How to setup Recurring Profile in opencart admin panel

Please know that to manage Recurring Profile we have to follow below instruction.

Recurring Profiles allow you to set up recurring payments for your customers. Profiles are useful if you plan to sell products by subscription, if you are promoting a discount or member's club, or if you are simply breaking up payments into smaller portions. This feature gives the store owner more control over how customers are charged for products or services.

In order to set up a recurring payment or view your existing profiles, first open your Catalog > Profiles Tab. Please see the screenshot below.

Adding New Profiles

If you choose to Insert a new profile, you will see the following options. Please see the screenshot below.


Name: This will be the name of the subscription or payment plan, such as “$35 per month or Discount Club.

Sort Order: This is simply for putting your profiles into a certain order, to make your top picks easier to find.

Status: You can enable or disable the profile here.

Price: The actual price of the program or subscription. In this example, it is $39.99.

Duration: The number of times a user will make a payment. Set to 0 if unlimited. If unlimited, the payments plan will continue until cancelled by you or the user. In the example, the duration is set to 12 months (for a yearly subscription).

Cycle: The number that will be applied to your frequency option.

Frequency: This option allows you to choose how

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