Boosted Elements | WordPress Page Builder Add-on for Elementor
Boosted Elements | WordPress Page Builder Add-on for Elementor

Boosted Elements | WordPress Page Builder Add-on for Elementor

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 18th June 2023
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Overview :

The Boosted Elements plugin adds additional page builder elements to the free Elementor page builder. We added must-have elements like sliders, maps, pricing tables, popups & more. Get Boosted Elements Today and start building your next website!

Boosted Elements Features Drag & Drop Page Builder – Say goodbye to shortcodes! Easily edit and manage your pages with a frontend page builder. Navigation – Easily build navigation menus including mega menu’s. The live preview navigation is built using this element. Premium Slider – Add slideshows to any page using the built-in slider element Pre-built Templates – Use the already created templates to get your site up and running quickly! Tablet & Mobile Friendly – With Boosted Elements you have full control over how your website appears on any device. Save Money – Stop buying multiple plugins! Boosted Elements is the only premium add-on you need. Unlimited Colors – You have full control over colors & backgrounds. Font Adjusting – Easily adjust the fonts within the robust page builder Translation Ready – Translate the Boosted Elements plugin into any language Retina Support – This plugin is optimized for high resolution displays like the Macbook Pro with Retina Display, iPhones and iPads Search Engine Optimized – This plugin is optimized for SEO and works with all of the top SEO plugins Top Notch Support - We provide great support for all of our plugins & themes. Boosted Elements Advanced Button Animated Typing Floating Button Contact Form 7 Countdown Flip Box Image Comparison Image Grid Image Slideshow Google Maps Logo Navigation including Mega Menu PopUp Modal Post List Price/Menu List Pricing Table Scroll Navigation Search Shopping Cart Slider Tabs Advanced Team Member Template Element WooCommerce – Products WooCommerce – Product Categories WooCommerce – Add to Cart Button More Coming Soon… Premium Themes Already Using Boosted Elements Torney – Lawyer & Attorney Theme Ontap – Brewery & Restaurant Theme Ristoly – Restaurant WordPress Theme Piltos – Single Property WordPress Theme Thatix – Food Recipes Theme Xion – Indie Game Developer Theme Funlin – Crowdfunding & Charity Theme Polikal – Political Candidate & Party Theme Aeso – Financial Advisor Theme Emso – A Single Product Theme Solestep – Single Fitness Trainer Theme Dullet – Shooting Range & Gun Club Theme White Rock – Restaurant & Winery Theme Solus – Single Property Theme Renovation – Construction Company Theme Wise Mountain – Vineyard and Winery Theme Cannaverde – Medical Marijuana Dispensary Theme Taqueria – Food Truck & Restaurant Theme Sinew – Cyber Security & IT Management Theme Vayvo – Media Streaming & Membership Theme Unit Five – Creative Multi-Purpose Theme + RTL Megabyte – Podcast/Audio WordPress Theme MudRace – A Single Event Fundraiser Theme Tradesmen – Construction WordPress Theme SKRN – Media Streaming App WordPress Theme Holdings Realty – Single Property Theme Ratency – Review & Magazine Theme Multifondo – Crowdfunding & Charity WordPress Theme motoCROSS – Motorcycle & ATV WordPress Theme Vin Santo – Winery & Vineyard Theme Digitize – Creative Multi-Concept Theme Poker Dice – Casino Resort & Hotel Onzo – Single Product & Bike Shop eCommerce Theme The Happy Inn – Hotel + Bed & Breakfast Theme Viseo – News, Video, & Podcast Theme Pergola – Single Property & Developer Theme Special Day – Wedding Day, Planner, & Event Theme Creating a theme using Boosted Elements? E-mail us via our profile page contact form and we will add your theme to the list! Plugin Updates Version 5.5 – 16.06.2023 Additional styling options added for Navigation Element & WooCommerce Cart elements Fixed WooCommerce product display while in editor mode (register_wc_hooks) Files Updated: elementor-helper.php /assets/css/frontend.css /elements/nav-element.php /elements/woo-cart.php Version 5.4 – 17.05.2022 Updated Team Member element Added additional box shadow and border radius options Version 5.3 – 10.04.2022 Minor Updates and maintenance Version 5.2 – 12.09.2021 Updated Price/Menu element Version 5.1 – 9.30.2021 Updated flip box element Version 5.0 – 8.17.2021 Backend update for Icons Version 4.9 – 4.6.2021 Added additional styling options to Navigation Element Files Updated: /elements/nav-element.php Version 4.8 – 2.6.2021 Updated Logo Element Version 4.7 – 1.6.2021 Added icon support to Navigation element Version 4.6 – 18.5.2021 New Element: Boosted Tabs Version 4.5 – 22.4.2021 Updated Scheme_Typography and Scheme_Color functions Added additional options to Navigation Element Version 4.4 – 20.3.2021 Added support for older versions of PHP Files Updated: /elements/nav-element.php Version 4.3 – 19.3.2021 Speed Optimizations 5 New Page Builder Elements! - Navigation Element - Logo Element - Cart Element - Search Element - Template Element Version 4.2 – 28.12.2020 Updated Masonry JavaScript to fix issue in editor mode Files Updated: /assets/js/masonry.js Version 4.1 – 24.12.2020 Updated Slider Video Background Code Files Updated: /elements/slider-element.php /assets/js/video-background.js Version 4.0 – 26.8.2020 Small fix with price/menu when link is added Files Updated: /elements/pricing-element.php Version 3.9 – 25.8.2020 Slider Element Bug Fix for Elementor 3.0+ Files Updated: /elements/slider-element.php Version 3.8 – 12.8.2020 Update for WordPress 5.5 Support Updated Team & Flip Box Elements Files Updated: boosted-elements.php (113-114) /elements/team-element.php /elements/flip-box-element.php Version 3.7 – 25.5.2020 Minor tweak to Team Member page builder element Files Updated: /elements/team-element.php Version 3.6 – 19.5.2020 Added text shadow to secondary slider button Files Updated: /elements/slider.php Version 3.5 – 27.4.2020 Link fix for pricing element Files Updated: /elements/pricing-element.php VERSION 3.4 – 18.4.2020 Updated JavaScript enqueue for faster loading Files Updated: boosted-elements.php /elements/team-element.php Version 3.3 – 26.2.2020 Automated Plugin Updater update to support future versions of PHP Version 3.2 – 18.2.2020 Fixed page builder elements not automatically refreshing in editor File Updates: All elements content_template call /assets/editor/backend.css Version 3.1 – 11.2.2020 Updated repeater field for Team, Scroll Nav, Pricing Table, Menu/Price, Animated Text, and Map Elements File Updates: /elements/team-element.php /elements/map-element.php /elements/pricing-element.php /elements/pricing-table-element.php /elements/animated-text-element.php /elements/scroll-nav-element.php /elements/popup-element.php Version 3.0 – 14.1.2020 Added image reflection option to slider Files Updated: /elements/slider.php /assets/css/frontend.css /assets/css/frontend.min.css Version 2.9 – 12.1.2020 Updated Flip Box Element Files Updated: /elements/flip-box-element.php Version 2.8 – 29.12.2019 Updated Flip Box Element Updated Slider Element Updated Language File Files Updated: /elements/flip-box-element.php /elements/slider-element.php /languages/boosted-elements-progression.pot Version 2.7 – 21.11.2019 Added slider loader height setting for seamless loading Added container width option for slider caption Added new option for slider caption horizontal positioning Files Updated: /elements/slider-element.php Version 2.6 – 7.11.2019 Added ability to use image alt tags for the Image Grid element for SEO purposes Files Updated: /elements/image-element.php Version 2.5 – 18.7.2019 Added enqueue for FontAwesome 5 on slider and slideshow elements Files Updated: /elements/slider-element.php /elements/image-slideshow.php Version 2.4 – 7.10.2019 Added Support for new Elementor Icon Library! Updated Elements: Updated Agency Template Updated Conference Template Slider Advanced Button Team Member Floating Button Flip Box Pricing Table Scroll Navigation Deprecated Advanced Text Element Version 2.3 – 12.1.2019 Added Default Elementor Lightbox Support to Gallery Element Seperated prettyPhoto lightbox as it is optional now Files Updated: boosted-elements.php /elements/image-element.php Version 2.2 – 14.12.2018 Speed Enhancements Minor Maintenance Files Updated: /assets/images/ /assets/js/ New Templates Added – 15.10.20118 Added Conference Layout Added Golf Course Layout Added Hotel Layout Added Wedding Layout New Templates Located under /Templates/ folder of download. Version 2.1 – 16.09.2018 Fixed Vertical Alignment Setting on slider Files Updated: /elements/slider-element.php Version 2.0 – 13.09.2018 Fixed Scrolling Navigation Element FilesUpdated: /elements/scroll-nav-element.php Version 1.9 – 08.09.2018 Updated Slider Element to fix arrow color bug Updated Post List Element to fix when categories & tags are used together in custom queries Added Overlay Color Per Slide that is responsive (Helps with Mobile display) Files Updated: /elements/post-list-element.php /elements/slider-element.php Version 1.8 – 06.04.2018 -Added ability to use Longitude & Latitude to Map Element -Added Gradient Overlay Option for Slider Element -Fixed Slider Element background image contain bug (Set to no-repeat) -Fixed Image Slider Thumbnail Styles Files Updated: /elements/map-element.php /elements/css/fontend.css /elements/css/slider-element.php /elements/image-slideshow.php Version 1.7 – 28.12.2017 -Added Advanted Text Element -Popup Modal Update: Added option to open modal via a custom image -New Templates Added: Medical Non-Profit Winery -Added Inline Editing. Easily select text and replace it all inline! -Update description with list of themes tha tsupport boosted elements -Updated Page Builder Elements: Advanced Button Animated Typing Floating Button Flip Boxes Pricing Table Team Member Version 1.6.2 – 20.09.2017 Added Ken Burns Effect to Slider Added container for matching slider to a div height Added background text options for slider element Version 1.6.1 – 01.09.2017 Updated CSS file with minor tweaks Fixed Image Grid Caption positioning Fixed Flip Box positioning when entire box link is used Version 1.6 – 25.08.2017 Added text-shadow option to headings on relevant elements Added option to disable built-in lightbox in Image Grid element Added image captions to prettyPhoto lightbox on Image Gride Added Hover Options for Image Grid Element Minor text updates in options to Popup Modal Updated Language Files Version 1.5.1 – 02.08.2017 Bug-fix for element list missing in latest version of Elementor File updated: elementor-helper.php Version 1.5 – 01.08.2017 Added Advanced Button element Added Image Comparison element Added padding option to google map pin Added nofollow option to links Fixed slider heading color that wasn't live updating Updated /assets/css/frontend.css Updated /assets/js/team.js and /assets/js/flip.js for Tablet/Mobile touch support Version 1.4 – 24.07.2017 Minor update to add-in support for older PHP versions(5.5 and older) Updated /elements/scrol-nav-element.php file Version 1.3 – 18.07.2017 Fixed Contact Form 7 element when only one form is available. Updated Popup Modal so it pulls from Elementor Templates instead of pages Added full border support to slider buttons (Will have to re-add in button borders) Added full border support to Table Added image size for slider when image added Version 1.2 – 13.07.2017 Added Contact Form 7 Support along with styling options Added exclude post option to Post List Updated Youtube video backgrounds for mobile fallback image Popup Modal option to import any page content Popup Modal delay timer added Popup Modal border options Popup Modal Added Slide In Up/Down/Left/Right Fixed WooCommerce Add to Cart button so it displays all products Updated Translation File for new elements and options Version 1.1 – 28.06.2017 Product Version Released on CodeCanyon Version 1.0 – 21.02.2017 Initial Release bundled in Progression Studios themes

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