AI Home Decor Redesigner
AI Home Decor Redesigner

AI Home Decor Redesigner

  • Uploaded : 09th April 2024
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AI Home Decor Redesigner

Disclaimer: The app uses two APIs (StableDiffusion and Dall-E). Dall-E costs $0.018 per image generation, and StableDiffusion costs $0.02 per image generation.

This app combines the power of stable diffusion and OpenAI’s Dall-E to allow users to re-imagine their home interior and change the entire room style with the help of generative AI. Additionally, users can edit and modify parts of their room, add furniture, or change it.

Users are asked to subscribe for a monthly fee after they run out of credits. Also, once users delete their accounts, they can’t create another account with the same email to prevent fraud.
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Try a demo from here.

Some Features

  • Asmob ads: banner, interstitial, and app open.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Google Sign In.
  • Modern UI/UX.
  • Edit room style.
  • Modify parts of the room.
  • Saving and sharing images
  • Firebase (Authentication, Storage, and Database)


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