Bhojon - Best Restaurant Management Software with Restaurant Website
Bhojon - Best Restaurant Management Software with Restaurant Website

Bhojon - Best Restaurant Management Software with Restaurant Website

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  • Uploaded : 27th January 2023
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Overview :

Description: Bhojon online restaurant management system is the all-in-one Restaurant Management Solution with Restaurant POS. This system is developed to automate day to day activity of a restaurant. This system has a fully automated online ordering system, website, cloud kitchen, QR-based order taking system (addons), Desktop / offline application (addons). Restaurant food production management system, User-friendly POS to manage your sales. We have also developed apps for it. From websites or android apps customers can order food easily from any place and also they can book their table, position, waiter etc for lunch or dinner. And from the admin panel, the admin can monitor everything.

If you Need Custom Waiter Mobile apps please check here the demo:

Demo links :

Website Demo :

Super admin :

Default Demo :

If you Need Custom Kitchen Mobile apps please check here the demo:

If you Need Custom Customer Mobile apps please check here the demo:

Main features :

Display a food/drink menu in any mobile device with a variant screen size. E.g. tablets, smartphones.
Mobile application should be independent of platforms (iOS/Android); check if Multi-Language can be featured.that is separate addons module and payable
The food/drink menu can contain picture (and video).
Admin panel for restaurant administrator, where admin can perform create, read, update and delete operation on the menu.
Restaurant admin will be able to create a new user and able to assign roles such as waiter and admin.
Customer can order one or more food/drink items.
Send ‘order acceptance’ notification to the customer after a waiter accepts the order.
In case of N number of the waiter is listening for orders from the customer, if a waiter W1 accept the order O1, the other waiter W2 should not have any access or control over
The waiter can add/update/delete the orders manually in the system‐generated orders.
Menu Option: Each food item may have an option such as spicy level/lemon/sauce and a comment box for giving additional comments. The waiter for all the manual entries can edit the customer screen later.
Customers can cancel or edit the order before submitting the order to the queue.
The table will show ‘Booked’ until the Bill is paid by the customer.
Once the order is finalized by the customer and set to the queue the kitchen staff/cook/chef can see that and send an acknowledgment of order receiving there.
Other than a regular inventory the system will maintain ingredients inventory so that when the order is processing in the kitchen, the admin will know how much of each ingredient has been consumed and it will send an alert of shortage ingredients.
Customer can pay via cash/card.

Change Logs: Version 3.0 (22/11/2022)
1.HRM->Salary Generate issue>>Solved
2.Day Report Closing Option, full closing report (Basic sales report) POS format download and print option >>Solved
3.Bulk upload problem download button 404 error >> Solved
4.Kitchen assign delete button >>Solved
5.Invoice payment type show>>Solved
6.Permission issue pare redirect>> Solved
7.Razorpay Currency Sign>>Solved
8.Powered by text note on application setting page./Remove on >>Removed->Solved
9.Add production expiry date optional field.(Expiry date is optional, if want to add you can add, but it has no major impact.) >>Solved
10.Reservation Email sending problem >>Solved
11.Customer edit inactive >>Solved
12.Role Permission Re-arrange>>Solved
13.Most of the pages Language issue fixed >> Solved
Change Logs: Version 2.9 (21/12/2021)
1. shipping method-wise payment method selection.
2. Left-right arrow via tab change.
3. edit option lock screen
4. Sub Category Up-down Problem fixed
5. Dashboard: Top selling Item
6. updated on the addons

Change Logs: Version 2.8 (06/09/2021)
1. Food Bulk Upload system added.
2. Language Bulk Upload system added.
3. Language issue Fixed.
4. All Modules installation issues problem solved.
5. WhatsApp Ordering Issue Fixed.
6. QR frontend Issue Fixed.
7. Store time Add, edit and delete option added.
8. Auto-Update issue is fixed when the update server is down.
9. POS Category, Subcategory-wise product filtering system added.
10. Kitchen dashboard Auto-refresh setting added.
11. Add dropdown ingredient selection on Purchase add and Edit Page added.
12. Add dropdown ingredient/Food selection on the Production page added
13. Updated Both theme frontend parts.

Change Logs: Version 2.7 (08/04/2021)
1. A new theme has been added
2. POS responsiveness issue fixed
3. New Design added in the dashboard
4. Accounts module has been updated
5. Merge multiple order issue fixed
6. Production & inventory decimal issue fixed
7. All CSS & javascript related issue also solved

Change Logs: Version 2.6 (06/03/2021)
*Frontend Multi variant system added with pop up.
*Create VAT Account for Sale product on Accounting
*Now frontend website fully Multi-language supported.
*New Paid Add-ons are added(WhatsApp,TaxManagement,waste management,shift management,test habit,loyalty,rozarpay,qr app).
*WhatsApp customer Live chat and Ordering.
*Update Reservation Setting(Manage reservation Time Open close).
*Update checkout with specific day and time.
*Order splitting option and merge Due bill management.
*Multi Theme Management System.
*Sound setting Option for incoming order notification.
*updated POS setting for Quick and place order separately.
*Added new design for pop-up addons.
*Updated Bill settlement.

Change Logs: Version 2.5
1.Table Mapping
2.Cash Register.
3.Auto Production
4.Direct Quantity Add/Remove On Update page.
5.Group Food.
6.Variant Wise Price select.
7.Order Splitting.
8. Facebook/WhatsApp Paid Addons.
9.Theme based User Interface.
10.Reservation update
11.Backup Database before Updating.
12.Factory Reset.
13.Cash register Report

Change Logs: Version 2.4
• Kitchen Status Tab Added In POS so that sales manager can able to check kitchen food preparing status.
• Addons Module updated
• Auto-update optimisation
• Minor issues fixed

*ChangeLog :21/10/2020 - version 2.3
1.Auto Update is working
2.Kitchen, Update Kitchen Dashboard
3.Service Charge Dynamic
4.Add Short cart Key for POS.
5.Merge Order Facilities.
6.Split Payment Facilities for Bill Paying
7.Multi kitchen Facilities
8. Add Language Searching Option
9.POS setting Facilities
10.CMS Base Home page for font End. So You can change any section disable or enable.
11.Customer Edit Option for Customer List.

*ChangeLog :12/09/2020 - version 2.2
1) Order view option updated in the POS
2) Quantity issue fixed in the existing order.
3) POS loading issue fixed and upgraded
4) Invoice printing added on the same page.
5) After accepting the order then product will go to Kitchen dashboard.
6) Some minor bug fixed.

*ChangeLog :18/03/2020 - version 2.0
1. Accounting Loss & profit, Expense Management fixed
2. Item purchase and production fraction number fixed
3. Report Correction fixed
4. Employee Management fixed
5. Language fixed
6. Kitchen auto-refresh fixed
7. Menu Highlight fixed
8. Fixing Auto Update fixed

*Changelog: 29/02/2020 - 1.8 version

1. Add Some New payment Gateway(Square Payment, Orange Money, Paytm Payments, Paystack Payments, Stripe Payment)
2.Update Candidate Basic information On hrm Module
3. Add Cooking Time When Order Place on Pos invoice
4. Order list to print invoice changed.(now same as Pos invoice and all other invoices)
5. Add Kitchen Dashboard. Kitchen User now sees new order and make it ready.
6.For Walking Customer created Counter Dashboard.
7. Login Screen for 3 different users (Admin, Kitchen, counter)
8. Variant wise Update order problem fixed.
9. New Report Add for Item wise on Report Module.
*Changelog: 10/02/2020 - 1.7 version
* square-up Payment Gateway added
* New POS interface design added
* Some Accounts issues fixed

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