designed

> Playable with most browsers

> Simple and beautiful design

Game features:

Beautiful vector design: all parts of the game are designed in the Adobe Illustrator software that you receive with the project.

The game is designed in high quality (1920*1080).

Simple and attractive gameplay: The gameplay of the game is simple, understandable and fun for the players.

This project contains the following: > html5 files exported > Construct3 project > Assets : PNG files & adobe illustrator project

If you have any problems or questions about the game, send me an email. thank you

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