AIArt - Generate art from text
AIArt - Generate art from text

AIArt - Generate art from text

  • Uploaded : 31st May 2024
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AIArt - Generate art from text

App Description

AiArt is an image generator from text, it uses AI to convert what you type into an expressive image. AiArt uses the API StableDiffusion to generate the art. No Backend is required and the user doesn’t have to be authenticated. The App uses the credit concept to let the user generate new art. Stable Diffusion is a paid API with a free tier. Features

  • Configurable – App easy to setup and configure even if you are not a developer.
  • Reskinnable – You are free to customize your app however you like and it is an easy process tofollow.
  • Beautiful Trendy UI – The app uses the new trends in UI design.
  • Clean Commented Code – If you are a developer, you can easily edit, add, delete whatever youlike.
  • No Backend Required – You don’t need a backend for the app, the app uses an API which is responsible for the AI generation.
  • Ad Banner and Rewarded Ad – Using Admob, it takes only a few seconds to add banner ads to your app & show rewarded advertisements during navigation.
  • Credit – User won’t be able to generate art unless he has sufficient credit. To get credit the user can either wait some time or watch an ad.
  • GDPR and Privacy – The app is complaint with GDPR and can be used without problems in European countries.
  • Firebase – Support for Firebase core.
  • Drawer Menu – In Home Page you can easily access all the other pages from a quick accessible menu.
Changelogv1.0: Initial releaseLegal

AIArt uses StableDiffusion to generate art from test using AI, check their website for more details: Stable Diffusion

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