Bittex Cryptocurrency (BEP-20) Airdrop dApp - Airdrop Tokens Automatically
Bittex Cryptocurrency (BEP-20) Airdrop dApp - Airdrop Tokens Automatically

Bittex Cryptocurrency (BEP-20) Airdrop dApp - Airdrop Tokens Automatically

  • Uploaded : 11th April 2024
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Bittex Cryptocurrency (BEP-20) Airdrop dApp - Airdrop Tokens Automatically

Contact us on Telegram to know more about our products & custom development: @zilab_technologies

Bittex Cryptocurrency (BEP-20) Airdrop dApp – Airdrop Tokens Automatically is a web 3 dApp, that allows you to give away your own cryptocurrency/token. This is a very useful dApp for new projects that want to gather more holders for their token. You can use this dApp under a subdomain and set how many each investor can claim (one wallet can claim only once). Visitors can need to connect with their wallet on the dApp and then click the button “CLAIM Free Token”, after that they will need to pay for the gas (~0.03 USD) and they will receive the tokens instantly in his/her wallet.

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If users have already claimed the tokens – they won’t be able to claim them again, only if you do another airdrop!

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Free token airdrops can be helpful for several reasons:

  • Distribution and Adoption: Airdrops are often used to distribute tokens to a large number of people. This can help bootstrap the adoption of a new cryptocurrency or blockchain project by giving people a direct stake in it.
  • Network Effect: Airdrops can encourage more people to join a particular network or platform.
  • Marketing and Awareness: Airdrops can be a powerful marketing tool. They create buzz and excitement around a project, leading to increased visibility and awareness.
  • Engagement and Community Building: Airdrops can incentivize users to actively participate in a project’s community and activities.
  • Rewarding Existing Users: Some airdrops are targeted at existing users of a related project or service.
  • And more…
  • Explained Procedure:

  • Visit the dApp
  • Connect with Wallet
  • Claim Free Tokens
  • Pay for Blockchain Gas Fee
  • Receive Your Tokens on Wallet
  • Features:

    • Trust Wallet / Metamask Support
    • Smart Contract for Airdrop Included
    • Set Your Token Airdrop
    • Add Your Token Amount
    • Set Airdrop Amount
    • Connect Wallet
    • Read Wallet
    • Web 3 Integration
    • Countdown – For Airdrop
    • Simple and Efficient UI
    • Mobile Support
    • Social Links
    • Community Button (For Telegram)
    • And more…


    • Code Editor
    • BNB (On wallet for gas fees)
    • Shared Hosting or any VPS

    Contact us on Telegram to know more about our products & custom development: @zilab_technologies

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