Businesso - Business Website SAAS (Multitenancy)
Businesso - Business Website SAAS (Multitenancy)

Businesso - Business Website SAAS (Multitenancy)

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  • Uploaded : 19th January 2023
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Overview :


“Businesso” is a Business / Ecommerce Website Builder SAAS (Multitenancy).

You can use Businesso to build business / ecommerce website builder within minutes.
The business website frontend is Multi-lingual & also RTL supported
You can create unlimited monthly / yearly / lifetime packages, control features for that packages. You can make a package Free, Trial, Premium or only free or only trial or only premium. You can set trial days for trial packages.

Users can purchase this packages & have a user dashboard to create Multilingual Business Website, unlimited vCards for them. User’s business websites, vCards are also RTL supported. They will also have Advanced QR Builder to build customized QR code for any URL using QR Builder filters. Users can also show their business website, vCards in their custom domain / subdomain ({username}.your_domain_name) / path based URL (your_domain_name/{username})

Businesso provides 10 automated payment gateways & unlimited offline gateways to collect membership payment – Paypal, Stripe, Mollie, Razorpay, PayTm, Instamojo, Flutterwave, Paystack, Mercado Pago,

You can also use some more cool features like – Drag & Drop Menu Builder, Popup Banner Builder etc…

Online Documentation:


Main Website & Login Links: Website Link:
Admin Login:
Tenant Login: Tenant’s Business Website Demo Links: Theme 8 – Ecommerce Theme (Subdomain Based URL):
Theme 8 – Ecommerce Theme (Custom Domain Based URL):
Theme 8 – Ecommerce Theme (Path Based URL):
Theme 1:
Theme 2:
Theme 3:
Theme 4:
Theme 5:
Theme 6:
Theme 7: vCard Demo Links: Theme 1 (Subdomain Based URL):
Theme 1 (Custom Domain Based URL):
Theme 1 (Path Based URL):
Theme 2:
Theme 3:
Theme 4:
Theme 5:
Theme 6:
Theme 7:
Theme 8:
Theme 9:
Theme 10: 10 Online Payment Gateways (Unlimited Offline / Manual / Bank Available too) Main Website & Admin Panel Features ✅ Multilingual Frontend
✅ RTL Supported Frontend
✅ Unlimited Pricing Plans (Free / Trial / Premium) (Monthly / Yearly / Lifetime)
✅ 10 Online Payment Gateways
✅ Unlimited offline payment gateways
✅ Custom Domains Management
✅ Subdomains Management
✅ Business Listing Page with Advanced Search
✅ Base Currency Setup
✅ Drag & Drop Menu Builder in Admin Dashboard
✅ Coupon During Registration
✅ Light & Dark Admin Dashboard
✅ Home Page Sections Hide / Show
✅ Base Color Settings
✅ Preloader, Logo, Favicon Upload
✅ Package Features Management
✅ Packages Management
✅ Email Templates
✅ Payment Logs
✅ Popup Builder with 7 Predefined Templates
✅ SEO Info Management
✅ Blogs, FAQ etc all website content management
✅ Custom Pages
✅ Registered Users Management
✅ Maintenance mode
✅ Admin / Role / Permission Management
✅ Secret Login to Tenant Dashboard Tenant Website & User Panel Features: ✅ Custom Domain
✅ Subdomain & Path Based URL
✅ 8 Tenant Website Templates
✅ Ecommerce Website for Tenant
  —Categories Management
  —Subcategories Management
  —Items Management
    —Physical Product
    —Digital Product
  —Orders Management
  —Unlimited Vartions of Items
  —Stock Management for Items
  —Variation-wise stock Management
  —Flash Sales (Timezone-Wise , will be Setup by Tenant)
  —Ads, Banner in Ecommerce Theme
  —Invoice Generate & Mail
  —Product Rating
  —Shipping Methods with Shipping Charges
  —Rating Enable / Disable
  —Catalog Mode Enable / Disable
  —Shop Enable / Disable
✅ 10 Payment Gateways
✅ Unlimited Offline Gateways
✅ Tenant’s Customer Dashboard
✅ Customer Management
✅ Unlimited Offline Gateways
✅ Timezone Settings
✅ 10 vCard Templates
✅ Light & Dark Dashboard
✅ Advanced QR Builder to generate QR Code for any URL
✅ Saved QR Codes Management
✅ Package Upgrade / Downgrade from Admin
✅ Add User From Admin
✅ Multilingual vCards & RTL Support
✅ Multilingual Tenant Website Frontend
✅ RTL Supported Tenant Website Frontend
✅ oogle analytics , facebook pixel , whastapp chat, , disqus
✅ Package Purchase, Membership extend
✅ Base Color Settings
✅ Custom CSS
✅ Preloader, Logo, Favicon Upload
✅ SEO Info Management
✅ Hide / Show Home Sections
✅ Drag & Drop Menu Builder
✅ Quote Management
✅ Quote Form Builder
✅ Custom Page Management
✅ Portfolios, Blogs, Services, Team Members, Counters, Jobs etc management
✅ Followers / Followings
Admin Workflow:

– Add Languages
– Add Packages with Features
– Setup Payment Gateways
– Upload Language wise contents (FAQ, Blogs etc…)
– Manage Users

User Workflow:

– choose a package (premium / trial / Free) (monthly / yearly / lifetime)
– register & checkout
– verify email & login to dashboard
– add languages
– setup color, preloader, logo etc…
– upload language wise contents (services, blogs, portfolios etc…)

Server Requirements

Built with Laravel 9.x

- PHP >= 8.0
- BCMath PHP Extension
- Ctype PHP Extension
- Fileinfo PHP Extension
- JSON PHP Extension
- Mbstring PHP Extension
- OpenSSL PHP Extension
- PDO PHP Extension
- Tokenizer PHP Extension
- XML PHP Extension
- Imagick Extension
- GMP Extension
- Imagick Extension Changelogs Version 2.2 – Released on 13th January, 2023 -- Ecommerce Website Added for Tenant -- Categories Management -- Subcategories Management -- Items Management -- Physical Product -- Digital Product -- Orders Management -- Unlimited Vartions of Items -- Stock Management for Items -- Variation-wise stock Management -- Wishlists -- Flash Sales (Timezone-Wise , will be Setup by Tenant) -- Cart -- Checkout -- Ads, Banner in Ecommerce Theme -- Invoice Generate & Mail -- Product Rating -- Coupon -- Tax -- Shipping Methods with Shipping Charges -- Rating Enable / Disable -- Catalog Mode Enable / Disable -- Shop Enable / Disable -- Ecommerce Theme Added -- Base Color -- RTL Support -- Coupon Added for Tenant Registration -- Registered Users Management for Tenant -- Secret Login to Tenant Dashboard by Admin -- Mail Templates for Tenant -- Timezone Settings for Tenant -- Website Title Change Option Added -- vCards Limit Added -- 10 Payment Gateways for Tenant -- Unlimited Offline Gateways for Tenant -- Tenant's Customer Panel -- Upgraded Laravel to Latest Version (9.x) -- Upgraded PHP Version (8.x) -- Upgraded Composer Packages -- FIXED: Tenant Ban Issue -- FIXED: Custom Domain Requests Mail Modal Issue -- FIXED: Pagination Design Issue -- FIXED: Lawyer Theme Topbar mail, phone print issue -- FIXED: Packages Active / Deactive issue in buy plan page of Tenant Dashboard -- FIXED: Fixed Contact Section issue in Theme 4 & Theme 5 -- Many more untracked changes & fixes Small & Urgent Update – Released on 27th September, 2022 [Major & Big Update is in Progress] Added Image extension validation in tenant's profile update page (Please download latest files & replace 'core/app/Http/Controllers/User/UserController.php' file in your current version) Version 2.0 – Released on 23rd March, 2022 -- 4 more Website Templates added (Lawyer, Industry, Digital Agency, Dark Version) -- 6 more vCard Templates added -- Added Package / Pricing Plan Upgrade / Downgrade option in Admin -- Add User option added in Admin -- Coupon During Registration -- Added Google Analytics for Tenant -- Added Facebook Pixel for Tenant -- Added for Tenant -- Added Whatsapp chatf or Tenant -- Added Disqus for Tenant -- Added custom css, custom js option for Admin -- Admin Custom CSS option for Tenant -- Added more Mail Templates -- Preview Templates section added in main website -- Added 'www.' support in URL -- Improved cron job code -- Validation added for vcard profile image -- Fixed vcard URL issue -- Fixed email status change issue in Admin -- Fixed issue Version 1.1 (Bugs Fix Release) – Released on 18th December, 2021 - image size validation added vCard profile image - Fixed - notification not showing after form submission on tenant website - issue fixed - offline gateway deactive issue fixed - payment log issue fixed in user & admin dashboard - skills page issue fixed in user dashboard - sitemap generate issue fixed in admin dashboard - invoice folder permission issue fixed Version 1.0 – Released on 20th November, 2021 Initial Release

FAQs :

To ensure the quality and safety of the item, you should thoroughly check overview description, demo, comments and read reviews from previous buyers if available. Initial support is available with each item & 15 days refund policy is available when your purchased item does not work.

The process for getting support is easy after buying item you can directly get support from developer through ticketing system, support ticket is replied by the developer & reply time will vary depending on the developer. Typically, you can contact the customer support through a support ticket system. Developer should be able to help you with any technical issues or questions you have about the item.

If you are not satisfied with the code you purchased, you should first try contacting the developer to see if they can provide assistance or a resolution. If you are still not satisfied, you may be able to request a refund. Be sure to request refund within 15 days of purchase as per refund policy and guidelines.

A refund request may be denied if the code has already been used or modified, or if it has been longer than the platform's refund period (15 days). Additionally, refunds may be denied if the issue with the code is due to user error or if the code has been intentionally modified or altered by the user.

Payment options when buying item will be typically, payment options can include credit/debit cards, PayPal, Razorpay, and other payment gateways.

Customisation is additional and subject to developer time availablity. So please ask the developer & confirm before making any purchase. Click on Request Customisation button below Buy Now Button or below Request Quote button.

We provide support to each clients by ticketing system with 100% guarantee reply, only for the period as per support plan terms. Support reply is one after one basis it means you may receive reply in 5minutes or it may take 24-48 hrs, its totally depending upon work load and support queue. And if your query requires testing/checking then it may take additional time.
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