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Android News App

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  • Uploaded : 27th September 2023
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Overview :

Android News App is a mobile news system which run under Android platform that used for your own news application. Developed with Native Java Language make the app run fast and smoothly. Implement Google Material Design make the app beautiful in design and users experience.

Integrated with Admin Panel to manage news, category, notification and many more anytime and everytime you want. Admin Panel side developed using PHP and MySQL Database.

Clean code and good design is main priority, by using this app, you can save your money and time in creating app for your own native mobile news app.


Demo Android App

Demo Admin Panel Username : admin
Password : admin

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What You Get : Full Android Source Code (Android Studio) Full Php Code of Server Side Full Documentation with Screenshot Change Log Android News App v5.1.0 (29/08/2023) - Android Studio Giraffe | 2022.3.1 Patch 1 - Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 8.1.1 - Update targetSdk 34 - Update OneSignal 5 - Supports of 4 types of ad network libraries (simple-ads-sdk, triple-ads-sdk, multi-ads-sdk and no-ads-sdk) - Uses simple-ads-sdk as default ad networks sdk - FCM notification topic and OneSignal App ID must be configured for both the android studio project (notifications.xml) and the admin panel Android News App v5.0.0 (10/06/2023) - Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1 Patch 2 - Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 8.0.0 - Update New App Design - Update Gradle distribution url 8.0 - Update dependencies - Added back Unity Ads - Add AppLovin Max App Open Ad - Add AppLovin Discovery Banner MREC Ad (Fill the Native Ad position) - Add New Wortise Ad Network - Add Style for Native Ads (Small, Medium, Large) - Add Report content and comment features - Add YouTube IFrame Player API - Remove YouTube Android Player API - Enable or disable certain ad formats or placements from the admin panel - Change design of exit dialog with Native Ad supports - Request notification permission for Android 13 or above Android News App v4.5.1 (18/10/2022) - Android Studio Dolphin | 2021.3.1 Patch 1 - Update Gradle 7.3 - Update targetSdkVersion 33 - Add Meta Audience Network - Waterfall (New) - Add enable/disable news feature from the admin panel - Fix Ads Sdk issue on Google Play Developer Console - Fix app crashes when play video from url/direct upload - Redirect app improvements Android News App v4.5.0 (26/07/2022) - Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 - Update targetSdkVersion to 32 - Update dependencies - Add 2 New Ad Networks (Google Ad Manager, IronSource) - Remove Mopub Ads (has been acquired by AppLovin) - Remove Unity Ads (caused Google Play Error Message) - Add option for show news list in larger size programmatically from AppConfig - Redirect App (if app inactive, suspended, etc) Android News App v4.4.2 (08/02/2022) - Android Studio Bumblebee | 2021.1.1 Patch 1 - Add New Ad Network (AppLovin Discovery) - Add AppLovin MAX Native Ad (Manual) - Native Ad view UI improvement - Fix blank page when favorite count more than 6 items Android News App v4.4.1 (26/12/2021) - Fix load more function not working on category details - Fix wrapping text on content description if the text doesn't contain spaces Android News App 4.4.0 - Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 Patch 4 - update targetSdkVersion 31 - update minSdkVersion 21 - Add Mopub add network - Add Backup ads feature - Search history - Always display Native Ad in larger size (Fix error Native Ad validator) - Register & Login feature can be enable / disable from the admin panel - Video menu can be enable / disable from the admin panel - More apps url can be managed from the admin panel settings menu - Security improvement by replacing admin panel url with server key in the AppConfig - Remove AppLovin MREC Ad format (This Ad format doesn't support with bidding) - Remove Audience Network Waterfall Android News App 4.3.1 - Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 - Update Gradle 7.0 Android News App 4.3.0 - Built in Android Studio 4.2.2 - Migrate jCenter to mavenCentral - Update latest gradle & library tools - Min SDK version 19 (Android KitKat) - Add in app page for publisher info - Add New Ad Networks (AppLovin & Unity Ads) - Audience Network Open Bidding (AdMob & AppLovin) - Add App Open Ad format for AdMob - Add News view count - Add Page for News Publisher Information - Support custom font - Fix Native Ad overlapping the content - Fix cannot play YouTube Video - Increase / decrease font size in the news description - Use FCM topic instead recorded token from database (no longer used) - Multiple delete news in the admin panel Android News App v4.2.1 - Add option to disable news header in - Fix deprecated warning when build the project - Update OneSignal library Android News App v4.2.0 - Build in latest Android Studio 4.1.0 - Update Gradle 6.5 - Update targetSdkVersion 30 - Replace AdMob smart banner to adaptive banner - 3 Option Ad Network Providers (AdMob, FAN, StartApp) - Ad Network is managed from admin panel (Remote Ads) - YouTube API Key managed from admin panel - Change database collation from ut8 to utf8mb4 (New Installation) - Fix failed post comment with special characters - Fix hyperlink text color in dark mode - Improved display in RTL mode - Fix minor bugs Android News App v4.1.0 - New Dark Mode Added - Fix security alert from Google Play (caused older OneSignal library) - Fix some news content disappear when Native Ad is enabled - Fix previous notifications disappear when receiving new notification - Fix toolbar title that doesn't change on the home screen Android News App v4.0.0 - Build in latest Android Studio 3.6.1 - Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library - UI/UX Design Improvement - AdMob Native Ad - Shimmer Effect on Refresh - Multiple News Image - Suggested News - Disable Comment Section (Register/Login) - Purchase Code verification Improvement Android News App v3.4.0 - Build in latest Android Studio 3.5.1 - Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library - Update targetSdkVersion 29 - Migrate to AndroidX - Fix bugs and performance improvements Android News App v3.3.0 - Build in latest Android Studio 3.3.0 - Update to latest Gradle Tools and Dependencies Library - Fix description content that does not appear - Fix date display that still appears on the video menu list when date display is disabled - Add close dialog on exit app Android News App v3.2.0 ANDROID - Build in latest Android Studio 3.2.1 - Update to latest Gradle Tools and Dependencies Library - Update targetSdkVersion 28 - Integrated with OneSignal Push Notification - Fixed Bottom Navigation Menu - Text selection on news description can be disabled - Handle to show dialog notification when app is opened - Handle duplicate token when users re-install the app - Reduce APK size ADMIN PANEL - Comment Management & Comment Approval - Fix Connection time out when sending fcm notification - Push Notification to open link - Add new Settings menu for app package name, push notification provider (fcm / onesignal), site protocol, comment approval, onesignal app id & rest api key Android News App v3.1.0 - Build in latest Android Studio 3.1.3 - Add GDPR - Fix notification not received on Android O - Fix force closed issue when opening news details on several devices - Fix RTL layout in main page - Fix login problem in the admin panel - Text selection on news description can be disabled Android News App v3.0.0 Important Note : This version as new app and it's not compatible with previous or older version, so, using this latest project and admin panel is mandatory. New Features and Improvement : - Build in latest Android Studio 3.1.1 - Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library - Material Design UI Improvement - Bring new design with Bottom Navigation - Implement Retrofit for Rest API - Add Login & Register - Add news comment - Add Load More function - Youtube and video streaming support - Support larger data - FCM notification to open specific news - Favorite news for offline reading - Implement Google AdMob according Policy Recommendation - Interstitial Ad interval - Easy Way Switch to RTL Mode (for Arabic Language) - Advanced Search - Fix NullPointerException - Remove unused permission in AndroidManifest for policy violation - Optimized to latest Android O - Admin Panel UI and feature improvement Removed features : - Eclipse Project Removed (Deprecated) - Onesignal Removed Android News App v2.4.0 - Build in latest version of Android Studio and Eclipse - Update additional libraries to the latest version - Firebase Analytics & Push Notification (Android Studio) - OneSignal Push Notification (Eclipse) - Update listview to recyclerview - Ripple effect on click listener added - Easy way to enable or disable ads - Easy way to switch in RTL mode (e.g Arabic Language) - Fix Admin Panel problem in category selection Android News App v2.1.0 - RTL Version included - Add compatibility on Android Marshmallow - Improvement support for html tag in the news description Android News App v2.0.0 - Build in latest Android Studio and Eclipse - Update additional libraries to the latest version - Swipe Down Refresh Menu - Google Analytics is Available Now - Add New Settings Menu in Android App - Navigation Drawer with Header Image - New Application Logo - New Look in News Detail View - New UI Design for Admin Panel - Migrate Push Notification from Parse to GCM - Send Push Notification directly from Admin Panel - Configuration More Easily - Fix some minor bugs Android News App v1.4.1 - Fix app crash issue on tablet devices Android News App v1.4.0 - Improvement Admin Panel with more user friendly UI - Fix problem about search menu character - Add Compatibility for larger device screen size - Add new navigation drawer menu - Improvement for Eclipse Project - Placing AdMob according new Google AdMob Policy Recommendation - Easy Enable or Disable AdMob and StartApp ads - Update Support Library Android News App v1.3.1 - Available for Android Studio Version Android News App v1.3.0 - Available for No Ads version of Android Source Code - Improvement of the appearance of the detail news menu Android News App v1.2.3 - Fix problem AdMob ads don’t want show up - Fix issue that users can’t change the application package name Android News App v1.2.2 - Support unicode characters on app news content (Arabic or other language) - Add new content editor to allow add link, multiple image, etc in news content Android News App v1.2.1 - Fix Error News List Pagination in Admin Panel Android News App v1.2.0 - Add Parse Push Notification - Add Refresh Menu - Add AdMob Interstitial ads - Manually Disable/Enable Date Display in News List (Includes in Documentation) Android News App v1.0.0 - Initial release

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