Beautykart - .Net MAUI Mobile Application
Beautykart - .Net MAUI Mobile Application

Beautykart - .Net MAUI Mobile Application

  • Uploaded : 05th April 2024
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Beautykart - .Net MAUI Mobile Application


Beautykart  is .Net MAUI base-mobile application for Android & iOS platform for you to launch your own online business store & promote your business on E-commerce platform. This app allows you to set up your online business store from anywhere for any kind of shop like fashion, grocery , foot store, home and kitchen design, watches, etc. Beautykart ecommerce app template for Android / iOS is an easy favorite among developers. For those with an existing online shop, it enables easy conversion to a mobile store app, and for those who own a physical shop but don’t yet have an online store, Beautykart provides a variety of ready-to-use eCommerce templates to create a mobile store app from scratch. The template requires no coding skills and is very easy to customize. Deploying this app can save you hours of coding time.

We provide you -
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  • Complete .Net MAUI source code

  • Support 24X7

  • Free updates/upgrades included

  • Order Placed

  • Easy Payment mode

  • Order Delivered on address 

  • Delivery details sent on Email facility

Features -

  • Material Design App

  • E-commerce business platform to promote your online business store

  • Easy To Add product category

  • Supported all Android / iOS phones and Tablets

  • Direct log in featured

  • Faster load with thumbnail generator

  • Clean code

  • Easy to reskin

  • Auto generate thumbnail

  • And Many More

The app consists of {9} Pages which are the following:

  • Home

  • WishList

  • Cart

  • Profile

  • Category sidebar 

  • Search bar

  • Notifications

  • My Orders

  • My Address

    • App Requirement:

Mobile application:  The design was written with .Net MAUI and C#.

Software and Tools:  JSON, LINQ, custom  tools, Visual Studio.

Packages and Plugins:  CommunityToolkit.Maui version 5.3.0,

CommunityToolkit.Mvvm version 8.2.2, Microsoft.Maui.Graphics version 7.0.92, Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration version 7.0.0.

Deploying this app can save you hours of coding time :

  • The design was written with XAML code.

  • The application does not only consist of XAML code, the XAML code is filled with a logical architecture on the back.

  • Simple and beautiful Template structure, Custom Renderers, Custom Views, and MVVM architecture design.

  • Beautykart  has a clean design and infrastructure.

Why Should I Buy This App?

  • Beautykart  will save you a great deal of time with its superior design and infrastructure features.

  • Design is a time-consuming and difficult process in .Net MAUI.

  • Most super developers lose a lot of time with the Design part, but  Beautykart  will save you time.

  • Beautykart  will never put you in a mold with its flexible and  dynamic  structure.

  • Everything is  easy , everything is  simple ! Even if you don’t have any knowledge about .Net MAUI, we are ready to help you with our explanatory documents and our  24/7 support  line.

  • Simply send us your purchase code for support.

If this code is verified by us, we will be happy to support you!

Download APK Demo File

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