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Blog Designer PRO for WordPress

Blog Designer PRO for WordPress

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  • Uploaded : 30th July 2023
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Overview :

Blog Designer PRO WordPress Plugin

Blog Designer is an effective and user friendly way to beautify your blog pages on your websites. It’s very popular plugin for website’s WordPress blog to attract more clients as well as more blog visitors. Blog Designer makes your blog section more intuitive with no coding skill. It’s very easy to manage for beginners to website developers.

Blog designer plugin bundled with precisely designed 50 templates for various category and we will keep adding more in future version.

If you are looking for category/tag archive design then Blog Designer is best solution for you that you never seen above.

Every single blog template contains numbers of options to manage your blog style and design like colors, font-style, font-family, etc.

Where Blog Designer Pro plugin is useful?

Blog Designer plugin useful for all WordPress websites. Below is an one small list for which purposes you can start use of Blog Designer WordPress plugin.

Blogging Website New section of website. Business & Technology idea sharing Your company story (timeline) Event summary showcase (timeline) My achievements (timeline) Author biography (timeline) Company new product updates Step by step tutorial guideline Fashion blog website Latest trend blog Business & Entrepreneurship Blogs NGO website to share news/update Personal blog Site Portfolio Presentation (Grid) Showcase post with slideshow (slider) To display different category post with different design Ecommerce website How to start with Blog Designer PRO?

Explore the steps to start journey with Blog Designer PRO

01 Checkout live demos We have already implemented demo for each blog template and single blog design page at our demo website. 02 Install plugin Download plugin zip file , extract it to your local drive and choose plugin zip file ( for ‘Upload Plugin’ selection and then Install and Activate Blog Designer PRO from admin area. 03 Choose layout & select blog page Choose your favorite blog layout and set new design to your blog page with all your appropriate requirements and “Save Change” to apply for front-end. 04 Happy blog visitors Get more blog visitors with simple and awesome designs. No coding skill required to change blog templates. Beginners can also do that thing. Enjoy with Blog Designer PRO Precisely designed 50 templates

We have categorized our all blog templates for you that might helpful to you to choose correct one. You can use the default settings for each template or modify it as per your need.

Grid Layout

Brit Co, Boxy, Boxy Clean, Chapter, Explore, Famous, Glamour, Hoverbic, Invert Grid, Media Grid, Minimal, Glossary, Roctangle, Wise Block

Box View Layout

Chapter, Elina, Light Breeze, Sharpen, My Diary, Region, Winter

Masonary Layout

Boxy, Glossary, Masonary Timeline, Roctangle, Hoverbic

Full Width Layout

Brite, Classical, Clicky, Cover, Elina, Evolution, Fairy, Food Box, Hub, Light Breeze, Miracle, My Diary, Neaty Block, Nicy, Offer, Pretty, Region, Schedule, Sharpen, Soft Block, Spektrum, Tagly, Winter

Newspaper Layout

Deport, Masonary Timeline, Navia, News

Timeline Layout

Cool Horizontal Timeline, Easy Timeline, Masonary Timeline, Overlay Horizontal Timeline, Steps Timeline, Simple/Vertical Timeline, Story Timeline

Story Layout

Deport, My Diary, Story Timeline, Masonary Timeline

Slider Layout

Cool horizontal, Crayon, Overlay horizontal, Sallet, Sunshiny Slider

What makes Blog Designer PRO Outstanding?

10 Reasons to Choose Blog Designer PRO

1. Fully Responsive Blog Templates Templates are fully responsive with any devices like smartphone, tablets, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc. 2. Cross Browser Compatibility Templates are compatible with all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, safari etc.. 3. Support of Custom Post Type Set blog template design for your custom post types also. 4. Preview of Blog Layout Preview style or design of layout before publishing it on front-end. 5. Import & Export Blog Layouts Import & export your favorite layouts anytime and reuse it with another websites easily. 6. Archive & Single Post Layout Options All types of archives like category/tag/date or author & single post design options are available. 7. Pagination with load more 4 Different type of pagination are available – No Pagination, Paged, Load More and Load on Page Scroll. 8. Inbuilt Popular Social Share Inbuilt social share buttons on each post with share count. No need to install/activate another plugins for social share buttons. WhatsApp share also added for mobile users. 9. Google Font Support Enhance your blog page design with 800+ Google Font support. Easily move your blog page style to website style via large font collections. 10. Default Style and Settings Every templates contains default style & settings with own design. No need to worry about if you don’t have much knowledge about design. Other useful features: 1. 50 Archive Layouts There are different and unique 50 archive layouts for your category, tag, author and date pages. 2. 46 Single Layouts There are different and unique 46 single article layouts. That will apply same for all article pages. 3. Duplicate Layout Option to duplicate your favorite blog layout including its settings. 4. Import/Export Blog and Archive Layouts Import or Export your Blog, Archive and Single Layouts easily anytime for your next website or future usage. 5. Show/Hide post meta fields Manage post meta of post using show/hide option with every blog layout. 6. Filter with Categories & tags Category and tag wise filtration of your post. 7. Exclude selected Categories & Tags Want to exclude selected categories & tags from the post loop. 8. Post Like feature for Blog Viewers Your Blog viewers can like your post from the list to increase interest with your blog page. 9. Wide Range of Post Title and Post Content Settings Manage post title and post content design using number of options like font-size, font-family, color, etc. 10. Custom “Read More” support Set your custom read more text, color, background color, etc. 11. Custom CSS Support Support of Custom CSS to override the style of default template. 12. Content Selection Option Show your blog content from Post Content or Post Excerpt. 13. Change Content length Manage post content length using content settings. 14. Blog Posts Order by Sort your blog posts order by Random, Post ID, Post title, Published Date, Modified Date, etc. 15. Blog Grid Column Space for Grid Layouts Can manage Grid spacing/margin between posts loop for frontend. 16. Pinterest Share for Post Featured Image Share post featured image using pinterest share option. 17. Related Post support with Single Post Show related post with 2/3/4/5/6 column with single post page based on category or tag. 18. Previous/Next with Single Post Show previous/next post option on single post layout. 19. Category/tag Layout Design Individual layout setting for individual categories and tags. 20. Enable/Disable link in Post Title Handle post title link enable or disable for front-end. 21. Single Post Layout Override One click single post layout file override feature as you can decorate it with your requirements. 22. Share Text in Single Post Add Share text in single post page for better UI. 23. Action and Filters for Developer Using action and filter developer can add or modify the output. 24. Post Slide Using Post Slide you can slide your posts in our beautiful slider using posts by category, tag or author. 25. Category/tag based Single Post Layout Differentiate your single post layout for different-different categories and tags. Theme Authors and Developers? ThemeForest or elsewhere

Add Blog Designer PRO plugin in your themes and give your users tons of features to enhance Blog presentation. All you need is ONE extended license for each theme you put on the marketplace and permission from the author which you can get by writing us:


This plugin comes Localization/Internationalization ready. It is following WordPress I18n standards. It can be easily translated or localized in other languages different than English.

TRANSLATION READY .pot files included, for easy translation Improvement suggestions

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this item please let us know! We will be happy to consider any suggestion and appreciate your efforts. We will go through all your feedback weekly and pick the most requested features to be included in a future update! Contact us Here


June 24th, 2023 (Version3.4.5)

* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 6.2.2 * Updated: Coding Standards * Fixed: Design issues

13th June, 2022 (Version3.4.3)

* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 6.0 * Fixed: minor bug fix

25th February, 2022 (Version3.4.2)

* Added: Link Behaviour option for Read more button * Added: Reset Post Count * Added: Disable Font Awesome CSS * Added: Added 3 designs in Scroll widget. * Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.9 * Fixed: minor bug fix * Fixed: Updated Visual Composer text

7th October, 2021 (Version3.3)

* Added: Title Box Shadow Option for blog, archive and single layouts * Added: Content Box Shadow Option for blog, archive and single layouts * Added: New Blog Template - "Accordion" * Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.8.1 * Fixed: Height relates issue with Boxy-Clean Layout * Fixed: Minor bug fix

20th July, 2021 (Version3.2)

* Added: Same height option for blog and archive layouts * Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.8 * Fixed: Isotop Parent Category * Fixed: Minor bug fix

13th March, 2021 (Version 3.1)

* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.7 * Fixed: Minor bug fix

22nd February, 2021 (Version 3.0)

* Added: Optimize Code * Updated: Make compatible with PHP version 8.0 * Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.6.1 * Fixed: Minor bug fix

11th February, 2021 (Version 2.7.7)

* Fixed: Minor bug fix

25th December, 2020 (Version 2.7.6)

* Added: New Blog Template - "Quci" in Grid Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Pedal" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: Multiple selection box for post status filter * Updated: Load users, posts in drop-down using ajax * Fixed: Design issues

14th December, 2020 (Version 2.7.5)

* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.6 * Fixed: Minor bug fix regarding email share

27th August, 2020 (Version 2.7.4)

* Added: New Blog Template - "Tabbed" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: "Remove/add reply to email" option with email share * Fixed: Font family issue with archive layouts

19th August, 2020 (Version 2.7.3)

* Added: "Delete data on deletion of plugin" option * Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.5 * Fixed: Minor bug fix

6th July, 2020 (Version 2.7.2)

* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.4.2 * Fixed: Minor bug fix

12th May, 2020 (Version 2.7.1)

* Fixed: Minor bug fix

26th March, 2020 (Version 2.7)

* Added: Easy Digital Download Plugin Support including archive and single page * Added: Add more options with Related Posts in single post page * Added: Added Sort by option at front side * Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.4 * Fixed: Display two times social media in Roctangle Archive Layout * Fixed: Blog post Height issue in Wise block, Brit-co, Famous layout when multiple layout on same page * Fixed: Categories, Tags and Date Filter front side issue * Fixed: Duplicate single product layout issue * Fixed: Crayon slider issue * Fixed: Import layout issue * Fixed: Design issues * Fixed: Minor bug fix

19th September, 2019 (Version 2.6.4)

* Added: Social share media buttons position * Added: Isotop filter design variations * Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.2.3 * Updated: Optimize plugin * Fixed: Custom post type single page issue

10th August, 2019 (Version 2.6.3)

* Fixed: Minor bug fix

9th August, 2019 (Version 2.6.2)

* Fixed: Minor bug fix

2nd August, 2019 (Version 2.6.1)

* Fixed: Minor bug fix

July 30th, 2019 (Version 2.6)

* Added: New Blog Template - "Foodbox" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Neaty Block" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Soft Block" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Wise Block" in Grid Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Schedule" in Full Width Template Category * Added: Woocommerce Archive and Single Page Support * Added: Advanced Custom Fields Plugin Support * Updated: Removed Google Plus Share Option * Updated: Removed Linkedin Share Count Option * Fixed: Custom Post Type Layout issue * Fixed: News Template Read More Design issue * Fixed: Number of Offset issue * Fixed: Email Share issue * Fixed: Post format video and gallery support * Fixed: Design issues * Fixed: Minor bug fix

February 18th, 2019 (Version 2.5)

* Added: WooCommerce Support * Added: Isotop Filter Option on category and tags * Added: Duplicate layout option for Archive layouts * Added: Pagination Color Setting * Added: Widget Title option * Added: Post Title alignment option * Added: Select Individual Post filter option * Added: More options for Read More Button * Fixed: Design issues

December 7th, 2018 (Version 2.4)

* Updated: Make plugin compatible with Gutenberg * Updated: Remove script from content if any * Updated: Improved tooltip text * Updated: Make backend compatible with popular themes * Fixed: Design issues

August 31st, 2018 (Version 2.3)

* Added: filter option enable with boxy-clean template * Updated: Optimize query * Updated: Improve default design of templates * Fixed: Solve issue with date archive * Fixed: Solve font-awesome issues

May 23rd, 2018 (Version 2.2)

* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 4.9.6 * Updated: Change in some text * Updated: Update strings for localization * Fixed: Make changes as per GDPR rules

April 2nd, 2018 (Version 2.1)

* Updated: Backend UI changes for better UX * Fixed: Single post page, archive page and widget displaying blank screen in certain conditions * Fixed: Pagination issue with custom permalink structure * Fixed: Social share button conflicts with other third party libraries

Jan 26th, 2018 (Version 2.0)

* Added: New Blog Template - "Clicky" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Cover" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Fairy" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Famous" in Grid Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Glamour" in Grid Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Minimal Grid" in Grid Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Roctangle" in Grid Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Steps" in Timeline Blog Template Category * Added: New Blog Template - "Miracle" in Full Width Blog Template Category * Added: Date format showcase option * Added: New filter option - Post Status to choose posts from Publish, Pending, Private, etc. * Added: Loader icon library with 28 icons to choose loader for 'Load More' pagination option * Added: 6 New pagination templates library to choose your pagination style * Added: Custom 'Read More' link option to target your other domain's blog * Added: Option to showcase 'Publish Date' or 'Last Modified Date' * Added: Support of 'Co-Authors Plus' plugin to showcase multiple authors with single post * Updated: Google fonts collection updated to latest version * Updated: Flex Slider library updated to latest version 2.6.4 * Updated: Choosen jQuery library updated to latest version 1.8.2 * Updated: Plugin text-domain changed to 'blog-designer-pro' to add support of "Loco Translate" * Fixed: 'Display Filter for Tags' option not working with particular condition * Fixed: 'Live Preview' issue with Archive Layouts * Fixed: Designing issue resolved and updated design with better style by default * Fixed: Search template not working in multi-site

October 10th, 2017 (Version 1.6.2)

* Added: Advanced filter options in between categories, tags and authors selection * Added: Image hover effect options with featured images * Added: Multiple Author Layouts support instead of fixed single author layout * Added: Support for "Select Post Media Size" with Related Posts with single layout * Added: New Admin Dashboard widget - "Most Viewed Posts" * Added: Social share provider list with new "Digg" option * Added: Template selection library updated with new "Template Search" option * Fixed: Color schema minor issues * Fixed: Design and responsive issues with single and blog templates

September 1st, 2017 (Version 1.6.1)

* Fixed: New email sharing box coming with every pages

August 29th, 2017 (Version 1.6)

* Added: Image resize support for multisite * Added: Widget option "Most Viewed Posts" with BDP-> Recent Post widget * Added: RTL support for Layouts, Archive Layouts and Single Post Layouts including frontend design * Added: Responsive options for grid blog templates * Added: Skype social share button with social share library * Added: Color settings option for Author data and Meta data * Added: Easy to switch from 'free' to 'pro' version, using free version data * Added: New email sharing concept with changing email content facility * Updated: Slider template up to 6 columns, last time it was only up to 3 columns * Updated: esc_url() function added with all social share links * Updated: Third party libraries to latest version - Font Awesome, Flex Slider, etc. * Updated: Backend settings panel made as sticky to switch on other settings easily without vertical scrolling * Fixed: 'Read More' text settings not applying with Preview Screen mode * Fixed: Media size settings not working in Multisite * Fixed: Comment section design issue with nested level comments

June 21th, 2017 (Version 1.5.2)

* Fixed: Design issues with single blog templates * Fixed: Archive Layout Import functionality not working in multisite for date and author archive types

April 13th, 2017 (Version 1.5.1)

* Added: New option for sticky post to calculate number of posts in loop * Added: More hook options for User Activity Log plugin support * Fixed: Issue of delete blog layouts and archive layouts with same id * Fixed: Show/Hide issue with 'Title Settings' tab in Archive Layouts and 'Author Settings' tab in Single Layout * Fixed: Live Preview not displaying with latest changes * Fixed: Design and responsive issues with single and blog templates

March 17th, 2017 (Version 1.5)

* Added: New UI for better User Interface * Added: New Blog Template - "Pretty" in Full Width Section * Added: New Blog Template - "Tagly" in Full Width Section * Added: New Blog Template - "Brite" in Full Width Section * Added: New Blog Template - "Chapter" in Full Width Section Grid Type Blog Template * Added: New Archive Type - Search Result * Added: Plugin support for CPT, reCaptcha, Are you a human, Custom User Profile Photo, WP First Letter Avatar * Added: Reddit social share options * Updated: Media Grid Template with multiple column options * Updated: Email body text changed for 'Share via mail' feature * Updated: 'Related Posts' content feature to get content from Post Excerpt * Fixed: Added null condition for font-family selection and front view * Fixed: Multi-site Layout import issue * Fixed: Removed H1 tag from loop and replaced it with H2 title tag * Fixed: Pagination issue on front-end within Permalink Settings with & without '/' * Fixed: Localization resolved for missing strings * Fixed: Undefined variable issues with condition variables

December 12th, 2016 (Version 1.4)

* Added: Sidebar widgets - Recent Posts * Added: Crayon Slider Layout (NEW) in Blog & Archive * Added: Sallet Slider Layout (NEW) in Blog & Archive * Added: Sunshiny Slider Layout (NEW) in Blog & Archive * Added: Template color preset for demo color of templates * Added: Unlimited single post layout functionality * Added: Import/export single layout * Added: Custom read more setting panel in Blog Layouts * Added: Posts selection based on date range in Blog Layout * Added: Post order by author name and post like in Blog and Archive Layout * Added: Author selection to get posts based on author in Blog Layout * Added: Post views features in Single Post Layout * Added: Media size selection functionality in Single Post Layout * Added: 10 different social icon style in default social share * Added: Pocket & Telegram Social share support * Updated: Improve timeline template div structure * Fixed: Solved issue in Load On Page Scroll * Fixed: Whatsapp social share link sharing of post * Fixed: Date filter issue with month filter on next page * Fixed: Timeline Blog Layout showing font-awesome fonts with default font-family

November 12th, 2016 (Version

* Fixed: Security issue reported by Wordfence plugin

October 28th, 2016 (Version 1.3.3)

* Added: Category and date filter option with News and Invert-Grid Layout * Fixed: Author Box not displaying with News template

October 25th, 2016 (Version 1.3.2)

* Added: Media Settings Panel for image size selection (NEW) * Added: Default Image selection option for all Blog and Archive Layouts (NEW) * Added: Filtering options to filter the posts based on category & month - Cool Horizontal and Overlay Horizontal Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Margin/Spacing option in Cool Horizontal and Overlay Horizontal Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Option to set Featured Image with center Time line in Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Option to set Featured image as background image with Timeline items in Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Image Resize option for selected Blog and Archive Layouts (NEW) * Added: Link/Unlink option for Author, Categories, Tags, Featured Image, Date and Comments (NEW) * Added: Page Builder Support for Aqua Page Builder, Beaver Builder Lite Version, Elementor, Siteorigin Panels and WR Pagebuilder * Added: Hook when Create, Edit and Delete Layouts with Blog, Archive and Single Layouts. Useful for developers * Added: Blog Designer widget to put your favorite any sidebar area * Fixed: Default font-family selection issue * Fixed: Responsive issue solve in single Post page * Fixed: Social share buttons conflicting class name with other plugins * Fixed: Resolve designing issues when user selecting Custom Post Types instead of Default Posts

September 26th, 2016 (Version 1.3.1)

* Fixed: Solved debug warning issue.

September 26th, 2016 (Version 1.3)

* Added: Masonry Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Hoverbic Grid Layout (NEW) * Added: Explore Grid Layout (NEW) * Added: My Diary Layout (NEW) * Added: Elina Layout (NEW) * Added: Post Title and Post Content Style Options * Added: Inbuilt Google font-family option instead of manual adding * Added: Post Like feature to like post for viewers * Added: Random option for Posts Order by * Added: Social Icon size option - Extra Small * Updated: Story Layout with Featured Image Support * Updated: Post Title and Post Content font-size option with new UI * Fixed: Solved issue of plugin conflicting with WP SEO Wizard & BE Page Builder

August 24th, 2016 (Version 1.2)

* Added: Cool Horizontal Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Overlay Horizontal Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Easy Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Story Timeline Layout (NEW) * Added: Left and right side layout options in Timeline template * Added: Year and month selection options in Timeline template * Added: New Pagination Type : Load on Page Scroll * Added: Single Template override option to implement with any themes * Added: WhatsApp share option in social share settings for mobile view * Updated: Back-end UI for better User Experience * Updated: Ask to save layout when move away from Blog Designer Admin Panel * Fixed: Solved issue of font for post title * Fixed: Solved issue of class conflict.

July 30th, 2016 (Version 1.1.3)

* Added: Support of include/exclude categories and tags with loop * Fixed: Visual Composer Support Fix

May 31th, 2016 (Version 1.1.2)

* Fixed: Prev-Next button missing in single post layout with deport template * Fixed: Read More button, pagination design issue with classical, invert-grid, media-grid and boxy clean template * Fixed: Category/Tags filter not working with News templates * Fixed: Comment count issue with lightbreeze template

April 16th, 2016 (Version 1.1.1)

* Added: More security to get return values of all Blog Designer functions * Fixed: Plugin compatibility issue with page builder and Divi Builder like plugins

March 22th, 2016 (Version 1.1.0)

* Added: Archive pages support like author page, category page, date archive page and tag page * Added: Google font support with better UX * Added: Single page support compatible with all the templates * Added: Enable/Disable post title link support * Added: Actions/hook for single post pagination * Updated: Import/Export layout settings of archive templates and blog templates * Updated: Modify translation texts * Fixed: Sorting with post id conflict fix

Feb 10th, 2016 (Version 1.0.0)

* Initial release Credits:

Note: Any media, Photo, video used in preview are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects.

Chosen – Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. SocialShare.js – jQuery plugin for creating custom like buttons and like counters. FlexSlider – An awesome, fully responsive jQuery slider plugin. Aristo – The “Aristo” theme for Cappuccino ported to a jQuery UI Theme. Font Awesome – The iconic font and CSS toolkit.

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