Brick Breaker Many Ball HTML5 Game (Phaser 3)
Brick Breaker Many Ball HTML5 Game (Phaser 3)

Brick Breaker Many Ball HTML5 Game (Phaser 3)

  • Uploaded : 07th April 2024
  • Views : 67

Brick Breaker Many Ball HTML5 Game (Phaser 3)

Bricks Breaker is an arcade game to destroy the numbered bricks by shooting a ball at them. Have some fun with this simple ball shooter game. Features:

  • CloudArcade support
  • Source file (HTML5)
  • 720×1080px
  • Cross-platform
  • Clean layout
  • Localstorage to save game data
  • Small file size
  • Easy Reskin
  • Clean code
  • Suport touch mobile
Package include :
  • 400+ level
  • 16 ball skin
  • 16 pad skin
Easy InstallationThe ZIP package contains the game with 1920×1920 resolution that scales to fit a full device oriented screen.This game has a version that is already integrated with the CloudArcade API. CloudArcade is a game portal CMS, more info https://cloudarcade.netCustomizationThe game is completely customizable from Skins to Branding.All source code is included so you can easily make changes or hire us to customize the game for you.CompatibilityFully compatible with most servers, however always good to check with your admin team or host company.Naturally achieving 100% compatibility across every device screen size is very difficult, but all games created are tested on the most common of all web browsers and devices including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, tablets, laptops, iPhone and Android devices.Technical DetailsThis game has been developed using Phaser 3, Phaser is a free open source HTML5 game framework http://phaser.ioFor further technical info please read the documentationSupportItem support includes:
  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Sounds are enabled for mobile but we can’t grant full audio compatibility on all mobile devices due to some well-know issue between some mobile-browser and HTML5.
  • Sounds can’t be enabled for Windows Phone as this kind of device have unsolvable issues with

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