AI Content Module | InfixEdu School - School Management System Software
AI Content Module | InfixEdu School - School Management System Software

AI Content Module | InfixEdu School - School Management System Software

  • Uploaded : 05th April 2024
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AI Content Module | InfixEdu School - School Management System Software

The AI Content Module is a feature within InfixEdu designed to generate written content using artificial intelligence algorithms. It assists users in creating various types of content such as articles, essays, or reports by leveraging AI technology to produce text based on specified parameters.


  • InfixEdu pre-installed in your web server
  • Download InfixEdu here –
Why is it Needed?

The AI Content Module offers several benefits:

  • Efficiency: It saves time by automating the content creation process, allowing users to generate text quickly instead of writing from scratch.
  • Diverse Content: Users can generate content on a wide range of topics and in different languages, expanding the scope of materials they can produce.
  • Consistency: The AI ensures a consistent tone and style throughout the generated content, maintaining a cohesive voice across various pieces.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Advanced options enable users to customize the tone, creativity, and other aspects of the generated content, providing flexibility and creativity in the writing process.
How it Works:
  • Activation: Users enable the AI Content Module within the InfixEdu platform by accessing the system settings and activating the module through the Module Manager.
  • Setup: After activation, users configure the module settings according to their preferences, including providing the necessary API secret key for activation.
  • Accessing the Dashboard: Once set up, users can access the AI Content Module through the dashboard, where it appears as an icon in the header menu.
  • Generating Content: Users select the desired language, template, and keyword, then click the “Generate” button. The AI algorithms process this input and generate text based on the provided parameters.
  • Customization: Users can further customize the generated content using advanced options such as tone, creativity, number of results, and maximum content length.
  • Viewing Generated Content: The generated content is accessible through the dashboard, where users can review and manage the list of generated texts under the “Content” menu within the AI Content section.
  • Overall, the AI Content Module streamlines the content creation process, providing users with a convenient and efficient tool for generating written material with the help of artificial intelligence technology.
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