AI Art Creator - turn text into art
AI Art Creator - turn text into art

AI Art Creator - turn text into art

  • Uploaded : 01st June 2024
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AI Art Creator - turn text into art

AI ART CREATOR (a Jetpack Compose App) generates unique art from text. This app was built using only modern technologies such as Kotlin, Jetpack compose, Material 3… The demo speaks for it self, so check the video from here Demo. It also containt in-app purchases, so that users can pay real money to buy credits.

It relies on a an AI API in order to turn the text into unique art. no worries it’s super easy to set up, you can check the documentation for this app from here Documentation

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  • Dark/Light theme
  • Authentication system (Login and sign up)
  • Download the art to gallery
  • Show all downloaded art in a list
  • Change the aspect ratio of the image
  • Recreate the art
  • Admob Ads (Rewarded and Interstitial)
  • Credits system (users should watch videos to earn credits or buy them using real money)
  • Beautiful and comfortable UI
  • On Boarding screen
  • Users should agree to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Splash screen
  • On Boarding
  • Login
  • Sign up
  • Home
  • Creation screen
  • Profile
  • Gallery
  • Buy credits

    I used only modern technologies to build this app, so it’s really easy for me to add new functionalities or develop it even more.

    • Jetpack Compose
    • Kotlin
    • Retrofit
    • MVVM
    • Room Database
    • Material 3 UI

    This type of apps is still new and you can’t find many apps like this in google play. Also if you face any problem or you want to add any feature to the app, please feel free to email me:

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