BWL Knowledge Base Manager v1.3.9
BWL Knowledge Base Manager v1.3.9

BWL Knowledge Base Manager v1.3.9

  • Uploaded : 30th June 2024
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BWL Knowledge Base Manager v1.3.9

BWL Knowledge Base Manager is an ultimate WordPress plugin comes with lots of unique and flexible features to create unlimited number of Knowledge Base question and answers for your website content. Modal based & Ajax Powered Sticky Search feature gives you the best search experiences to find their question answers quickly.

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Do you want to build a self-service support system within a few minutes and optimize support time to reply to customers’ queries? Then the BWL Knowledge base WordPress plugin can be a best choice for you.

BWL Knowledge Base Manager is a complete WordPress plugin with many unique and flexible features for creating unlimited Knowledge Base posts containing questions and answers for your website. Modal based and Ajax Powered Sticky Search feature gives the best search experiences to find any question answers quickly.

The plugin has a visual Shortcode Editor Panel that gives all the options to insert shortcodes in the text editor. Four Built-in widgets allow you to display Knowledge base categories, Knowledge base topics, and latest/top-upvoted/top-down voted/popular questions in the sidebar area. Key Features of Plugin:

Zero configuration requirement:

Plugin comes with almost zero configuration requirement feature. Just upload, install, and activate the plugin and you are ready to go.

Unlimited Knowledge Base Question & Answers:

Plugin allows you to create unlimited KB items and classify them and tags. The plugin uses the WordPress Custom Post Type system to create & and store KB posts. So, It’s super easy to manage KB posts from the WordPress admin panel. You can set custom icon for KB posts. As well as you can set custom icon for each category and tag item.

Unique Ajax based KB Search Option:

The plugin provides its users a great facility to search their required questions and answer quickly from all the knowledgebase posts within a few seconds. Additionally, there is no more waiting to reload the page to get the search results. Our plugin search option designed in a way that can perform efficient search query to pull the fastest results. Once the search query obtained the results, users will able to click on the post title from the search results list, and then the plugin will take the user directly to the knowledge base details page.

Responsive Grid System(Two/Three/Four Columns Layout):

Plugin comes with built-in responsive grid system, which ensure you to display you’re content properly in mobile devices. Plugin also working find with Bootstrap Grid system.

Animated Tab to Display Popular/Featured/Recent KB Posts:

Tabify KB is one of the most unique and important feature of KB plugin. Now, you can display Popular, featured and Recent Kb Posts in small area of your site. Tab is responsive and working fine with any WordPress theme.

Like/Dislike KB Option With Colorful Statistics Bar:

Users can submit their opinion on your KB content. You can easily track their like/dislike counts from plugin option panel.

Feedback Panel For Disliked KB Post:

Plugin display a custom feedback box if any user submit a dislike vote. This way you can get an idea why user dislike KB content and will able to change KB content according to user demand.

Related KB Posts in Single KB Page:

Plugin automatically add a Related KB Posts section after single KB content. You can enable/disable this option from admin panel.

Display KB Meta Info:

Each KB post display post author name, category, tag , no of views and post date information. Plugin also display last edited date of each KB. You can show/hide each meta information from plugin option panel.

Extensive Option Panel For Customization:

Plugin comes with huge customization feature that allows you to control each and every feature of plugin. You can customize KB themes, select KB heading fonts, manage KB single page contents, handle RTL mode, show/hide external KB submission form, manage to display KB modal window and many more.

Custom CSS Panel:

If you need to add custom CSS code, you don’t need to add code directly to Plugin core stylesheet file. Plugin provide custom CSS editor in option panel, where you can easily add your custom CSS codes and it will store in Database. So, for future updates you will never lose your custom codes. It’s safe and the best way to add custom CSS code in to a plugin.

Unlimited File Attachment:

You can upload and attach unlimited no of files with each KB posts. It will help your users to get their downloadable content easily with KB item.

Quick & Bulk Edit:

Using quick and bulk edit you can easily reset old vote counts. You can reset single post votes using quick edit and bulk edit allows you to reset multiple post vote counts.

Table of Content (TOC):

Plugin automatically create table of content based on your knowledge base post content. You can turn on/off automatic table of content generate feature from plugin option panel.

Password Protected Knowledge Base Post:

You can restrict KB posts access using password and allowed only for group of users.

Email Notification for KB Questions:

Administrator will get notification email when user submit a new KB question or submit a feedback on KB content. Administrator can notify users when their question got approved.

Drag & Drop KB Sort:

From admin panel, administrator can easily sort KB items using drag and drop feature.

Custom Knowledge Base Widgets:

Plugin comes with built-in widget options which allows you to display Top Up Voted/Top Down Voted/Recent/ Popular/Featured KB in side bar areas.

Custom Knowledge Base Columns:

You can easily view no of like/dislike/feedback for each KB Question from admin panel.

Custom Permalink Setup.

For better SEO, you can set custom slug for Knowledge Base single page, Knowledge Base categories and Knowledge Base tags. You will get option to set custom slug in plugin option panel.

Visual Shortcode Editor:

You can easily integrate Knowledge Base items inside of any page or post using shortcode. Available shortcodes listed in below-

  • Show AJAX Search Form: [bkb_search /]
  • Show Knowledge Base By Category: [bkb_category categories=”introduction,copyright,license,misc”/]
  • Show Knowledge Base By Category in 1 column: [bkb_category categories=”requirements,affiliate” cols=”1” /]
  • Show Knowledge Base By Category in 2 columns: [bkb_category categories=”introduction,resources,misc” cols=”2” /]
  • Show Knowledge Base By Category in 3 columns: [bkb_category categories=”introduction,copyright,license,misc” cols=”3” /]
  • Show Knowledge Base By Tags: [bkb_tags tags=”how-to,what,copyright-2,tips”/]
  • Show Knowledge Base By Tags in 1 column: [bkb_tags tags=”how-to,what,copyright-2,tips” cols=”1” /]
  • Show Knowledge Base By Tags in 2 column: [bkb_tags tags=”how-to,what,copyright-2,tips” cols=”2” /]
  • Show Knowledge Base By Tags in 3 column: [bkb_tags tags=”how-to,what,copyright-2,tips” cols=”3” /]
  • Show 5 Knowledge Base From Each Category (SET LIMIT): [bkb_category limit=’5’]
  • Show 5 Knowledge Base From Each Tags (SET LIMIT): [bkb_category limit=’5’]
  • Show Ask Question Modal link: [bkb_ask_form]
  • Show Knowledge Base Ask A Question Form: [bkb_ques_form inline=1 /]

RTL Support:

Plugin provide awesome support for Arabic language. You just need to turn on RTL support option from admin panel, plugin automatically adjust its content to right side.

Ready For Localization & WPML Supported:

“BWL Knowledge Base Manager” offers cool translation feature. So, you can easily add this plugin any kind of website. Inside of plugin “lang” folder you will get a file named “en_EN.po” file. To edit this file you need to install “poedit” software in your computer.

Tested Up to Latest WordPress Version:

We always keep our plugin up to date. So, we can make sure plugin always work with latest WordPress version and If you got any issue just let us know, we will deal with that.

Automatic Update Notification:

When we released new version plugin will display an update notification message in your site admin area. We also provide details change log information with update notification.

6 Months Premium Support:

Plugin comes with 6 month premium support directly from developer and life time free update feature. I’m always here to provide quality support for the buyers.

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- How To Solve Knowledgebase Single Post 404 issue

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- How To Insert Knowledge Base Search Box

For full change log information about the plugin, please check this link.

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