Advanced Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress v5.3.3
Advanced Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress v5.3.3

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress v5.3.3

  • Uploaded : 01st July 2024
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Advanced Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress v5.3.3

This Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress is the most advanced google maps plugin ever created. We developed it using valuable feedback from hundreds of customers.

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This WordPress Map plugin for Google Maps is the most customizable Google Maps plugin available on codecanyon. Easily showcase simple to advanced Google Maps with just a few clicks. WP Maps Pro allows you to show multiple locations, multiple maps, posts, custom post types, taxonomies, categories, and listings with filters on a WordPress page.

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WP Maps Pro Benefits

  • Display posts, pages, and custom post types on Google Maps using in-built meta box
  • Show posts, pages, and custom post types using custom fields
  • Show posts, pages, and custom post types using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) WordPress plugin
  • Show posts, locations, extra fields, custom fields, and taxonomies information in customizable info windows
  • Show ACF fields in the Info window or listing.
  • Show customized listings below the map with fast and flexible search options
  • Filter locations by categories for effortless navigation
  • Filter locations by custom fields, taxonomies associated with posts
  • Filter locations by extra fields attached with locations
  • Integration with major WordPress GDPR plugins
  • Import unlimited location data from CSV files
  • Export location data to CSV files for bulk editing or transfer to another website
  • Draw Circles with custom color, stroke, and show info window on circle’s click
  • Draw Polygons with custom color, stroke color, and stroke width and show info window on polygon’s click
  • Draw polylines with custom color, stroke color, and stroke width for custom routes
  • Draw rectangles with custom stroke color, stroke width, and show infowindow on rectangle click
  • Show directions with instructions by asking From and To location.
  • Show multiple routes with show/hide functionality
  • Show nearby amenities around a location
  • Show markers cluster markers to organize thousands of markers
  • Show KML/KMZ files for enriched content
  • Immerse users with integrated street views
  • Display geographical data with GEO JSON integration
  • Apply spiderfier effects to show multiple markers on the same location
  • Connect to external data sources for dynamic markers.
  • Show Overlay options for highlighting specific areas
  • Show HTML content within map markers for added info
  • Create custom map styles to match your branding
  • Integration with Snazzy Maps Skins for visual appeal
  • Responsive maps that adapt to various screen sizes
  • Create and manage marker categories with ease
  • Simple location addition form with customizable fields
  • Apply various marker icons based on categories
  • Choose from 15 predefined map color schemas
  • Apply limit panning settings for controlled map view
  • Control zoom, scroll, and various map amenities
  • Create custom controls and add them to the map
  • Customize infowindow message for locations using placeholders
  • Customize infowindow message for posts using placeholders
  • Filter locations using URL parameters for flexibility
  • Import/export complete plugin data for easy transfer between sites
  • Customize map controls and their positions
  • Add custom controls with HTML, images, and more
  • Show search form, sort options, and print functionality
  • Readymade beautiful Infowindow skins
  • Use custom html design for Infowindow skins
  • Generate and install sample data for easy setup
  • Clean database tool for resetting or starting fresh
  • Import maps, categories, and locations from another site
  • Access debug mode for troubleshooting assistance
  • Responsive and SEO-friendly design for accessibility
  • Center the map based on the visitor’s current location
  • Allows you to insert the map as a widget on sidebars
  • Ability to display Infowindow on mouse click or mouse hover
  • Setup POV Heading and POV Pitch of Street View to customize Street View output of a location
  • Drag and drop feature for markers, including custom animation support
  • Hooks Supported – Use actions & filters to modify maps, markers, listing, and associated HTML on the fly
  • Load markers from external databases or API sources with the help of filters (Hooks)
  • Cross Browser Compatible plugin. Fully tested on IE8, IE9, IE10, and all major browsers
  • Multisite Enabled and ability to activate it network-wide
  • Fully extensible & scalable plugin to make it ready for customizations according to website/business requirements
  • Advanced geolocation capabilities for pinpoint accuracy
  • Customizable marker icons to suit your branding
  • Integrate custom layers such as traffic, transit, and bicycle routes
  • Mobile-responsive design ensures seamless viewing on all devices
  • Effortless integration with popular page builders for simplified layout
  • Sort listings effortlessly by title, address, or category in ascending or descending order
  • Enable pagination support for the listing module to manage posts or locations per page
  • Allow visitors to choose route directions in either miles or kilometers for unit conversion
  • Utilize the Google Places API to discover nearby places within a specified radius
  • Customize marker cluster grid size and max zoom level for a tailored map experience
  • Assign permissions to users by roles
  • Show multiple Google Maps on a single page
  • Expand your audience with multilingual support using .po files for global accessibility
  • Boost SEO with optimized features to improve your website’s visibility and ranking
  • Keep visitors engaged with fast-loading maps for a seamless browsing experience
  • Embed maps in posts, pages, custom posts, or sidebar seamlessly
  • Rigorously tested with Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and Thrive Architect
  • Bulk Geocoding for addresses if latitude & longitude are not available
  • Show Locations from Airtables on Google Maps
  • Bookmark Locations
  • Show Buddypress Members on Google Maps
  • Show Concatenated Form 7 Submissions on Google Maps
  • Show Customer Itinerary
  • Show Locations from Excel on Google Maps
  • Efficiently Filter Maps by View Port, even with thousands of locations
  • Show Frontend User Submissions on Google Maps
  • Display Gravity Form Submissions on Google Maps
  • Show Locations from JSON Data on Google Maps
  • Utilize Custom MySQL Database Tables to Showcase Locations on Maps
  • Advanced Search Widget for Precise Location Filtering on Maps and Listings
  • Visualize Registered WordPress Users on Google Maps
  • Multiple Listing Design Options to Customize Google Maps Display
  • Apply country restrictions to search results & autosuggestions
  • Show locations within a specific radius from a point of interest
  • Automatically center maps based on the user’s location
  • Display Google Maps only after user consent is given
  • Visualize current post locations on Google Maps
  • Highlight center locations using circles or markers
  • Adjust zoom level or center location upon marker click
  • Apply dynamic animations to markers for enhanced interactivity
  • Show Traffic, Transit, and Bicycling layers for comprehensive mapping
  • Fit map bounds to encompass markers after applying filters.
  • Show filters and listings without displaying the map itself
  • Google Maps Extensions

    Take your experience with this Google Maps WordPress Plugin to the next level with our range of extensions. Explore them now at Recent 3 Change LogsVersion 5.7.6New - WP Maps Block Integrated to edit and live preview from block editor.Version 5.7.4Fix - A broken link updated to generate API keys

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