AI marketing tool
AI marketing tool

AI marketing tool

  • Uploaded : 15th April 2024
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AI marketing tool

Transform Your Marketing with AI BrillianceWith a 29-dollar purchase, you can help us grow.Please refrain from confusion regarding the nature and utility of this application. For clarification, it is a web application constructed using React-Vite with an Express.js server. You will receive the complete source code along with lifetime modification options.

Are your marketing endeavors not achieving the brilliance you imagined? Step into a new era of possibilities with our extraordinary AI Marketing Tools. It’s not just a tool; it’s the missing piece in your marketing masterpiece!

Ignite Your Marketing Creativity

Ready to leave your competitors marveling at your marketing prowess? Our AI Marketing Tools empower your exceptional team to innovate faster and unleash creativity like never before. Tailored specifically for the cannabis industry, this tool is a game-changer.
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Amplify Your Marketing Potential

Supercharge Your Team’s Success

Unleash the full potential of your marketing team with AI. Craft comprehensive marketing plans, create engaging social media content, optimize blog posts for SEO, and much more.

  • Create Comprehensive Marketing Plans & Promotions
  • Craft Engaging Social Media Content
  • Produce Detailed Blog Posts
  • Perform SEO Keyword Research
  • Refine Brand Messaging
  • Execute Effective Email Marketing
  • Build Dynamic Marketing Funnels
  • Optimize Product Descriptions

Experience Marketing Excellence

Designed for:

  • Dispensary Owners and Executives
  • Marketing Managers
  • General Managers
  • BudTenders
  • Content & Social Media Teams
  • Brand & Product Marketers

Technical Marvels

  • Built on React Vite
  • Utilizes SupaBase for Database and Authentication
  • Powered by Node.js and Express.js for Backend
  • Designed with Tailwind CSS for a Sleek UI
  • Harnesses the OpenAI API for Content Generation

Effortless Setup and Deployment

  • Update API keys in the ”.env.local” file.
  • Install all project dependencies with the command: npm i.
  • Locally run the project using: npm run dev.
  • To deploy and build the project, execute: npm run build. Upload the “dist” folder to Netlify or cPanel for a live project link.
  • Change ‘HashRouter’ to ‘BrowserRouter’ in App.jsx when running locally.
  • Access the tools at http://localhost:5173/dashboard.

Transform your marketing strategy with the brilliance of AI. Don’t miss out on the future of marketing. Acquire your AI Marketing Tools today and revolutionize your marketing game! Ignite Your Marketing Journey

Witness the Difference – Real Examples

These aren’t just features; they’re the keys to unlocking a new era of marketing excellence. Seize the opportunity—get your AI Marketing Tools today and redefine your marketing narrative!

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