CareerQuest: Your Job Portal Solution
CareerQuest: Your Job Portal Solution

CareerQuest: Your Job Portal Solution

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CareerQuest: Your Job Portal Solution

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Welcome to Rarle Job Portal, your comprehensive solution for streamlining the job-seeking process. Our platform is designed to empower job seekers by simplifying the job hunt, ultimately saving precious time and resources for both applicants and employers. Say goodbye to tedious searches and inefficiencies – with Rarle, finding the perfect job or ideal candidate becomes a seamless and efficient experience. Employer Platform Features

  • Fortified Email and Google Authentication: Implement robust security measures for email and bolster Google Authentication for heightened data protection.
  • Streamlined Password Reset Function: Enhance the ease and security of resetting passwords for users.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard Interface: Craft an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard to enhance user experience and navigation.
  • Simplified Job Posting: Simplify the process of posting job openings, making it more effortless for employers.
  • Seamless Job Viewing Features: Provide an interface that enables effortless and smooth job browsing for applicants.
  • Enhanced Application Management System: Optimize the system for efficient handling and tracking of job applications.
  • Sophisticated Candidate Shortlisting Tools: Introduce advanced tools that aid in smart and efficient candidate shortlisting.
  • Real-Time Candidate Communication Channel: Incorporate a real-time chat feature for immediate and direct communication between candidates and employers.
  • Comprehensive Profile Management Tools: Equip users with a suite of tools for comprehensive management of their profiles.
  • Advanced Password Management Capabilities: Implement advanced password management features to ensure security and ease for users in managing their credentials.
Job Seeker Platform Features
  • Secure Authentication: Seamlessly log in or register via Email or Google accounts, ensuring a secure entry point for users.
  • Password Recovery: Implement a robust system allowing users to securely reset their passwords for uninterrupted access.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Offer a centralized hub presenting essential information and navigation options for a streamlined user experience.
  • Comprehensive Job Search: Enable advanced search functionalities to explore diverse job opportunities based on various criteria.
  • Effortless Job Applications: Facilitate a smooth and straightforward application process for job openings of interest.
  • Real-time Employer Interaction: Enable live chat capabilities, fostering direct communication channels between job seekers and potential employers.
  • Profile Management: Empower users to maintain and enhance their profiles, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in their presentation.
  • Password Management: Provide users with the ability to modify passwords, enhancing security measures for their accounts.

These features collectively aim to create a user-centric platform, offering a secure, intuitive, and interactive environment for job seekers to explore, apply, and communicate effectively while managing their profiles and account security. Admin Platform Features

  • Admin Login: Secure access for administrators to the system.
  • Reset Password: Functionality to reset passwords for admin accounts in case of forgetfulness or security concerns.
  • Dashboard: A comprehensive overview of system analytics, key metrics, and summaries of job postings, job seekers, employers, and other relevant data.
  • Manage Jobs: Tools to oversee and administer job listings, including options to add, edit, delete, and categorize job postings. This feature could involve job status tracking, application management, and communication facilitation between employers and job seekers.
  • Manage Job Seekers: Capability to view, edit, and manage job seeker profiles, applications, and activity within the system. Includes functionalities like account verification, search, sorting, and categorization.
  • Manage Employers: Tools for managing employer accounts, including verification, monitoring job postings, reviewing company profiles, and facilitating communication with job seekers.
  • Manage Job Categories: Ability to create, edit, or remove job categories/subcategories for better organization and searchability.
  • Manage Profiles: Control over the overall user profile system, allowing administrators to review, modify, or suspend user accounts based on terms of service violations or other reasons.
  • Change Password: Self-management for admin accounts to change passwords as needed for security purposes.

Enhancements in each area could include features such as advanced search filters, reporting functionalities, data visualization tools for analytics on the dashboard, and automation for easier management. The goal is to ensure ease of use, comprehensive oversight, and efficient administration of the platform. App Strengths

  • Multilingual Support: Seamlessly operate in multiple languages, catering to diverse user bases worldwide for a more inclusive experience.
  • Comprehensive Source Code Sharing (Client, Admin, Server): Complete transparency with shared access to all source codes—client-side, admin panels, and server-side—empowering users with customization and deeper understanding.
  • Streamlined Installation and Configuration: A simplified setup process ensures swift installation and configuration, reducing complexities and allowing for a hassle-free start.
  • Effortless Deployment to Production Servers: Smooth deployment to production servers, ensuring a rapid transition from development to a live environment.
  • Responsive to User Actions: Rapid response to user inputs, enhancing user engagement and interaction with prompt reactions to their actions.
  • Fast Loading & Offline Capability: Optimized for speed, delivering swift loading times, while also providing an efficient offline experience for uninterrupted usage.
  • Well-Structured and Clean Codebase: Impeccably organized and clean code, enhancing readability, maintainability, and scalability for developers working on the project.
  • Clear and Efficient Endpoints: Well-defined and clean endpoints for seamless interaction and communication between different parts of the system.
  • Optimal Performance: Engineered for peak performance, ensuring the system operates at its best capacity even under high loads.
  • Built on MVC Architecture: Adhering to the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern for enhanced organization, separation of concerns, and maintainability.
  • Thorough Error Handling: Diligent handling of errors, both anticipated and unexpected, with explicit and informative messages, ensuring system stability and user confidence.
  • Versatile Design to Fit Varied Project Requirements: Carefully crafted to adapt and integrate seamlessly into diverse project environments, accommodating various specifications and needs.
  • Ease of Customization: Easily customizable to accommodate specific requirements, offering flexibility without compromising core functionalities.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Detailed documentation covering every aspect, facilitating smooth understanding, implementation, and maintenance for developers and administrators.
  • Simple Configuration Process: Easy-to-follow configuration steps, simplifying setup procedures and enabling swift adjustments as needed.
  • API Documentation: Comprehensive documentation for APIs, enabling developers to effectively utilize and integrate the provided interfaces.
Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Explore Documentation Setting Up Your Hosting

To host, opt for a VPS hosting service offering SSH access. Our recommendation is DigitalOcean, where you can avail yourself of $100 in free credits by clicking the reference link provided below.

Your Satisfaction Matters!

We’re here for you, ready to assist whenever you need us. Happy with our products and service? Your positive feedback means the world to us! Got questions? Contact us anytime—we’re available 24/7. What People Say Version Updates

15 April 2023 Admin Panel: Upgraded Angular to Version 15+ Client Interface: Now on Angular 15+, Profile Photo & Company Logo Updates

22 January 2023 Buyer-Requested Bug Resolutions

21 January 2023 Buyer-Requested Bug Resolutions

19 January 2023 Enhancements in Performance & Code Quality

5 October 2022 Buyer-Requested Bug Resolutions

26 September 2022 Enhancements in Performance & Code Quality

3 September 2022 Admin Panel: Upgraded Angular to Version 14+

28 August 2022 Introducing Multi-Lingual Compatibility Client Interface: Now on Angular 14+

11 July 2022 Newly Introduced Landing Page

13 June 2022 Enhancements in Performance & Code Quality

8 June 2022 Primary Release

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