How to enable weight based shipping in opencart

Please know that to enable weight based shipping we have to follow below instruction.

Step-1: To enable the weight based shipping login to your admin panel go to  Extension ->Shipping    please see the screenshot below.

Step-2: Now at the bottom you will weight based shipping click on the pencil to edit.  please see the screenshot below  . Here you will have the option like 2nd , 3rd below screenshot.  But before that you have to configure the location and tax for having those option  For that.

Step-3:  Go to System -> Localisation -> Geo Zones  here you will add the interstate and local state  please see the screenshot below and follow it carefully.

Step-4: Now go to System -> Taxes -> Tax Classes add the tax as below screenshot 

Now you will have the options for enabling the weight based shipping.   Please follow the screenshot carefully.

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