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Overview :

version : 6.5.0 (28/12/2022)

- Add functionalities for Khalti Payment Gateway
- Add functionalities for SPARROW SMS Gateway
- Add functionalities for Club Point Add-on v1.6
- Add a new option to set currency code for iyzico Payment Gateway
- Important bug fixing.

version : 6.4.0 (05/12/2022)

- Added a new option for setting default Google map location
- Added Apple signin option
- Account delete option implemented for customers in the system
- Important bug fixing.

version : 6.3.3 (08/11/2022)

- MyFatoorah Payment Gateway added in Active eCommerce Asian Payment Gateway add-on
- Compatible with Active eCommerce Asian Payment Gateway add-on version 1.5
- Compatible with Active eCommerce Seller Subscription add-on version 1.8
- Important bug fixing.

version : 6.3.2 (02/11/2022)

- Added a New Button in Addon Manager (Admin Panel) For Activate Add-ons
- Bulk Delete Option added in Uploaded Files Delivery Option of Digital Products removed from checkout Process
- Added Base URL option in MiMSMS gateway as per their documentation
- Important bug fixing.

version : 6.3.1 (27/09/2022)

- Add the best matching sorting option in the product search results
- Give expand/collapse option in product search filter section
- Important bug fixing in Role Permission features

version : 6.3.0 (06/09/2022)

- Reorganized Role Permission System
- Minor Bug Fixing

version : 6.2.0 (29/08/2022)

- Add carrier based shipping method
- Minor Bug Fixing

version : 6.1.5 (14/08/2022)

- Compatible with Active eCommerce Flutter App 3.1.0
- Important Bug Fixing

version : 6.1.4 (28/07/2022)

- Add SKU option in order detail & invoice
- Important Bug Fixing

version : 6.1.3 (26/07/2022)

- Compatible with Active eCommerce seller app
- Added country in reset password for mobile number
- Important Bug Fixing

version : 6.1.2 (04/07/2022)

- Add product query section
- Add merchantInvoiceNumber in Bkash payment gateway as per their documentation
- Important Bug Fixing

version : 6.1.1 (05/06/2022)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Can add notes or additional information while checkout
- Cart system reorganized
- Important Bug Fixing

version : 6.1 (28/04/2022)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Important Bug Fixing

version : 6.0 (18/04/2022)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Separate seller panel
- Now review system available on customer order detail
- Admin can set minimum purchase amount
- Admin can set minimum seller withdrawal amount
- SKU and Tags options are given into product bulk upload
- Important Bug Fixing

version : 5.5.7 (03/03/2022)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Language enable/disable option
- Product search by SKU
- Security update
- Bug fix

version : 5.5.6 (10/02/2022)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Bulk Upload Improvement
- MercadoPago Payment Gateway
- New arrival and frequestly bought together products
- API improvement

version : 5.5.5 (04/01/2022)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Compatibility with flutter app 2.1
- SEO fix for policy pages
- Bug fixes and improvement

version : 5.5.4 (16/12/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Compatibility with Delivery Boy Addon 2.0
- Laravel sanctum integrated for API authentication
- Paytm addon support
- Bug fix and Improbable

version : 5.5.3 (29/11/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- QRCode on order details and invoice
- Custom order tracking number
- Email notification for sellers on order placement

version : 5.5.2 (22/11/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Payku Payment Gateway
- Custom text for external products button
- Helpline number on header
- Minor bug fix

version : 5.5.1 (08/11/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Discount bage on product box

version : 5.5 (01/11/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Country, State and City predefined list
- API data caching
- payment gateway
- App translation from mobile app

version : 5.4.4 (19/10/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Compatibility with wholesale (B-B) Add-on
- Minor bug fix

version : 5.4.3 (14/10/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Country code selector for login page
- Product slug improvement
- URL improvement for seller shop page
- Code optimization

version : 5.4.2 (06/10/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Multilingual product search
- Iyzico payment bug fix
- Nagad payment issue fix on API

version : 5.4.1 (05/10/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Separate coupons page for coupon marketing
- Separate In-House products page
- Performance & Security improvement

version : 5.4 (26/09/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Product external link option
- Color filter ensble/disable option
- API bug fix for shipping cost and login

version : 5.3 (23/09/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Caching improvement
- App compatibility for version 1.8

version : 5.2 (15/09/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Upgraded to Laravel 8
- Attribute filtering based on categories
- Multi-seller checkout (customers can purchase from multiple sellers at a time)
- Separate Coupon for seller products
- Translations caching
- Content translations query optimized
- Loading time minimized

version : 5.1 (21/08/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Speed optimization for admin panel
- Caching improvement
- App compatibility for version 1.6

version : 5.0 (06/08/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Api compatible for active ecommerce flutter app 1.6
- Api compatible for active ecommerce delivery app 1.1

version : 4.9 (28/07/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Amarpay payment gateway
- Redis cache support
- Google map in address section for seller and customer
- Order notification
- New feature for seller product approval by admin
- File uploads option in seller panel
- Search option and validation for colors in Admin panel
- Footer content translation
- Mobile UI improved
- Minor bug fixing

version : 4.8 (20/06/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Colors add/edit/delete option
- Attribute values add/edit/delete option
- Discount period for products
- Some minor bug fix

version : 4.7 (02/06/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Website pop option with subscription form
- Removable top banner with link
- Play store, app store link options in footer
- Bulk delete options on admin panel for products, orders, customers, sellers
- API bug fix for fllutter app
- Some minor bug fix

version : 4.6 (12/05/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- New Api for flutter app v1.3
- Bug fix and improvement

version : 4.5 (09/05/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- SKU in non varinat product
- Cart synchronization with mobile app
- Bug fix and improvement

version : 4.4 (20/04/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- New Api for flutter app v1.2
- Bug fix and improvement

version : 4.3 (04/04/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- New Api for flutter app (API v2) is released.
- Our backend is now ready to host the flutter mobile application.
- In the address field, "City" is now a selectable item.
- Shipping cost calculation is upgraded.
- Bugs found in important features are fixed.

version : 4.2 (23/03/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Seller orders filter by seller
- All seller page
- User wallet transaction history for admin
- Countrywise city in checkout
- Category ordering option
- Shipping address edit option
- Shipping cost multiply with quantity option

version : 4.1 (09/03/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Product advanced configuration
- Order commission history
- Order cancel option
- Multiple dynamic tax option for products
- Some minor bug fix

version : 4.0 (18/02/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Product variation image.
- Flash deal listing page
- Blog with category
- Image optimization
- Custom header menu
- Bulk upload with thumbnail image
- Invoice RTL

version : 3.9 (22/01/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Bkash payment gateway integrated
- Nagad payment gateway integrated
- Citywise flat shipping cost
- Custom script add option before & before
- Subscriber delete option added
- Reset password issue fixed
- Some minor bug fixed
- Some minor responsive & RTL issue fixed

version : 3.8 (31/12/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Iyzico payment gateway integrated
- Uploaded files management option for admin
- Category selecting option improved
- Thousand, decimal separator option
- Some minor bug fixes

version : 3.7 (15/12/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Parent child category structure
- Seo friendly url for category, brand, shop
- Cookie agreement(GDPR)
- One click updater
- Flash deal time selection option
- Admin navigation search
- Some minor bug fixes..

version : 3.6 (17/11/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Multi-langual content input
- Template change (front & admin)
- New admin dashboard
- Order splitting based on seller
- Admin panel RTL support
- New Frontend setting
- Media manager
- And many more...

version : 3.5 (04/10/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Order cancellation
- Email Verification bug fix.
- Coupon bug fix.

version : 3.4 (23/09/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Amazon s3 file system support.
- N genius payment gateway.
- Seller verification email bug fix.
- Some other minor issue fixed.

version : 3.3 (05/09/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Footer logo option
- Home slider image stretch issue solved
- Product description table border issue solved
- Custom page table border issue solved
- Some RTL issue solved.
- User ban option
- Some other minor issue fixed.

version : 3.2 (18/08/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Google captcha in user registration + seller registration
- Forcefully https redirect option.
- Email change option for user
- Product details meta fallback to product title
- Login as seller/customer from admin
- Meta information issue fixed for custom page, seller shop
- Email for :
-- Support ticket reply email
-- New conversation message for seller
- Minimum order quantity field for products

version : 3.1 (31/07/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- New payment gateway payhere integrated
- Custom page issue fixed
- Pickup point 500 issue fixed
- System timezone option added
- Some other minor bug fixed

version : 3.0 (08/07/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Checkout issue solved
- Shipping country search option during adding shipping address.
- Customer, seller dashboard saved shipping info issue solved
- Product page sharing links updated

version : 2.9 (01/07/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- New address book for customer.
- Custom page create option.
- New shipping cost options. Flat rate + seller wise flat rate option.
- Seller product edit from the admin panel issue fixed.
- Staff add email duplicate issue fixed.
- Classified package purchase missing payment option added.
- Product Search on seller panel.
- Order filtering on seller.
- Country select for shipping address in admin panel.
- Refund sticker issue in product details fixed.

version : 2.8 (12/06/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Digital Products
- Missing translation keys added

version : 2.7 (31/05/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- API for mobile app
- 2nd level category in all category page
- Placeholder image if no shop logo uploaded
- Customer postal code in order details

version : 2.6 (20/05/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Speed optimize - render blocking resources improved
- Added support for mobile app
- Sticky header
- Review bug fix
- Classified package purchase bug fix

version : 2.5 (14/05/2020)

New Features
- Classified product/customer product with activate option
- Dynamic customer subscription package create option with upload limit
- Google translate option for translation

Improvements & Bug solving
- New order confirmation page with clean ui
- Paypal payment cancel issue fixed
- Default Image for seller and customer
- Profile image upload option for admin
- Select all/Deselect all on newsletter
- Sub sub category for product add/edit is now optional

version : 2.4 (24/04/2020)

- New feature - Product Excel export from admin
- Improvement - Product count on filter page
- Improvement - Commission, Affiliate bonus, Club point calculation after payment status set to “paid”

version : 2.3 (18/04/2020)

- New feature - Mailgun SMTP
- New feature - country code selector for OTP add-on
- Improvement - Product link and image in order details
- Improvement - Some rtl issue fixed
- Improvement - Login, registration ui improved

version : 2.2 (10/04/2020)

- New feature - Bulk product upload option in admin panel
- New feature - Bulk product upload option in seller panel
- Improvement - Ajax product filtering in product listing page
- Improvement - Staff permission - Add-on manager access
- Improvement - Product details page performance improvement
- Bug fixing - Add-on installation problem solve
- Bug fixing - Other minor bug fixing.

version : 2.1 (27/03/2020)

Bug fixes & improvements ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Product details page response issue fixed
- Translation missing key added.
- Icon font issue fixed.
- Addon installation issue fixed
- Variant product quantity issue fixed
- Some rtl & ui issue fixed

version : 2.0 (16/03/2020)

New Features & improvements ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- New dynamic product attribute system. Admin can add an unlimited number of attributes. Vendors can use those attributes for their product variations.
- New advanced filter option in product listing page. Users can filter products using the product's variation’s attribute value from the product listing page.
- After placing an order vendor will receive an email notification for his/her product.
- Addon system integration
- Brand selection for product is now optional

Bug solving
- Multiple File field issue for seller verification form fixed
- Price currency format decimal issue has been fixed
- Product discount calculation bug has been fixed (if flash deal is enabled)
- Duplicate cart item for one product has been fixed
- Product listing page category accordion change
- Mobile view menu duplicate wallet removed
- Product carousel arrow ui & some other frontend ui improved
- custom-style.css file added in frontend for your custom style

version : 1.9 (17/02/2020)

What's we updated ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Unlimited Flash Deal(Offer) creating option to use in different banners
- Flash deal view with new style, countdown
- Flash deal background color option, text color option, banner option
- Make a flash deal featured to show in homepage
- Automatic expiration of flash deal after expiration date

Improvements & Bug solving
- Admin tables optimized by switching to improvised table with search, pagination, filter ooption
-- Brand, Category, SubCategory, SubsubCategory table (search by name)
-- Flash deal table (search by title)
-- Support Ticket table (search by code)
-- Seller Payment table, Seller Withdraw request table
-- Pickup point order table
-- In house product table(search by name and slug)
-- Seller Product table(search by name and slug)
-- Product reviews table
-- Seller list table(search by name and email)
-- Customer List table(search by name and email)
-- Inhouse Order list table(search by order code)
-- Total Sales list table(search by order code)

- Seller profile view from admin panel seller list
- Without seller verification approval no seller product will show
- Without seller verification approval customer will not get anything in seller shop page
- Admin can view the product review, total number of sale, product rating from admin panel in In-house product and Seller Product table
- Admin can sort in house product and seller product by rating and number of sale and base price
- Admin can filter order by payment status and delivery status
- Admin can change seller approval from admin panel
- Admin can filter seller by approval status
- Speed optimization
- Category dropdown menu show on hover
- Non published product will not show in flash deal
- Pickup point shipping cost issue solved
- Related product cart modal issue solved

version : 1.8 (23/01/2020)

What's we updated ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Product based chatting option for customer and seller.
- Category based commission
- Add link on slider
- Seller wise product filter in admin panel
- Add ‘sendmail’ option in smtp settings
- Guest Checkout Activation option(on/off)
- Add Facebook Pixel

Improvements & Bug solving
- Fixed : Order details modal showing
- Fixed : Invoice pdf column width issue
- Fixed : Category, Sub-category, Sub-sub-category slug issue
- Fixed : Checkout issue
- Fixed : Google analytics issue
- Fixed : Admin Dashboard Multi Translate

version : 1.7 (21/11/2019)

What's we updated-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- African Payment gateway (Voguepay)
- Product Stock without customer choice option
- Multiple unlimited Currency add/edit/delete option
- Select default language option.
- Pickup point add(adding point location, select in checkout page, create pickup branch manager, order showing in pickup branch manager & admin)
- Notification for customer, seller(new order, new review, new support reply, order status change - customer, verified seller, )
- Seller withdraw request
- Maintenance mode enable

- Business Setting in staff permission
- Social Media Login
- Coupon remove after apply any coupon

version : 1.6 (22/08/2019)

What's we updated-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Paystack payment gateway for product purchasing, wallet recharge, seller payment
- Support ticket unique id
- Ticket status option (open, solved, pending)
- Support ticket file attachment
- Manual slug creating option for product category, subcategory, sub subcategory, brands
- Meta title, meta description for product category, subcategory, sub subcategory, brands
Seller payment history
- Social media login avatar save
- Coupon remove after applying coupon
- Frontend UI improvement (wallet recharge and wallet pages, support, many more)
- Redirect previous page after login

version : 1.5 (09/07/2019)

What's we updated-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Updated to Laravel 5.8
- Add Instamojo payment gateway
- Add Razorpay payment gateway
- Solve minor bugs

version : 1.4 (17/06/2019)

What's we updated-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Coupon system (Per product and cart based)
- Support system
- Frontend beautification
- Home page design improvements
- New page : All Brand page
- New page : All Category page
- Improve product detail page
- Improve frontend color theme
- Review Ui/UX improvements.

version : 1.3 (20/05/2019)

New Features-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Order tracking system

Improvements & Bug fixing--------------------------------------------------------
- Mobile version improvements : Sticky header, Cart on header
- Mobile version - improve Product box size
- SMTP related issue has been solved
- Registration issue
- Order related issue
- Meta tag issue

version : 1.2 (29/04/2019)

New Features-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- RTL (Right to left) view for frontend view.

Improvements & Bug fixing--------------------------------------------------------
- Mobile version On mobile version we designed with new dimension as like double product box on mobile
- .env file solve the unfortunate .env file crash
- Ordering mail Products ordering mail sent except SMTP setup
- Live paypal Unfortunate live paypal payment issue has been solved!

version : 1.1 (18/04/2019)

New Features-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Wallet system - recharge
- Product based Shipping settings : Free shipping, Local shipping, Flat rate
- Admin administrative Facebook chat integration
- Product Stock Reports
- In house product sale report
- Seller report
- Sellers's product sale report
- Product wish report

Improvements & Bug fixing--------------------------------------------------------
- Translate all language (e.g. Product title,category title etc)
- Image size level for all images (e.g. Slider image, banners, Category banner, Product spot based images etc.)
- Sub SubCategory deletion notification and unplugged the related category and brand
- Brand deletion notification and unplugged the related category and sub subcategories
- Social Login hiding option on Registration page

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